Protection Crystal Candle Travel Trio

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The Protection Candle Trio returns but with better wicks and tins. It features a selection of candles for deep, ritual work for everything from shadow work to scrying, meditations to mediumship, and all in between. 

Protection Intention - A fragrant candle for protection during meditation, energy work, ritual work, and in sacred spaces.

Scent Profile: Herbaceous notes of three different kinds of sage mingled with amber, honey, and balsamic tones.

Ingredient Vibrations

Black Tourmaline chips for overall protection. It is often called the Shaman stone because of its powerful protection properties during ritual work and spiritual journeying.

Spanish Sage for purification, dealing with problems, staying grounded during ritual work.

Shadow Work Intention - A fragrant candle for use during shadow work practices and journaling.

Scent Profile: Opening notes of frankincense that gently fade into vanilla with additional notes of Balsam of Peru and tonka bean.

Ingredient Vibrations

Smoky Quartz chips helps to reduce feelings of panic, fear, and distress which can often occur during a shadow work practice.

Indian Frankincense for its long association with spirituality. It supports transformation, personal growth, and releasing what no longer serves.

The Veil Intention - A grounding channel for working with the energy of the spirit realm. It is especially for work with spirit guides, ancestral connection, channeling, and on Samhain and Beltane.

Scent Profile: Warm Australian Sandalwood and Himalayan Cedarwood uplifted with Amyris.

Ingredient Vibrations

Black Obsidian chips to protect and block psychic attack during psychic practices. It also brings power and helps to develop psychic abilities.

Himalayan Cedar for stimulating psychic abilities and protection for low vibrational energy.

Set contains (3) 2 oz tins, Burn time per tin is approximately 8-10 hours.

Full ingredient list: soy wax, coconut wax, apricot creme wax, essential oils, natural fragrance oil made from extracts.

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