The Top 10 Astrological Events of 2023

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The Top 10 Astrological Events of 2023

The new year is a time of new beginnings. It is a time of fresh ideas and new opportunities as we wipe the slate clean and prepare to embark on new adventures. However, outside of changes in our strive and mindset, it is also a time rich in new astrological events that are sure to bring many unique energies to our space. And, while some annual astrological events shake up our lives around the same time each year, there is always a chance for some new rare occurrences to enter our lives, as well as some events that are just likely to impact us more than others. And today, we’re going to talk all about them. 

In this blog, we’re going to go over ten of the most significant astrological events of 2023 and how they’re likely to impact our lives. Let’s get started.   

1. January 2023 Mercury & Mars retrograde 

To start, we will kick off 2023 with Mercury retrograde in the Capricorn sign continuing from late 2022 until January 18th, 2023. This retrograde is likely to put a focus on slower movement and give us a more sluggish start to the new year. However, it is also likely to encourage us to change our perspectives and focus on improving communication moving forward.

On top of this, Mars, the planet of war, will also continue retrograde in the Gemini sign until January 12th. While this occurs, we will all need to be keen to avoid confrontation and rash decisions, so they don’t become ongoing issues. 

2. Saturn in Pisces on March 7th 

Next, from March 7, 2023, until May 2024, we welcome Saturn in Pisces, which is likely to help us improve our lives. As the planet of responsibility, Saturn will likely help us work harder and grow more in line with the future we want. It is also likely to highlight our inspiration and help us work alongside the creative and imaginative Pisces to lay out more of a foundation for the path ahead. 

In short, this influence will likely help us get closer to manifesting our dreams than before. 

3. Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 23rd 

On March 23rd, we welcome a shift as Pluto, the planet of transformation and renewal, moves out of the diplomatic Capricorn sign and into the proactive Aquarius. This energy shift will likely change our path and push us head-first into some challenges. As such, this is likely a crucial time for pushing through obstacles and finding ways to remain balanced in the pursuit of our dreams.
Later in the year, Pluto also moves into retrograde, which will likely help us clear any lingering obstacles in our path from this and help us move forward once more. 

4. A rare Hybrid Eclipse occurs on April 20th 

Next, on April 20th, we welcome the first eclipse of 2023, which happens to be quite a rare one. This is because this eclipse will combine an annual eclipse with a solar eclipse, making this what is known as a Hybrid Eclipse. This rare phenomenon is said to have a ring of fire around it visible for only a few moments before vanishing entirely. 

And since eclipses are known to bring change, this event is likely to bring with it significant change, awakening, and transformation to us all that could bring a truly life-altering revelation to our lives.

5. Mercury retrograde in Taurus April 21st

Moving ahead, from April 21st until May 14th, we welcome our next Mercury retrograde in the sign of the Taurus. And since the Taurus is a sign of practicality, this backward motion could cause some of our goals and projects to be put on hold. This could cause any progress we’ve been making to slow and could bring about unexpected changes to our lives. 

As such, this is likely to be a good time to slow down, ground yourself, and focus on reflection before moving forward.

6. Venus retrograde in Leo July 23rd

On July 23rd, we welcome Venus retrograde in the sign of the Leo that will linger in our lives until September 3rd. When Venus, the planet of beauty and love, goes retrograde, it is likely to have all the signs feeling less outgoing and less sentimental than usual. Venus retrograde can also cause communication issues in love and can make it harder for couples to sort through issues. 

As such, the signs would do well to focus on staying still and taking care of themselves during this retrograde to avoid arguments and misunderstandings until the energy clears up. 

7. August 13th Perseid meteor shower 

Next, on August 13th, we welcome the Perseid meteor shower, which is known to be one of the largest and most exciting meteor showers in the Northern Hemisphere. Sometimes producing more than 50-60 meteors per hour, this meteor shower is believed to be a powerful symbol of inner light, hope, luck, and new direction. It is also believed to represent a second chance, a shift in consciousness, and Universal light entering your life.

As such, this presence is a wonderful thing to embrace in your life if you’re in need of empowerment or change. 

8. Jupiter stations retrograde on September 4th

Next, on September 4th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will station retrograde in the Taurus until December 30th, 2023. Jupiter retrograde is known as a powerful time for new realizations in which we begin to expand our outlook on life and look at our goals differently. As such, this could be a good time for us all to readjust, rebalance, and find new ways to expand beyond old habits to further our path of growth. 

9. Annular ring of fire eclipse on October 14th 

Next, we will be greeted by a rare ring of fire eclipse on October 14th in Libra, where the sun will appear to form a ring of fire around the moon briefly. Spiritually, this is thought to represent the igniting of our energy and help us let go of the old and move towards our goals with a fiery new approach. 

Reflect and allow the energy to help you find the new path toward where you're meant to be. 

10. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn on December 13th

Lastly, to end the year off, we welcome Mercury retrograde in the sign of the Capricorn on December 13th. Known as the retrograde that shakes up our communication, this retrograde is likely to help shift our perspective moving into the new year and help to welcome a deeper, slow-moving period of reflection into our lives. 

However, mercury retrograde does have a tendency to stir up issues in our understanding and communication as well. As such, everyone should be careful not to let their emotions get the better of them and save any important conversations for later. 


Overall, 2023 is likely to be full of many unique astrological events that are sure to shake up our lives in many different ways. Remain open to the energy and lessons they bring, and try to make the most of them. Big things are coming. Get ready to ride the wave of new beginnings in 2023 and make this a truly magical year to remember.

Happy new year!

 *It’s important to note that these are all generic predictions based on the positioning of the planets and the season and all vary per sign and individual. These predictions do not promise or guarantee any specific outcome, energy, or situation and should be read for entertainment only.*

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