October 2021 Monthly Horoscope: 12 Sign Overview

September 30, 2021

October 2021 Monthly Horoscope: 12 Sign Overview

As we welcome in the first official month of flannels, hot cocoa, and cool autumn nights, we also make way for a creative and transformative month of new beginnings as we begin to slow down and settle into a calmer period in our lives. With that said, this month, we’ll kick off October in the sign of the social and charming Libra. With this focused and determined air sign guiding the way through the month, it’s going to turn our attention towards creating balance in our lives. Because of this, Libra’s independent energy will have us majorly examining our boundaries in order to find our place of perfect stability, especially in our relationships. This, alongside the planet of love, Venus, transitioning into Sagittarius within the first week of the month, will encourage us to open up more to others and develop deeper romantic connections, which will linger as one of the biggest themes this month.

Aside from this, while October is overall expected to bring a more laid-back energy than the past couple of months we’ve had, all signs are still going to experience some challenges as we work through Mercury retrograde yet again, as it is notorious for stirring up delays and miscommunication. However, contrary to popular belief, Mercury’s influence isn’t all bad. In fact, because of Mercury retrograde, we will also get a chance to re-examine things from our past this month and finally cut cords to them to find our true happiness. This, above all else, will be a huge period of rebirth and renewal for many of the signs and will help them to truly call back their divine power. Following this, we will then hit the Scorpio season on the 23rd of this month, where this energy is bound to take even more of a mischievous and self-righteous turn, so get ready for some major personal power to take the spotlight towards the end of the month. 

Above all else, this will be a powerful month for learning patience, finding closure from the past, and moving forward once and for all. But to give you some insight into what you can expect to feel personally, today, we're going to touch on what energies and changes each Zodiac sign can expect throughout the month of October and how you can truly make the most of it. 

 Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Starting with the Aries, the month of October is expected to bring an inspired burst of energy into your space. With the influence of Mars in your partnership sector, your personal life is going to take priority this month, and you’re expected to be quite busy in both your social life and your professional life as a result. And because of the unparalleled focus you’re feeling right now, you will likely be able to reach new heights and see some major personal achievements now within reach, which will have you feeling truly unstoppable. Above all else, change is on the horizon for you this month, Aries. You just have to be sure to navigate it intuitively and carefully in order to get to where you want to be. 

In your career, the month of October is predicted to bring positive opportunities for finances to those in the workplace. Thanks to the current planetary positions, things are expected to be beneficial in your progress in work, which will keep you feeling confident and keep the workplace beaming. You’re killing it right now, Aries. Keep up the great work. 

In love, those in a relationship are likely to face some problems with their partner this month due to the backward influence of Mercury retrograde, which could set the tone for some arguments and misunderstandings. More than anything, there’s likely to be a few heated conversations regarding money and a lot of pointing fingers. It’s going to be frustrating, Aries, but do your best to avoid the topic of it in general until things simmer down between the planets. If you are single, you are likely to have multiple opportunities for new love this month, but you may be unsure of which route to go. Don’t worry; this isn’t anything that requires an immediate response, so take some time to do some reflection on the subject for better clarity. If necessary, you can always seek the advice of family and friends, as they may be able to offer valuable insight.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20):

For the Taurus, October is predicted to be a month of positive shifts for you. Thanks to the lucky influence of Jupiter in your achievement sector, you are likely to experience abundance and forward movement in your space like never before. Therefore get ready to reap some major rewards and walk through some new doors this month, dear Taurus, as change is coming in hot and is likely to hang around your life for quite a while. However, with that said, this is also not a time to get lazy and drag your feet. You have to put in the work to reap the rewards, and this month is here to remind you of that. Above all else, do what you can to find a balance of work and play this month, and you are bound to be successful. 

In your career, while there is an abundance of luck surrounding your job this month, there is likely to also be some frustration and confusion. This is due to Mercury retrograde’s influence, which will likely be stirring up some miscommunication and mental fog. Because of this, relationships with colleagues and management will be a little unpredictable and could leave you feeling like you’re walking on glass. Try not to let it get to you, Taurus. Taking part in fun activities outside of the workplace may help you regain your footing and let off some steam to create a more positive mental state overall. 

In love, those in a relationship may struggle to see eye-to-eye this month,  which could feel like it’s driving a wedge between you two. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, and you can certainly mend it with proper communication and compromise. If you put in the work, harmony is surely just around the corner. If you are single, you’re likely to be a little hesitant in pursuing love this month but will gradually begin to channel more confidence as time progresses. Allow your intuition to guide you, Taurus, and we can assure you, you will be just fine.  

 Gemini (May 21 - June 20):

For the Gemini, October is expected to bring an inspired period of forwarding movement. With lucky Jupiter influencing your sector of expansion, your personal life is likely to be beaming with opportunities for new adventures. Keeping an open mind is key this month; therefore, if you’ve wanted to revisit an old passion, job, or hobby, now is an excellent time to pick it up again, and you are likely to have great success in doing so. Overall, October is looking up, Gemini, especially compared to the last few months you’ve had, so make sure you take time to enjoy yourself. You certainly deserve it. 

In your career, October is predicted to be a productive and efficient month of accomplishing tasks. While you will certainly be working hard and getting a lot done this month, you aren’t likely to reap any huge rewards in the workplace. However, you’ll still be feeling pretty good with the work you do get done, so this isn’t bound to cause you any mental strain. Therefore, keeping your working steady without overworking yourself will be the main key this month if you want to keep both your focus and your energy rejuvenated for the future. 

In love, this is likely to be a spicy and adventurous month for the Gemini, and you are certainly ready for it. With both Mars, the planet of desire, and Venus, the planet of love, influencing you this month, your relationship is likely to be soaring with lust and wonder. This will have you feeling content above all else and will create a sentimental bonding period for you and your partner. If you are single this month, you may be lacking confidence in pursuing new love this month, as you may have been out of the game for a while. However, you shouldn’t doubt yourself, Gemini. Your charisma is beaming, and now would be an excellent time to put it to use. Go out on a limb and try something new this month, air sign. After all, what do you really have to lose? 

Cancer (June 21 - July 22):

For the Cancer, October is predicted to be a month of healing and growth for you. With the current planetary shifts influencing your emotions and love matters, this will be an excellent month to heal from past relationships and any emotional scarring they may have caused you. Aside from this, you are likely to use this month as a time of reconnecting with family and loved ones and may even find yourself to be more social than you have in a while. Overall, October is predicted to be a positive month where you finally call back your personal power and embrace the divine being that you are. This is your time to shine, and you are truly radiating. Enjoy it as much as possible, dear Cancer. 

In your career, the Cancer is likely to experience prosperous times in the workplace, and it is overall expected to be a positive environment for your finances. Relationships with coworkers and your boss should be flourishing, with plenty of positive acknowledgment as you continue to complete tasks effortlessly. Overall, expect a smooth month ahead and plenty of opportunities for further career development. Keep up the great work, Cancer. 

In love, romance will be quite a priority for you this month, as you will finally be feeling healed from past trauma and ready to move forward. For those in a relationship, this is an excellent month to connect deeper with your partner, and due to this romantic mood you’re in, you are likely to find yourself feeling blissful, balanced, and fulfilled in all matters of love, which is something truly special. If you are single, love is also very promising this month, and you will likely have suitors at every turn. Have some fun, and make sure you put your heart first, Cancer. You deserve to have a little ‘you’ time with someone special. 

Leo (July 23 - August 22):

For the Leo, October is predicted to bring a variety of new opportunities to expand and create. From new inspiring thoughts in your creative endeavors to brainstorming new career avenues, this month will have your mind spinning with possibilities and will have you feeling more in control of your future more than ever. However, because Mercury retrograde influencing all the signs this month, you may not move as quickly as you’d like. In fact, you may even find yourself taking both backward and forwards steps this month because of this. However, you are encouraged to keep a positive mindset as much as possible as this period will soon pass.

In your career, you are likely to experience a prosperous month in the workplace. You will have the support of your juniors and the encouragement from your seniors, which will easily boost your performance to excellent. As a result, you can also expect some good mental and material rewards to be headed your way. Keep up the great work, Leo. 

In love, for those in a relationship, your connection this month is likely to be effortless and smooth sailing. Increased communication will pave the way for deeper connections, better loyalty, and an all-around better atmosphere between you and your partner. If you’ve been looking for a chance to take things to the next level, now is an excellent time to do so.  If you are single, with the influence of lustful Venus, love will come effortlessly, and you are bound to have many new opportunities to get into relationships this month. However, if you’re looking for something that will truly last, make sure you take it slow, mighty Leo. There’s no need to rush.  

Virgo (August 23 - September 22):

For the Virgo, October is expected to direct you towards all aspects of growth, and you’re likely to shift your focus toward change in all areas of your life. Your mind is expanding, and so is your point of view on the boundaries you set for yourself in the past. You are starting to realize anything is possible, and it is a truly beautiful thing to see. Aside from this, this month will help you to better find your balance between work and your personal life, which will have you feeling pretty good about yourself. Overall, the month is looking quite positive for you, Virgo. Enjoy it. 

In your career, the month of October is expected to be quite favorable for the Virgo sign. More than ever, you’re going to be feeling motivated and inspired in the workplace, and it’s going to reflect greatly on your overall performance. If you’ve been seeking promotion or career advancement, you may receive some encouraging signs of it in the near future. On the other hand, if you’ve been thinking about getting a new job, this is a great time to pursue it, as the autumnal energies of change are sure to guide your way to new beginnings and change. Follow your heart, Virgo; it will never lead you astray. 

In love, those in a relationship are likely to feel inspired to try new things romantically by the loving influence of Venus. All around, it will be a positive month of growing closer with your partner, which will have you truly feeling like you’re floating on a cloud. If you are single, you may make some rash decisions with someone new this month that could leave you feeling angry and frustrated. To avoid this, make sure you slow down and consider all aspects of this situation before anything else. Talking with family or friends may also help to open your eyes more to what you may be overlooking.

Libra (September 23 - October 22):

For the Libra, it’s your birthday season, which is bound to ignite your confidence and get you feeling like your best self. With that said, you will be kicking off the month feeling creative and efficient with making strides towards your goals. With your newfound enthusiastic and optimistic attitude, now is an excellent time to start laying out the foundation for new endeavors and ideas and get a jump on them. However, with that said, Mercury retrograde will likely have a different plan for you this month as well and could instead urge you to slow down or change direction. Just remember to go with the flow this month, Libra, and don’t fight the current. If you do that, you should be just fine. 

In your career, you will be inspired in the workplace and have many new ideas for how to make bigger strides in your career. However, a lot of energetic shifts are working against you right now, which could result in needing to work a little harder to get to where you need to be. Just don’t overwork yourself, and make sure you watch your expenses at all costs to avoid any financial issues. 

In love, for those in a relationship, the stars are aligned for a truly beautiful bonding period for couples. With compatibility beaming, tenderness is growing between you and your partner quicker than ever. For this reason, it would be an excellent month to plan for a romantic getaway to truly make the most of this blissful time. If you are single, you have a high chance of falling for someone very quickly this month, and it may prove to be one of the most significant connections you’ll ever make. Have fun and be yourself, Libra. It is a truly beautiful time to share your heart with someone new.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):

For the Scorpio, it’s also your birthday season, and as expected, the month of October is predicted to be quite favorable for you. Your love life will be flourishing, your professional life will be satisfactory, and all around, you’re going to have very little to complain about. With good vibes all around, you’re also going to be putting a deeper focus on yourself this month and striving to create a more balanced plan towards accomplishing your goals. You are your only limit, Scorpio, and luck is certainly on your side right now, so allow your passions to guide you to where you truly want and need to be. 

In your career this month, there’s likely to be some small bumps in the road in the workplace. From issues with superiors to a lack of support from those around you, the overall vibe at work could have you feeling down. However, you shouldn’t let this get to you, Scorpio, as there are also many excellent moments in your career this month, as well as a potential increase in finances. Therefore, be prepared for some ups and downs all month long and trust, above all else, that it will all work out in the end.

In love, for those in a relationship, you’re likely to experience some minor ups and downs this month. With Mercury retrograde stirring up communicational issues in the first half of the month, things will be rough, but it will lend way to a more positive and balanced connection towards the end of October. Patience will be key this month. If you are single, luck will also be on your side this month, and you are likely to find comfort in someone special in your social circle. Be yourself, Scorpio; they will adore you for exactly as they are. 

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21):

For the Sagittarius, October is predicted to be a lucky month of new opportunities and creative brainstorming for you. You’ll be doing a lot of work behind the scenes this month, with a plethora of new ideas circulating in your mind as you push to break the thresholds of the past and progress to a more balanced and positive future. All around, expect a productive month of change ahead of you as you continue to persevere in all that you set your mind to. You’re on fire, fire sign. Keep it up.

In your career, you’re likely to kick off October with your eye fixed on accomplishing your goals. With such a fiery ambition ignited within you right now, it will be easier than ever to get things done, which will have you feeling confident and inspired in your accomplishments. Overall, this positive and productive mood will help to set the tone for some well-earned rewards in the near future, so keep rocking it, Sag.

In love, for those in a relationship, October is predicted to be a positive month with excellent planetary support on your side. With tender Venus entering your sign in the first week of the month, your relationship will be blessed with blissful feelings of lust and romance as you continue to grow closer with your partner than ever. If you’ve been looking to extend your family with a baby, this might be a good time to try. If you are single, love is expected to be very lucky right now, so make sure you get out there and mingle with some new people if you want to find that special someone to cozy up with. 

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19):

For the Capricorn, October is predicted to be a month of forward movement and growth for you. Feeling a need to hustle more than usual, your personal life and finances will be some of your key focuses this month, as your mind spins with new ideas as you plan and prepare for the future. Because of this, you’re also likely to make excellent moves in your career this month, as you’re going to be feeling more inspired and ambitious than you have in a while. Have fun and revel in this blissful and productive period as much as possible. You’ll truly have very little to complain about, Cap.

In your career, the Capricorn is likely to soar with ambition this month. From the start of the month, you're going to be working harder than ever, and you love it. Just be careful about getting into any conflicts with your boss this month, as Mercury retrograde is likely to stir up some disagreements with your work colleagues. Patience will be key this month to avoid this. 

In love, if you are in a relationship, love is in the air, and you and your partner are likely to connect deeper than ever because of it. This is a great time for a romantic night in with your love to truly make the most of the sentimental energies in the air. If you are single, you’ll likely be feeling very social this month, which will give you an ambitious advantage over finding someone new. Be bold and adventurous, Cap; it may prove to be one of the best things you’ll ever do in love. 

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18):

For the Aquarius, this autumnal month of October is predicted to be a transitional period of slow but steady work. While you are likely to be feeling motivated in many aspects of your life, it just doesn’t seem like the planets are in your favor right now to achieve all that you set out to do in terms of future goals. For this reason, instead of trying to fight the current, it might instead be a good month to work through any past energies and problems you may be holding onto in order to keep your head balanced. You’ll get to where you need to be soon, Aquarius, you may just have to put some more tedious work in before you get there, but it will pay off in the long run. 

In your career, you’re likely to experience some minor ups and downs in the workplace this month, which could leave you feeling irritable and unfocused. You are advised to do what you can to keep positive and keep your eyes fixed on the brighter picture instead of right now, as better things are on your horizon towards the end of the month. Don’t lose your focus. 

In love, for those in a relationship, October is expected to bring an exciting new period of bliss into your space. With both Venus and Mercury influencing you, you’ll feel a desire to spend more time with your partner than you have in a while, and there will thankfully be plenty of time for it this month. Be sure to plan some date nights with your beloved this month to make the most of it. If you are single, due to the steamy love influence from the planets, this will be an excellent month for attracting someone new and exciting. Your confidence will truly be on fire right now, Aquarius, so you shouldn’t have any problem winning anyone over.

Pisces (February 19 - March 10):

And finally, for the Pisces, October is likely to bring a focus towards your finances and personal endeavors. Now more than ever, you’ll be feeling a need to put a focus on personal development as you continue to grow through this ambitious period. To go along with this, your intuition is going to be growing as we move further through the autumn season, and you are advised to dedicate some time to develop it further, as it will truly be a guiding light leading you towards your destiny. Overall, October will be a month full of a variety of energies, but more than anything, it will certainly be enlightening like no other. Spend some time with yourself in a quiet meditative space to truly make the most of what it has to offer.

In your career, the month of October is predicted to be quite favorable for the Pisces. While there are likely to be some ups and downs this month, you are likely to receive the recognition you deserve from your superiors, as well as several opportunities to increase your finances at your job. However, with that said, you may have some issues with your coworkers and should do all that you can to avoid drama with them as much as possible. 

In love, if you are in a relationship, you are likely to grow closer with your partner and develop a stronger connection with them than you have before. Because of this, this is a great time to have deeper conversations with your partner and truly pick their mind about anything and everything in this world, as it is likely to bring you two mentally closer. If you are single, take your time getting to know someone this month before you give your heart away. This will help you to find a much more authentic connection with them and will likely prove to be quite fulfilling.


In conclusion, October is expected to bring a calm month of positive energy, alignment, and growth as we ease into a slower and cozier period in our lives. Allow the energy of this cool autumnal month to guide you through these sacred and intuitive changes as we all work to better connect ourselves with our divine source. Above all else, the energies of the Universe are working in our favor right now, so get ready to align with them for a truly enlightening and healing experience like no other.

Happy October!

Written by: The Spirit Chic

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