Empath Protection Crystal Infused Perfume Oil with Black Tourmaline

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🖤Empath🖤 Protection Perfume Oil, crafted with Black Tourmaline Crystals, Palo Santo, and Green Sage.

As an Empath myself, I know firsthand how difficult and downright stressful it can be being around other people's energy. It is common for Empathic people to quickly feel anxious, drained + exhausted by the tumult of the energies around us. This is because we FEEL everyone's energy, good or bad. Anointing yourself with this will hold you in a protective space and help keep you protected from all this.

Use often and generously. Keep one in your purse for whenever you start to feel overwhelmed or anxious in a social situation, for a little extra protection and positive energy.

BLACK TOURMALINE - the pinnacle of protective stones, with very grounding energy.

PALO SANTO - "Holy Wood" It is said that the spirits of the sacred palo santo trees are carried in the essential oil and are part of what makes the oil so potent. 

SAGE - Sacred sage has been used for centuries in rituals in many native traditions. The smoke from dried sage changes the ionic composition of the air and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response.

Ingredients: 1/2 oz glass perfume bottle, fractionated coconut oil, Organic Palo Santo Essential Oil, Organic Sage Essential Oil, + Black Tourmaline Crystals.

Empath Protection Crystal Infused Perfume Oil with Black Tourmaline is:

💕Made with clear intention
💎Crafted with only the highest quality, organic ingredients
🧚🏼‍♀️Sustainably made with recycled glass
💜Made to order to ensure freshness
🍀Free of synthetic fragrance, dyes & preservatives

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