Protection bath bar

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As a mystic, protection is one of the most important tools one needs to have. It can be easy to pick up negative vibrations once becoming energy sensitive. Working with protecting ingredients on a daily basis can help you to release those energies and further protect you from vibrational harm. 

This Protection bath bar is ideal for use before rituals that involve releasing negative energy or protecting your energy from energetic vampires.  Consider using this bar before going to places with large crowds or when you know you'll be around negative people. 

Key Ingredients

Eucalyptus - one of the most healing plants. Eucalyptus trees have been used in Africa for decades to clear the air of Malaria and other airborne diseases. 

Juniper Berry - These little berries provide protection from negative people and energy.

Charcoal - Charcoal has been used throughout the centuries to draw out toxins from the body. 

How to Use:

  • use in place of traditional soaps

  • use before & after rituals to protect and heal the body from negative energies. 

*Please note, soap is colored using 100% plant material; hues will vary from batch to batch. 

Size: approximately 4 oz bath bar

Full ingredient list: Aqua (Filtered Water), sodium hydroxide, Oils of: Coconut, Olive, Sunflower, Canola; shea butter, activated charcoal, eucalyptus powder, juniper berry powder, Essentials Oils of frankincense, rosemary and lavender.

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