Witch I Love Your Hair - Hair Mist - Travel Size - 2.5 oz

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Magic Mist is a handmade hair elixir from our home to yours! We put real Quartz Crystal chips in the bottle to help mix this magic potion up. This allows us to remove any dilution chemicals from the recipe, and infuse it with crystals instead! Also, it's all Organic+Vegan+CrueltyFree+GlutenFree! It's the good good stuff. 

It is for all Hair Types, from straight hair to wavy to curly to kinky, to even dreadlocks! It can be used on its own, or with any type of styler, as it nourishes hair, promotes hair growth, and delivers health benefits to hair and nervous system alike (hi, aromatherapy!) View it like an external hair vitamin, that smells awesome!


This Magic Mist is a rewetting, resetting, reshaping, revitalizing spray for your strands. It is almost impossible to use this spray incorrectly. Use it on dry hair to tame and shape, and offer a little love to your scalp. Use it in place of dry shampoo to refresh after a serious sweat session. Use it on sopping wet hair before styling products to ensure frizz-free freedom and smooth, moisturized curls. Use it to rescrunch any type of curl, wave, or kink your hair is feeling that day (including braids, twists outs, dreadies!) Use it when you want the smell of aromatherapy enveloping you, with all organic, essential oils altering your brain chemistry to relaxation and gratitude. Use it to watch as your little frizzes and baby hairs fall right into place. If you can think it, you can use it. Give it a try yourself and let me know your favorite ways to use it! #witchiloveyourhair #witchyfam #ComeHangOutAtOurInstagram

Size: These Minis are 2.5 oz - exactly the right size for traveling, and also, for cuteness. Because they're super cute!


These bottles are aluminum as well, and there are lots of reasons that's amazing! Aluminum is infinitely recyclable (75% of all aluminum on Earth is the same aluminum from 1888!!) and it is also light-proof for the continued life span of these essential oils! Its chemical composition is also the most essential oil friendly.


  • Distilled, Double Filtered Mountain Water
  • USDA Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil
  • USDA Certified Organic Peppermint Essential Oil
  • USDA Certified Organic Rosemary Essential Oil
  • USDA Certified Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil

Proud to say that Magic Mist is one of the few hair products that promises strong, moisturized strands WITHOUT added Proteins or humectants, even common ones like coconut oil, glycerin, aloe, or wheat! This allows it to be safe for every hair type, even protein sensitivity beauties!  You get pure H2O moisture and pure Essential Oils, with no dilution chemicals or preservatives.


The decision to use these oils is a very deliberate one! There are no silicones, no harsh chemicals, and no hair damaging mineral oils in this Mist. Instead, there is pure, natural goodness, where you can pronounce every ingredient. The benefits of Essential Oils has been documented and utilized for longer than I have been alive - we are just taking the time to bottle that well-known magic for you, with incredibly high standards for the oil's purity.

Ingredients and benefits: 

Lavender Oil tightens the hair's natural texture pattern just as well as salt, but without dryness. It helps straight hair have body, wavy hair have curves, and curly hair achieve spiral level! It is also an incredibly potent aromatherapy tool that relieves and calms the nervous system. Not only will it work for your own nervous system as you spray it, but whenever someone hugs you for the rest of the day - HI. AROMATHERAPY FROM YOUR HAIR AT ALL TIMES. You're a walking gift with beautiful hair.

Peppermint Oil is a multi-functional powerhouse. First, the scalp is healed and soothed by the Peppermint. It can act as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, as well as safely itch an itchy scalp with its tingle. That same tingle also stimulates hair follicles to not only grow more hair VERY quickly, but it also triggers the scalp to produce more sebum, your hair's natural oil. And sebum is hair life-giver. Let's not forget the aromatherapy benefits! Peppermint has been shown to activate the portion of the brain responsible for muscle memory. This means that Peppermint can literally help you perform better, mentally and physically, in activities. Look it up if you're bored, it's fascinating! Thank you Google!

Rosemary Oil, oh Rosemary oil... what don't you do? Other than the fact that it smells like heavenly baked bread at an amazing meal, it also is a natural anti-fungal, anti-dandruff, anti LICE and FLEA oil! What? Yes, gross but true! Rosemary repels many insects and is a terrible taste to the critters (thank the heavens!) Aside from that warrior essence its got, it helps make the scalp even healthier, and healthy scalps grow healthy hair. 

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLDDDDD!!! It has given me such growth that I don't even know what to say. It has healthy omegas that literally strengthen every strand from the inside of the hair cuticle out. It stimulates hair  follicles for regrowth properties, and, being that it is a thicker oil, it lays frizz down on the strand. It also effortlessly seals hair cuticles together and keeps them from fraying or splitting, while locking moisture in.

Argan Oil is much like JBCO, it is dispersed the same way, and it is touted for its reparative properties. It helps with frizz, adds shine, moisturizes and helps seal water into the strand for prolonged soft strands. 

Crystals!!!The potion mists all over the hair, not weighing it down with full oil heaviness, just kissing the strands! It's unreal, you have to experience it to feel it, but it is truly WEIGHT-LESS moisture, as light as water but as healing as oil. Oh man. I could talk about it all day. Mother Nature, you did really well with these plants, thank you from us all! Pure plant oil molecules simply traveling on moisturizing water molecules, delivering 100% of both in every spray.

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Required Disclaimer: These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, nor have they legally stated that they even believe in magic. But we still think we could make their hair awesome anyways. All ingredients used are USDA Certified Organic and listed on this site. Not created for internal use, keep away from eyes - DO NOT EAT. Store in a cool, dry place. Never tested on animals, only on people.