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New Moon Crystal Mists - Labradorite Infused Aroma Mist

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The Crystal Collection is a tribute to the humble beginnings of my spiritual roots. It takes me back to a time before the big crystal boom when I worked at one of the very first online crystals stores and discovered the hundreds of shapes and shades found in the crystal kingdom. This collection is my return home to crystal energy. A reminder that crystals always have something to teach me. Enjoy!

New Moon labradorite mist was created to honor the very first crystal set I ever crafted. It was for the new moon and the first crystal that caught me eye was the mystical labradorite.

New Moon is a centering blend of botanical oils chosen for their energetic connection to setting intentions, developing spiritual awareness and aiding in successful manifestations.

Ingredient Vibrations

Labradorite - The ultimate stone of magic. It facilitates deep, inner transformation & reveals hidden truths. It is also very protecting to the aura; preventing psychic attacks and nightmares.

Cypress - a grounding oil that aids in spiritual awareness, grounding and protection. It promotes transformation by helping one to develop clarity, release old habits and negativity, and to channel that which is needed for positive change.

Jasmine - the ultimate moon oil; jasmine is associated with happiness, luck, self-confidence and healing. Perhaps most alluring is its use in manifestation magic. It is one of the best oils for setting intentions and creating good fortune and prosperity. 

How to Use: mist onto linens, clothing, or into body and hair for a light fragrance. Use before and after meditation and rituals for clearing and to invite moon energy into your space and aura. This mist is most potent at the new moon but can be used anytime to invoke manifestation energy.

Size: 2 oz | 60 mL bottle.

Full ingredient list: Purified Water, witch hazel, essential oil blend (jasmine, cypress, patchouli), labradorite chips.

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