Spooky Season Essentials

October 09, 2021

Spooky Season Essentials

Ghostly Greetings! It’s the hauntingly fun time of the year again where youngsters enjoy the never-ending hunt for their candies and merrily spooky treats. Now, if you’re done tricking out the entry to searching for the perfect scary Halloween cookie recipe, looking for tokens are surely the next thing you ought to do and ease not because Spirit Nest has prepared a gift guide of a little bit of everything for you and for your Halloween giftees that are scary-good!

 13 Halloween Gift Ideas

Candy Cult

Halloween wouldn’t be as perfect as it would be without this so first on our list is the Candy Cult. Sounds candy but actually, candle ready to light your entryways and can be so creepy romantic with rose petal-toppings. Whether or not a big candle person, you and your friends should get one!

Spooky - Big artificial leather bag.

Brooms, bones and coffins, cauldron, hats and pumpkins, potions, bats and ravens - name it, this design probably has all the Halloween emblems that you can think of! They are printed on a boo-tifully patterned spooky purse idyllic throughout the entire creepy season. Plus it’s astonishingly spacious all your youngsters’ treats can all shape in!

Witchy Bamboo Wooden Spoon

Nothing more nostalgic and satisfying than cooking up all the ghoulishly good selection of spook-tacular recipes we’ve been fancying for the scariest night of the year. And, to make your and your friends stirring, frying, and cooking more halloweenish magical, next on our list is the Witchy Bamboo Wooden spoons which are incredible for Holiday wall displays too!


Walk the hair-raising Halloween streets feeling so chilling-good and smelling nice like amber, garden soil, crisp fall leaves, roasted pumpkin, and lastly spice. This body oil is Rainbow Fluorite infused so you’ll be walking shimmering and protected from all negativities during this special night. Stay safe and protected!

Artisan Soap: Quoth the Raven - Orange Spice, Cinnamon, Clove

Speaking about protection, we must stay protected all-around time. Bathe in the dark arts with this intoxicating conjuration of clove, cinnamon, and orange essential oils. This black bar is composed of cleansing activated charcoal and webbed with shimmering orange veins.  Don't be alarmed when you see the black bubbles running down your body; it's just the evil being purged from your pores!

Kamini bewitching incense

Get ready to be bewitched! As the spooky season is starting, fill your homes with a touch of spiritual incense and Halloween/spooky-smelling vibes. Burn this incense for a great spine-chilling and bewitching mood!

Witch I Love Your Hair - Hair Mist

Let’s talk about your Halloween look! You are probably undecided what to wear yet but worry not because we believe that regardless of your outfit, Halloween looks are all about the hair! So do yourself a favor, chill, and spray this magic potion and let it do all the work for you. Feel fresh, smell good and slay whatever Halloween outfit you pull off! 

Frequent Flyer long sleeve

If you and your giftees are part of the Frequent Flyer Club, this sweater is for you! Park your brooms and cozy up. This sweater is the perfect pullover for the warming fall nights spent baking cookies, carving pumpkins, and just simply getting panicky!

The Sage Witch Face Cream

Yes, your Halloween outfit is never settled without the finishing touches! And, you may need a heavy amount of coverage, color, spread, and blend to turn into an eldritch skeleton, a mythical creature, or anything your imagination comes up with so next on our list is something that magically protects and hydrates your skin before putting some makeup on! This face cream is the ultimate gift for you and your witchy giftees as it is all-natural and can be added to your daily beauty regime!

Samhain Vegan Body Lotion

Smooth and silky dedicated Samhain lotion made to nourish your skin without leaving any oily feeling all around the spooky season! Smell like sandalwood, balsam, and dark patchouli with middle notes of amber, green tobacco leaves, and finishing with just a hint of citrus and spice. Feels so scary-nice!

Black Velvet Natural Perfume

We all know that deep and rich black velvet chocolate cakes are the perfect dessert on Halloween and oh how we love the aroma! This Halloween, it would be spook-tacular to challenge yourself wearing a beautiful deep and luxurious like-scent with a woodsy mix of floral and sweet undertones and citrus top notes just the way we like it!


Halloween eye make-up? We got you! Raven, a hint by the name, is a deep dark black/grey with a pearly luster mineral eyeshadow perfect for adding ghoulish contours to your face, toning under the cheekbones, in the hollows of the temples and your nose lines. It is natural, smooth, and can last all boo-day!

Solid Perfume: Krampus

Last but not the least, this solid perfume is the ideal handy gift. It has a complex blend of essential oils and is a sinisterly-scented twist on holiday classics such as Halloween! Just a small amount on your wrists and behind the ears, and you’re smelling good to go!


Halloween is a real treat! It’s the season to eat candies, get spooky and have fun with your family and friends. Keep in mind that it’s not a season for the youngsters alone, we adults can have so much fun too! It may be the perfect occasion to cheat for some sweets, but we all deserve some to our happy hearts’ content. Eat, drink, have fun and be scary! Happy haunting and we witch you a boo-tiful Halloween!



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