September Horoscope

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September Horoscope

As we welcome in the cooling harvest month of September, we make way for a transformative period of energetic change as we work to create better balance in our lives. We kick off this autumn month in the sign of the practical and goal-oriented Virgo, shifting our focus towards progression on our goals. This will provide the signs with some initial direction and clarity, which will help us to start the month feeling positive and rejuvenated. However, Mercury, the planet of communication and knowledge, will also be lurking in the background this month as it prepares to go retrograde for the third and final time this year, pushing us to do some inner reflection as we begin to work through stirred emotions. This could also bring about mental fog, miscommunication, and misunderstandings with partners, coworkers, and loved ones, so be prepared for some potential rough patches throughout the month. 

Towards the end of September, on the 23rd, we will then shift into the partnership-focused Zodiac sign of the Libra, which will turn our attention towards family, friends, and community as we continue to grow and strengthen relationships as well as our own independence. We will also reach the Autumn Equinox the day before this, on September 22nd, which is considered to be a truly divine time of balance, inner reflection, growth, and gratitude as we prepare for yet another change of season into a calmer, more stagnant time of the year. This is also the time of which the veil between our world and the spirit world is growing increasingly thin, upping our intuitive abilities and connection to the other side. For this reason, be prepared for some deeper spiritual movements to occur this day, as it is an incredibly significant time of year for magical workings.

As you can see, September is expected to be a hefty month of energetic shifts as we all work to go with the flow of the changing seasons in order to keep our footing. However, to give you a deeper look into what you can expect to feel personally, today, we're going to touch on what energies and changes each Zodiac sign can expect to feel throughout the powerful month of September and how you can truly make the most of it. 

 Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Starting with the Aries, September is expected to be a long, transformative month of steadiness for you. The month kicks off with your ruling planet, Mars, in opposition to the planet Neptune, which will shed light on your self-care routine. While this is occurring, you will be prompted to slow down from your usual fast-paced way of life and make way for calmness. While this may not be what you want to hear, as you may be trying to move forward with a new project, understand that working yourself to exhaustion will never get you there, and you need to have equal time for both work as well as rest in order to achieve true success. For that reason, work to find your balance the best you can this month, Aries; it is bound to pay off fruitfully. 

In love, September is expected to be a positive month for those in a relationship, as things should be running quite smoothly with your partner. However, be wary of difficulties that may arise during the middle of the month, which could cause some miscommunications in love. If you are single and looking, you’ll have the most likely chance to find love towards the end of the month on an outing or short trip. 

In your career this month, you may experience some ups and downs in the workplace, with no major forward movement predicted. Arguments and frustrations may arise this month with your superiors, and you are advised to keep your cool the best you can to avoid any serious issues. 

Taurus (April 20 - May 20):

For the Taurus, September is predicted to be a productive month for you as you make bigger moves in several areas of your life. With the current planetary shifts and good karma returning, this is likely to be an excellent month for reaping new rewards. Your mind will be focused, and you’ll have your eye on the prize more than ever with a clear sight of how to get there. Because of this, you are likely to experience many new opportunities to enhance your progress in your personal goals, as well as in your finances and career, which will have you feeling truly content for the first time in a while. With so much happiness radiating from you, this is an excellent time to reconnect with loved ones and fuel the fire of your soul with more intimate connections.

In love, September is expected to be a smooth and positive month full of excitement for those in a relationship. You’ll feel a fire of deep passion with your partner all throughout the month, which will likely help to bring about a stronger connection to you two altogether. If you are single, September is most likely to bring about new chances for love during the second or third week of the month. This romance could come on rather abruptly, Taurus, which could have you feeling adventurous and excited. However, you shouldn’t act rashly. Make sure you do what you can to feel out this situation before diving in headfirst.

In your career, September is predicted to be a positive month in the workplace overall. Your work environment should be harmonious, your connection with your colleagues and superiors should be positive, and all-around you will feel more productive with your job. This will help to contribute to a more positive state of mind and help you to accomplish all tasks at hand with the potential for new rewards in the near future.

 Gemini (May 21 - June 20):

For the Gemini, September is predicted to be a month of mental and emotional change for you and will help to pave the way for new inner growth. While you are normally pretty happy-go-lucky about life, some unexpected challenges throughout the month could have you feeling uncentered and frustrated, as the last couple of months have already been quite frustrating for you. However, this collective process of transformation is only preparing you for new rewards in your future, just don’t allow yourself to become discouraged by them. Some time away with loved ones this month might also be a good idea, as this may be able to help ease any mental conflicts you may be experiencing. 

In love, September is likely to be a month of ups and downs for those in a relationship, with a few small hiccups later on in the month. However, this is nothing you can’t handle with a little patience and compromise, as long as you’re willing to lend a listening ear to your partner. If you are single, this isn’t the luckiest month for you to find a new romantic connection, as you may be feeling mentally weighed down already. Because of this, it would be wise to direct your focus towards other areas of your life, at least until your mental fog clears up a little bit.

In your career, September is likely to be another month of steadiness in the workplace without any true reward. And after the last couple of months you’ve had at work, this could be causing you severe frustration, which may put you in conflict with your colleagues or boss. After all the hard work you’ve put in, you would expect to receive rewards by now, but it just doesn’t seem to be working. For that reason, it may be time to consider a new job, Gemini, as you may be sitting around waiting for something that may not happen. Above all else, trust your intuition to guide you where you need to be this month, as it will never lead you astray.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22):

For the Cancer, with so much happening energetically throughout September, the month may bring about some emotional issues for you. Anxiety has a high probability of plaguing you this month and could send you into a loop of constant stress. Don’t let this get the best of you, Cancer; do what you can to find activities that ease your mind instead, such as hiking, reading, or meditating. It may also be a good time for a getaway trip with friends or family, as your family dynamic always seems to help bring you inner peace. Above all else, self-care will be a huge focus for you this month, so make sure you slow down and make plenty of time for things that will lighten your heart.

In love, despite your overall mood for the month, your relationship will be harmonious. While the rest of the world may make you feel small with all that’s going on emotionally, your spouse will be an immense support system for you this month that will truly help you to forget your worries and get back on your feet. If you are single, you will likely have good opportunities to get into love relationships this month. However, don’t rush into anything, dear Cancer. Make sure you take the time to get to know any potential love interest as much as possible before making any rash decisions. 

In your career, the workplace this month doesn’t look too promising, and you are likely to experience some rough patches with your professional development. This could create some frustration in the workplace with your clients or associates, which could stir up even more problems. Don’t lose your focus, Cancer. Do what you can to not let these bumps in the road get the best of you. Better things are on the horizon, but until then, just keep doing what you know and don’t let it compromise your mental health any further.

Leo (July 23 - August 22):

For the Leo, September is predicted to be a month of transformation for you. Although we are being influenced by the mighty Virgo, you’ll still be feeling in your element, with confidence and inspiration reigning. Emphasis will be put on your spending this month, and you’ll have to be careful about keeping an eye on where your money is going. Aside from this, the new moon on September 6th will up your productivity level to the max, pushing you to put in the work towards any unfinished projects you may have and make way for new goals and advances. Overall, this month is likely to be an all-around positive month of forward movement for you, and you truly couldn’t be happier, Leo. 

In love, relationships this month will be full of devotion and compassion. Leo’s will have very little to complain about with their partner, and all-around harmony and comfort should be prominent throughout the month. For those who are single, Leo’s will be feeling confident, enthusiastic, and a tad bit cocky in pursuing love relationships this month, and their luck should definitely pay off. Let your intuition guide you to the person you need most, and be sure to take some time for some fun along the way.

In your career, September is expected to be an excellent month for growth. The current planetary shifts are on your side this month and will help to promote a more harmonious workplace. With the support of your colleagues, you will be able to accomplish your targets effortlessly with the potential for new financial rewards in the future. Keep it up, Leo. 

Virgo (August 23 - September 22):

For the Virgo, it’s your season, and you’ll kick off the month feeling pretty good about yourself. While you will certainly be starting the month off with a bang, this will also be an intense month of growth for you, which will help you to become more aligned with yourself and your divine purpose. All around, expect some ups and downs, but trust that, no matter what, you are being guided to the best version of yourself along this divine journey.

In love, those in a relationship will likely experience a month of bliss with newfound excitement in your relationship and very little to complain about. If you are single, opportunities for new love may arise towards the middle of the month, but you are advised to take it slow and feel out the situation before you dive in. Talking with your friends and family about a potential partner may also help to ease any concern you may have about moving forward with them.

In your career, like many of the other signs, you may experience some bumps in the road, which could create frustration in the workplace. Do not try to make any bold moves right now in your career, as the planets are not on your side for moving forward. Instead, do what you can to lie low for a while, at least until this uncertain period passes. Engaging with friends and taking some time to yourself should help to ease any stress or frustration you may be experiencing from this, so make sure you make time for a little fun in between to keep your cool, Virgo. 

Libra (September 23 - October 22):

For the Libra, the month of September is expected to be a month of transformation as you work to find balance and channel more personal power during your ambitious birthday season. The month kicks off with you feeling motivated towards pursuing your goals, which will have you moving very quickly to get them going. And while forward movement is great, you may be rushing too quickly through these experiences, which could result in you missing the true lesson, gratification, and reward that rests within them. For this reason, this month will help you to learn what it means to slow down and smell the roses without worrying so much about the end result. This will contribute to a more positive and relaxed mental state overall, which will help you to regain any lost footing.

In love, you can expect love to be smooth and gentle. Thanks to the positive influence from Venus, the planet of love, throughout the month, you and your partner are likely to take a new step in your relationship, urging you to try new things. If you are single, September will be a lucky month that will likely bring about new opportunities to get into a relationship. Just remember to be yourself and to use your natural charisma, as this will be the key to winning someone over this month.

In your career, September predicts a month of hardships in the workplace. Due to the influence of Mercury retrograde later in the month, there could be some frustration, confusion, and miscommunication in the workplace, which could leave your relationships with your boss and colleagues a bit rough. This could make it difficult to focus on your work tasks, which could lead to some emotional turmoil. You are advised to do what you can to keep to yourself because of this and make sure you make plenty of time for some self-care practices if you want to avoid getting buried in your emotions from this.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):

For the Scorpio, September is expected to be a vigorous month of forward movement, so get ready to get to work, water sign. You’ll be kicking off the month feeling motivated, inspired, and confident as a plethora of new ideas begin to enter your head. With so much inspired movement, get ready to take on somewhat of a leadership position with your friends and or work colleagues, as your passion for your goals will certainly be a guiding light to those around you. With that said, this will all-around be a positive month of change and union for you, as your goals and dreams begin to develop and grow into fruition. Keep up the great work, Scorpio. 

In love, September is likely to be a fragile month for you emotionally. You may be feeling more sensitive and vulnerable in your relationship, which could leave you feeling snappy and irritated with your partner. You are advised to keep your cool and not let your insecurities get the best of you if you wish to create a blissful atmosphere. If you are single, your luck in love isn’t high this month, and you don’t have a very likely chance of meeting anyone special at the beginning of the month. However, towards the end of September, things might shift for you romantically, which could leave you feeling hopeful for the future.  

In your career, the current planetary alignment is certainly on your side this month, with stellar events in the workplace likely on your horizon. This month, the work atmosphere is predicted to be a harmonious one, while relationships with your coworkers and seniors will also be running smoothly. You should also have no problem accomplishing all the work at hand, which should have you feeling pretty good about your career overall. 

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21):

For the Sagittarius, September is expected to be a positive month in some areas, with some emotional ups and downs that could also plague you. This month, you’ll find comfort in your personal goals, with new ideas spiraling in your mind. However, it may be difficult to execute those ideas, which could leave you feeling unmotivated and depressed. However, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about this, Scorpio, as you may need to just take some time to rejuvenate your energy with some self-care practices. Above all else, just remember that you are never alone, Sag, and seeking love from friends and family would be a smart decision right now. 

In love, September is expected to be a peaceful, smooth-running, and positive month for those in a relationship. If you’ve had problems with your partner in the past, consider September to be a fresh start to ignite your love once more, which will help to create a more blissful connection between you. If you are single, you can expect to increase your chance of new romance this month. If you do, by chance, meet someone new, take some time to reflect on past mistakes and apply their lessons to your future relationship in order to have the best chances of success.

In your career, September is likely to bring about new opportunities for further career development. You’ve been working hard in the workplace, and you’re likely to start seeing it pay off. Recognition and gratification from your boss may also be on the horizon, which could inspire you to get moving unlike ever before. Above all else, you will have no problem achieving your work goals this month, which will help you to feel full in your heart and soul. 

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19):

For the Capricorn, as with many of the Zodiac signs this month, Mercury retrograde will put you through some emotional work throughout the month of September. You will kick off the month feeling incredibly energized and spiritually connected, with tugs on your intuition increasing. However, as your sensitivity grows, so will your vulnerability, which could let in feelings of stress and anxiety easier. Do what you can to not let your emotions get the best of you, and understand that these feelings are only temporary and will soon pass. Some daily meditative practices might also be a good idea to help ease any negative emotions you may have.

In love, September is likely to be a month of bliss while your mind begins to drift towards the future. Your love will be thriving, and you are likely to feel closer to your partner than ever before. This could even stir thoughts of the future in your mind, which could leave you wanting to tie the knot or even take a step towards having a baby. For those who are single, romance will be fun and free and finding new people you connect with whole-heartedly will come easier than ever. 

In your career, the month ahead predicts some steady career growth. Your job could test your limits with your productivity as well as with your colleagues. Additionally, finances are not expected to be lucky this month, which could lead to emotional stress. To cope with this, you are advised to turn towards some self-care practices as well as make more time for the things that bring you joy to help keep your balance. This period will soon pass, Cap. Keep your head up. 

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18):

For the Aquarius, September is expected to be a positive time of money, abundance, and movement towards your goals. With the goal-oriented Virgo leading the way for most of the month, you’re likely to get more aggressive with reaching the goals and rewards you know you deserve. Now is a great time to start making a strategic plan for how to get to where you want to be and start taking small steps every day towards that. Remember to keep your focus on each step along the way and not get caught up in the big picture if you want the best chance at achieving success.  

In love, relationships are expected to thrive throughout the month of September, with affection and tenderness as its main themes. If you are single, you are likely to experience a plethora of new opportunities for getting into relationships. This shouldn’t be a difficult task for you, Aquarius, as you should be able to draw in love effortlessly with your newfound charisma.  

In your career, September is likely to be a rough month in the workplace. All around, the atmosphere will feel toxic, unsatisfactory, and negative. You need to be very careful with how you handle communication with your superiors during this time, as Mercury retrograde is likely to make words misinterpreted. Do what you need to in order to ease your mind and not take any frustration from work home with you, as this could cause you some serious motivational and mental issues in your personal life.  

Pisces (February 19 - March 10):


And lastly, for the Pisces, September is expected to be pretty steady for you. However, you may also feel a recurring mental fog all throughout the month. This is majorly due to the planetary shifts taking place behind the scenes, such as Mercury prepping for retrograde once again towards the end of the month. For this reason, it might be a good time to lie low and keep to yourself with some spiritual detoxes to avoid any issues. With that said, some extra effort may also be needed in order to achieve success in different areas of your life as you keep up your slow but steady pace. However, if you set your heart to it, you should have no problem accomplishing all the tasks you need to. Keep going, Pisces.  

In love, the month of September is likely to be mostly smooth sailing, with some minor bumps in the road towards the beginning and middle of the month. However, this is nothing a little compromise and communication can’t fix and may even help to strengthen your bond with your partner overall. For those who are single, this is likely to be a month mostly focused on self-care and self-healing. However, that’s not to say love isn’t possible, although you may not feel as inspired to seek it out right now. Do what you feel you need to in order to find your inner peace. Pisces. That will always be the best way to find true happiness.

In your career, just like many other Zodiac signs, you aren’t likely to see significant movement in your professional work and may even have difficulty settling at work. For this reason, it might be best to focus on your skills outside of the office space, as confrontations could lead to serious consequences at work. Take this time to lie low, Pisces. The planetary shifts are creating difficulty, but it won’t last for long. Keep your head up. 


Overall, the month of September is expected to be a transformative month of highs and lows as we all work to clear away negative blockages in our lives. Above all else, this month is going to help us to remember to find our footing and leave behind what no longer serves us as we slow our roll into the cooler months of the year. Do your best to align with the energy and allow it to guide you to where you need to be if you wish to make it through the month as smoothly as possible. 

Happy September!

Written by: The Spirit Chic

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October 28, 2021

I enjoys the horoscopes it was a nice surprise to see them . Please do them every month. I look forward to Octobers

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