Kamini bewitching incense

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This enticing and bewitching scent will add magick to your life.
Magical moments will never be the same once you try this enchanting scent you will want to use it every day for weeks!  
A unique blend of herbs and resins naturally made and packaged. 
Hand made indian incense sticks. 

Fanning the incense is believed to bring many benefits which can include grounding, healing, cleansing, protection to purifying the body, home, office, and healing or reading room. Start from the center of the room fanning the incense in the direction of the back door to get rid of any bad energies. So, remember to start from the front entrance room and finishing by the back door for best results. Add incense to any spell or ritual before or after. After burning, extinguish the remains in sand and store in a dry place.

  • 1 hexagonal pack of 20 incense sticks
  • Brand: Kamini

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