The Amazing Benefits of Organic and All-Natural Beauty Products

September 15, 2017

The terms “all-natural” and “organic” are pretty enticing when it comes to beauty product labels. We can easily associate going green with healthy lifestyle – even when it comes to our beauty choices. With the vast selection of beauty products available in the market today, the challenge of making the best choice is absolutely present. The question is whether we should really go for all-natural organic products rather than the regular ones we see more often. Is there a difference if we choose to go organic with our beauty products?

There’s quite a valid reason why a lot of beauty consumers are going for a natural and organic approach on their beauty routine. Its set of amazing benefits is more than just promising – they truly work. In this article, we are going to discuss the real deal when it comes to organic beauty products.

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The Advantages of going Organic with your Beauty Products
Switching to organic beauty products can truly make a huge difference not only in your entire beauty routine but as well as with your health and environmental perspective. What good can you really get once you start using organic beauty products? To have a much better understanding on how all-natural and organic beauty products affect us in several aspects, here’s a breakdown of its well-known advantages.

  • They are very gentle and mild to the skin. – as what its name suggests, organic beauty products are made of the finest, purely organic natural ingredients. Organic beauty products do not feature any laboratory-produced ingredients; many of which is usually comprised of harsh synthetic chemicals harmful to the skin.
  • They do not cause harm to your health. – Beauty products are applied directly onto the skin which explains why its chances of getting into your body are quite prominent. Regular beauty products that aren’t organic may contain synthetic ingredients that can cause harm to your health, especially in the long run. For instance, regular body lotions feature synthetic emollients like petrolatum and mineral oil – ingredients that can lead to pore blockage, hormonal imbalance and sun damage. On the other hand, organic body butters like Spirit Nest’s Raw Magick Body Butter uses natural skin moisturizers such as Shea Butter and Coconut Oil which nourish and boost the skin’s natural moisturizing mechanism.
  • Your body does not see it as a foreign agent. – The body tends to react when it senses foreign agents or ingredients entering the body. This is what causes a number of allergic reactions. With organic beauty products, you are giving your skin a natural approach. You supply what the skin lacks instead of replacing it with synthetic ingredients. The body sees your organic beauty product as something that naturally occurs into the skin which prevents it from having certain types of allergic reactions. This is one common reason why dermatologists and skin experts recommend organic beauty products to people who have hypersensitive skin.
  • Better performance and longer-lasting effects. – Studies show that all-natural and organic beauty products are more efficient in terms of performance. As organic beauty products contain a number of natural ingredients, it also features an abundant list of nutrients that greatly benefit the skin in general. With pure, fresh and organic ingredients, you are giving your skin superior care and nourishment that will last for a long time. Continuous usage or organic beauty products will allow your skin to boost its natural healing process and enhance your skin’s overall condition.
  • Safe and Toxic-free – one of the main hazards of synthetic chemicals found in many beauty products is its toxic content. Many of these man-made chemicals create certain harmful reactions when it gets in contact with the body. As organic beauty products only feature ingredients that occur naturally in the body, there are no worries about certain chemicals developing into toxic residues.

The Difference of Vegan, Non-GMO and All-Natural Cosmetics
When we talk about Organic beauty products, this usually involves cruelty-free, vegan and non-GMO products. What do these terms mean?

  • Cruelty-Free – if you see a leaping bunny symbol on the packaging, it means that there were no animals hurt during the process of producing the product. Cruelty-free beauty products certify that they weren’t tested on animals.
  • Vegan – this term is used for beauty products that do not contain any type of animal or animal-derived ingredients. Vegan products also mean that it does not conduct animal testing.
  • Non-GMO – GMO means genetically modified organism which refers to certain ingredients or organisms that have been synthetically engineered, usually to increase production. Non-GMO beauty products mean that it only features all-natural ingredients that are produced in a natural manner.

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When you go for this type of organic beauty products, what difference does it make? First of all, you are worry-free. You do not have to worry about the risks that it may cause to your health nor the impact your beauty product does to the environment. In a way, buying products that aren’t cruelty-free only shows that you support brands that hurt and test on animals – all for the sake of business. With purely organic, vegan, cruelty-free and non-GMO beauty products, you have peace of mind by knowing that what you’re using is safe, not only for you but for everybody else as well.

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Dangers of Harsh Synthetic Chemicals
Having a prominent percentage of synthetic chemicals absorbed in your skin and body can truly be dangerous. Synthetic chemicals are usually toxic, for they do not naturally occur in the body. According to FDA (Food and Drug Administration), many synthetic chemicals found in beauty products are associated with a number of diseases. For instance, Parabens are widely present in many products available in the market today. But did you know that there are studies that prove parabens are linked to skin and breast cancer? Apart from parabens, there are laboratory-produced ingredients that are considered carcinogens. Think of using them regularly every single day – the risks are bigger more than you think.

Many of these synthetic chemicals found in your regular beauty products are potential carcinogens. People who had suffered or are currently suffering from cancer should be extra vigilant with what comes with their daily body products such as deodorants.

Non-organic deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum – a toxic chemical that gets deeply absorbed into the skin. Research shows that aluminum gets deeply absorbed into the armpits and therefore gets trapped in it. Since it is toxic, it can possibly develop in the skin with regular use and may cause health risks in the long run. To prevent any harmful health effects brought by aluminum, use purely organic deodorants as they are aluminum-free. Spirit Nest’s Lavender Probiotic Natural Deodorant is organic and aluminum-free which makes it safe for your body. It features purely natural ingredients that have natural antibacterial and deodorizing properties. With this, you don’t have to worry about potential health risks associated with aluminum-associated diseases like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to this, harsh ingredients like alcohol, artificial dyes and fragrance, petroleum, talc and phthalates can also aggravate certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. These ingredients can be very drying to the skin as it also strips the skin’s natural moisture.

Exceptional Natural Ingredients Found in your Organic Beauty Products
If you have already switched to purely organic beauty products, you might be wondering what natural ingredients are good for you. Here are some of the most amazing natural ingredients that you would love to have in your organic beauty regimen.

  • Rosemary Extract – it is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your skin from impurities and pollutants. It has natural antiseptic properties that effectively free your skin from harsh environmental elements that harms your skin. Spirit Nest’s Witches’ Tea Organic Day Cream features a blend of all-natural organic ingredients including rosemary which makes it an ideal cream to nourish and protect your skin all day.
  • Green Tea – an exceptional natural ingredient that promotes youthful skin and even complexion. It effectively helps the skin to boost its natural moisture retention to keep the skin hydrated and supple for long periods of time. Additionally, it also helps even out the complexion by lightening dark spots and blemishes.
  • Shea Butter – if you are suffering from very dry skin, Shea Butter should be first on your list. It’s a natural emollient that provides instant moisture to the skin. It also creates a moisture barrier onto the skin that results to a radiant, youthful glow.
  • Activated Charcoal – problems with blackheads and acne? Activated charcoal is one of the best natural ingredients that can help your skin be free from unwanted skin troubles. It effectively removes toxins and impurities from the skin thanks to its powerful detoxifying properties. The New Moon Night Cream from Spirit Nest features activated charcoal as its main ingredient which will effectively soothe and detoxify your skin while you get your good night sleep!
  • Tea Tree Oil – a natural ingredient rich in antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. This is why it makes a great ingredient in organic soaps for it effectively detoxifies the skin as you cleanse. Blended with aromatherapeutic botanicals, Spirit Nest’s Enchanted Rosewood Handmade Soap features tea tree oil as its key ingredient to help heal your skin while you get your mood-uplifting bath.

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Healthy Skin, Healthy Lifestyle.
True enough, using Organic beauty products has tons of advantages that can make a huge difference in your lifestyle. With a purely natural approach on your beauty regimen, you are allowing your skin and body to do its own thing in terms of healing and beautifying itself. Spirit Nest offers a premium organic beauty brand in pocket-friendly rates that can help you make the healthy switch. It features beauty products that have premium botanical ingredients highly beneficial to the skin. All of Spirit Nest’s products are handmade in the US, too!

Choosing a healthier lifestyle should never be a difficult choice to make. Keep your body and skin beautiful from within – the safe and natural way with organic beauty products.

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