Mermaid Bath Salts

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Take a trip to the ocean with our Mermaid bath salts. Salty sea air with a hint of lavender.

Size: 5 fluid ouches of bath salts. Each bag is good for up to 1-2 baths.

Sprinkle in the desired amount and enjoy. Use caution as the tub may be slippery.

Our vegan bath salts are made with three different salts:

Mediterranean Sea Salts - these are some of the purest salts in the world. Mined from the Mediterranean Sea and solar evaporated for purity. These salts are high in minerals and help provide a calming tub time. Pink

Himalayan salts - known for their hydrating and purifying abilities, pink sea salts are a fantastic addition to your bath soak.

Epsom salts - high in magnesium, they are known for their ability to soothe and relax your body as you soak.

Baking Soda - calms and soothes skin.

Our bath salts are all vegan and scented with essential oils, phthalate-free skin-safe fragrance oils, and botanicals. We are cruelty-free and only source our products from suppliers who are also cruelty-free.

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