Which Gift for Each Witch?

November 23, 2019

Which Gift for Each Witch?

 Your Personal Witchy Gift Guide to the Perfect Present!

It’s that time of year again! Everyone’s getting ready to exchange gifts for whichever winter holiday they celebrate and you’ve got some witchy friends and family you’d like to do some shopping for. Of course, the difficult question every holiday season is “What in the world do I get everybody?” Don’t worry, you’ve got you covered in that area! Keep reading for some amazing gifts that will work for every kind of witch you know! 

We’ve handpicked some special items from our nest that will be sure to delight your family, witchy friends, coworker and coven members. Now, if you’re new to our nest we’ll give you a heads up about what you’ll find. We’ve got a high quality, clean, vegan*, cruelty-free and natural personally chosen selection of beauty, wellness, and ritual products with a huge selection of enchanted goodies to be used in your practice. If you’re looking for it, you’ll probably find it! Now, let’s quit talking and start shopping! Here's the ultimate witchy gift list.

For the Hedge Witch

We’ve picked out for her this Smoky Quartz Crystal Elixir, which is an aromatherapy balm that has a smoky quartz crystal embedded inside of it. Smoky quartz grounds us to the earth and connects our roots to the physical world, making it perfect for use when working psychic types of magick. It has patchouli and benzoin essential oils in it too and it’s multipurpose! You can use it as a perfume, under the nose or on your skin and hair. Great to use before meditation or ritual work.

Another amazing option for her is this absolutely beautiful Carved Soapstone Mortar and Pestle. It’s perfect for her interest in herbology and the life-changing properties of soapstone will bring true value to her life. It radiates positive and calming energies and is perfect for those days when you’re not finding the joy in your practice and need a little pick-me-up!

For the Kitchen Witch

Our Kitchen Witch Cutting Board is made from bamboo and has a beautiful laser-etched design on one side, while the other side is perfect for cutting fruits, vegetables, herbs and whatever else ingredients you need to work your kitchen magick! It has a finished hole so it can be hung and displayed, making it a point of decorating interest in your kitchen and it’s free of pesticides, fertilizer and chemicals and has no artificial coloring, so you can really feel great knowing that your food is safe while being prepared on it!


If you’re not feeling the cutting board, another great option is our Kitchen Witch Black Apron! It has an adjustable neck, it’s machine washable and even better, it has pockets! The pockets are nice and deep so you can keep your phone, utensils, fresh-cut herbs, supplies or other magickal goodies. You could even keep whichever crystals you’re working with that day if it’s part of your practice!

For the Sea Witch

For the sea witch who can’t be by the sea but loves the salt tossed waves in her hair after a full moon swim/ritual, try gifting her our Dead Sea Salt Hair Spray for gorgeous, beachy waves. Made with alkaline filtered water, dead sea salt, Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, aloe vera gel, rose-infused coconut oil and ylang ylang essential oils, this is an all-natural and completely vegan hair product that will infuse bounce, shine and body for those perfect “siren singing on a rock waiting to eat a man” kinda days.

Another amazing option is our Mystic Veil Bath Bomb in a Bag. It’s skin nourishing and the packaging is completely vegan and compostable. It can be used for a power magickal bath and it includes Rainbow Fluorite, which is known for heightening intuitive and psychic powers and connecting you to the astral plane.

For the Green Witch
She knows that sage is a sacred herb, so why not pick her up a California White Sage Smudge? This freshly picked Californian sage is a beautiful addition to her practice and is perfect for cleansing and purifying her space. She can also use it to help purify herself since smudging is an amazing practice for her body as well as her home.

Another great herbal-based option is our Sage Witch Face Cream. It’s luxurious and earthy and is the perfect addition to her skincare routine. It’s especially great at reducing acne, puffiness, skin redness and breakouts and is enriched with green tea, aloe-vera, olive and cucumber seed oils so it’s a great choice for the skincare fan!

For the Eclectic Witch
We recommend one of our bestsellers the Winter Witch Vegan Perfume Oil! It’s a gorgeous blend of patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, vanilla, musk and just the smallest hint of rose. It smells absolutely amazing and can be used on the pulse points for a gorgeous scent. 

Another skincare option is the Summer Witch Vegan Body+Hand Lotion. It has an amazing scent and isn’t greasy at all, makes it the perfect lightweight body lotion for dry skin patches during the cold winter days.

Everyone can use witchy protection, for our eclectic witch friend too, she just might love this Tourmaline Crystal Candle! This soy wax candle is infused with natural bergamot, coriander, lemon, orange, and patchouli essential oils and it has a surprise crystal inside. It’ll burn for around 15 hours and it’s a gift inside a gift! We promise she’ll love it!


For the Traditional Witch
Incense is a key aspect to many magickal rituals and it smells amazing as well, so we’ve picked out the Quoth the Raven incense pack. It’s got a gorgeous blend of clove, cinnamon, and orange essential oils, making it the perfect wintertime scent. It’s especially good at helping you connect to your personal power and confidence!

This Frequent Flyer Tank Top is the cutest top ever and the perfect way to show off your witch pride and it comes in a range of colors and sizes as well, so no matter your body type or personal style, you can find one you love! The little familiars on it are honestly so adorable.

Finally, for the coffee-loving witch, this Caffeine Potion Mug is the perfect vessel for her morning brew. It’s also an 11oz mug so it can hold a good size serving of her favorite coffee, although knowing her she’ll still probably go back for a second cup!


A Few Other Witchy Gift Ideas (Just in Case!)
In case none of these gifts sparked your interest, we’ve made a little list of a few items that any witch would love to have so feel free to check them out! 

Well, we hope you like our recommendations! If you loved this content and want to see more of it, please subscribe to our mailing list for upcoming promotions and to see about new blog posts! Happy holidays and blessed be.


* indicates required

*All vegan except some of the "Witch in the woods" products which contain locally and ethically sourced honey.

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