About us

Welcome to our nest, we are so glad you dropped by!
Spirit Nest is a warm nest for free spirited individuals from all paths of spiritual practices, walks of life and lifestyles:
Gypsy souls, pagans, Wiccan, witches, hippies, moon children, boho-chic ladies, crystals lovers, festivals kids, yoga junkies... the list goes on and on…
Our original designs, made with love in our studio, revolve around freedom, spirituality, wellness and lifestyle aspects that close to our hearts.
We offer our original artwork printed on clothing and mugs in addition to handpicked quality lifestyle items.
The brand was founded in 2015 by a married young couple:
Lilac - artist and a textile designer.
Tom - marketing and tech expert.
Together creating a yin-yang balance that empowers each other talents.
The Spirit Nest team will go above and beyond in order to supply you with beautifully original designed high-quality products, online shopping experience
and customers support.
Still have questions for us? We're here to help! Contact us here.