Witchy Tattoo Motifs

September 29, 2020

Witchy Tattoo Motifs

Tattooing is an art form that predates textually written history, with the earliest example dating as far back as 3400 BCE. It has been woven into numerous forms of religions, cultures, and events. Not surprisingly, tattooing is heavily prevalent in the witchcraft community as a way for practitioners to connect with their craft and identify their beliefs. With the rise of cultural classics such as American Horror Story: Coven, The Chilling Tales of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Shadow Hunters, witchcraft has begun to emerge from the shadows and claim it’s rightful place in the limelight of modern society. Of course, with this rejuvenation of public fascination and adoption of the craft, witchy tattoos are becoming the new norm for both witches and the witch-obsessed.

But what do some of these most popular tattoos mean? Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 Witchy Tattoo Motifs of 2020 and break down the meanings behind these spellbinding tattoo designs!

Rune Tattoos
Okay, admit it. Rune tattoos are super appealing. Dainty, feminine, mysterious -- they’re everything you want in a witchy-themed tattoo. Plus, they chock full of meaning. You can use them to spell out words, chants, or spells. For some, a single rune can hold a protection ward or a good fortune meaning. Make sure to do your research before applying these powerful little symbols to your body, though. If you can find an artist who is familiar with them, even better!


    The most classic symbol of the witch, at least as far as mainstream media is concerned, the broom is a powerful representation of female power and sexuality. Brooms can easily be worked into a complete piece, or featured on their own or with smaller witchy motifs, such as crystals, cats, or even the infamous black hat.


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      Triple Moon
      Often featured in Wiccan designs, the Triple Moon is the symbol representative of the Goddess and depicts the phases of womanhood: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Some depictions show the Triple Moon with faces, whereas others are dainty and less detailed - just showing the outline of the three moon phases.


      Popular in various forms of spirituality, crystals are a beautiful addition to a tattoo design. These can be featured on their own, or added into a complete piece for an additional sprinkle of magic. Crystals are a less obvious way to show your connection to your craft, as they have been featured in so many different realms across many different cultures.

      The Elements
      The symbols of the elements - earth, wind, water, fire - make for beautiful body art additions. These dainty symbols evoke ties to Mother Earth, but can also be paired with different colors and symbols to create powerful magic.


      Tarot Cards
      It’s not a witchy tattoo without a tarot card, right? Tarot cards have become popular features in witchy-themed tattoos, with witches inking the card they feel the most connection with on their skin to emulate the connection they have with that particular card. Popular cards used include the Death card, the Lovers, and the High Priestess.

      Phases of the Moon
      We’ve all seen an image of a topless woman, with her back to the camera, her spine adorned by the complete phases of the moon. It’s a classic image; sexy, sincere, and mysterious. Witchcraft is dedicated to the phases of the moon in so many ways, that it is no surprise that the moon phases have become a popular motif in tattoo design.


      This five-pointed star encased in a circle is often utilized for protection and warding off evil, so it’s a natural choice for those who walk on the witchier side of life. Be cautious when placing these images, though, as many muggles (yes, I went there) often mistake this symbol for the pentagram and may not be able to refrain from commenting!


      Black Cats
      Do these really need much explanation? Plus, they’re super cute, right?

      The Witch House
      Perhaps one of the most recognizable houses of its time, the Salem Witch House is a frequent addition to witch-themed tattoo scenes across the globe. Ominous, mysterious, and slightly sexy, this house is one way to honor the witches who burned during the harrowing nightmare that was the Salem Witch Trials.


        Do you have any of these witchy tattoo motifs? If not, we hope this list gave you a long list of wants -- and, as you head off to the tattoo studio to start (or continue) your witchy themed tattoo collection, make sure to tag us so we can see your beautiful witchy artwork! Was there a design element you didn’t see on this list? Drop your ideas in the comments so we can add those to our wishlist!

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