7 Empowering Crystals to Work With This Summer

July 08, 2022

7 Empowering Crystals to Work With This Summer

The hot summer days and long hot nights are just around the corner as we make our way closer to summer. The earth is flourishing, the sun is growing in strength, and all around, the world just seems a little merrier. For that reason, it’s time we start bringing out all our summer-themed décor and items for our practices, such as crystals aligned with the sun and its energy. 

In the summer, the energy around us is new, fresh, and beaming with potential. New confidence and adventure inspire our world, helping us to strengthen our personal power, overcome obstacles, and live our life a little more freely. Not to mention, summer can also invoke feelings of joy, passion, sensuality, and grounding within us and can be an excellent time to work with some summer-themed tools. For that reason, changing up the crystals you work with each season is incredibly important and can help you to channel this into your life and your practices and even help to make your intentions and rituals that much stronger.

So in this article, we’re going to share with you our top 7 favorite crystals you can begin to incorporate into your summer routine to help connect deeper with the season in a truly magical way. Let's get started. 

1. Sunstone

Starting off, the first crystal you’ll want to consider incorporating into your practices this summer is sunstone. Sunstone is a beautiful stone with orange, peach, white, and yellow hues that carries with it the energies of positivity, creativity, enthusiasm, and personal empowerment. Associated with the sacral chakra, sunstone was believed to be linked with the energy of the sun in many cultures and was said to bring a positive and joyous energy to those who used it.

With such a powerful history and connection to the sun, this crystal is excellent to use this summer to align with positivity, personal power, and creativity as we move through the season. 

2. Citrine

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Next, with an elegant orange and white hue, citrine is another excellent choice to work with this summer for its incredible healing properties. Connected with the sun and solar plexus chakra, citrine is believed to help bring a positive, happy feeling to those who use it. Known for its ability to help transmute negative energy into positive, this crystal is excellent for those seeking to move beyond old energies and move forward into a new ambitious stage of their lives. Citrine is also believed to carry with it strong energies that help to elevate your energy, helping to boost your confidence and drive, as well as help attract abundance your way.

For that reason, citrine is an excellent crystal to work with this summer to invite in new beginnings, transformation, luck, and prosperity everywhere you go. 

3. Amber 

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Next, amber is another strong crystal linked with the sun season. With a deeper orange hue like a warm beach sunset, this crystal has formed from tree sap that has been fossilized over the years and is believed to carry with it a strong connection to the earth, sun, and life energy. Connected with the sacral chakra, amber is also said to hold key energies of positivity, sensuality, love, and protection and is believed to help uplift your mood and detox your body to help bring you to a higher state of being. 

For that reason, amber is believed to be an excellent crystal to work with when seeking energetic purification and is believed to help you channel the warm, strong, and powerful energy of the sun within yourself in pursuing all your personal goals and dreams.

4. Garnet

Up next, garnet is a fiery crystal perfect for working with the passionate energies of summer. Rich in a dark red hue, garnet is believed to be linked with the energies of love, passion, and grounding and is believed to be linked with the sacral and root chakras. Known as a crystal of purification and protection, garnet is believed to help restore energy to the body, bring about new inspiration, and help us to find a better balance in our lives

With its strong sense of connection to love and our sexual energy, this is a great crystal to work with for the fiery summer months for those looking for new love or seeking new passion in other areas of their life. 

5. Carnelian

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Next, carnelian is another fantastic crystal to work with this summer. Like sunstone, carnelian was often believed to be a sacred stone of the sun and is connected with the sacral chakra. With key energies of grounding, creativity, and confidence, carnelian is believed to help boost our energy to bring about deeper feelings of motivation, confidence, and ambition

For that reason, this crystal is believed to be an excellent stone to work with in the summer to not only connect deeper with the energy of the sun but to channel a stronger sense of ambition and drive into your life. Not to mention, carnelian is also believed to be a beautiful stone to work with when seeking new friendships or relationships, making it perfect for the social months of summer. Therefore, if you’re in need of a little inspiration, some grounding, or a new connection, don’t be afraid to pick up a carnelian to work alongside this summer to help manifest all your goals and dreams.

6. Tiger’s eye

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Next, another great stone of the summer is tiger’s eye. With a beautiful layered array of colors in brown, gold, and black, tiger’s eye is a unique stone connected with the energy of the sun above and the earth below and is most commonly associated with the energies of balance. Connected with the sacral, root, solar plexus chakra, and the sun-child of the Zodiac, Leo, the tiger’s eye is said to carry strong energies of confidence, protection, vitality, and grounding. Not to mention, it is also believed to be rich in powerful confidence-boosting energies that can help you to overcome fears with a stronger sense of courage in pursuing your goals. 

For that reason, tiger’s eye is a great companion stone to work with this summer that may help you to channel the strong, outgoing, and passionate energy of the sun and your personal power in all that you do. 

7. Ruby

Lastly, ruby, the birthstone of the moonchild June/July sign of Cancer, is another excellent stone to work with this summer. Rich in shades of deep red, pink, and purple, ruby is a powerful stone linked with the sun for empowerment, passion, positivity, and balance. Connected with the root chakra, this crystal is perfect for helping you channel new courage and leadership qualities while also helping you to keep a calm, positive, and clear demeanor along the way.

With so much lustful and energetic energy about this stone, this is the perfect crystal to use in all your adventurous summer endeavors. 


Overall, many unique crystals are connected with summer's vibrant energy. Whether you’re looking for a crystal for creativity, passion, or courage, we hope this article covering some of our favorite summertime crystals helps you to find the perfect crystal for you to work with in your own unique practices to help manifest the life of your dreams in the most ambitious season of all.

*It’s important to note that the information provided above about crystals and their properties do not promise or guarantee any specific outcome, energy, or situation. Crystals and the information provided are not intended to and should never be used to diagnose or cure problems, and should be read for entertainment purposes only. Always seek professional help from a licensed professional for any problems you may be experiencing or concerns you may have*

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