Rock Goddess - Gift Guide 2017

November 12, 2017

 Spirit Nest rounded up the coolest items for all Rock Goddesses out there. Choose from our range of original design clothing to handcrafted organic beauty products and buy the perfect gifts they’ll surely love.
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1. Stay Wild Moon Child Tee

$ 24.95

“Stay wild, moon child.” Words to live by, and a cool design to wear too! A perfect holiday gift for your fellow moon child.

2. Mother of Wildlings Hoodie


Take pride in raising your beloved wildlings.
A Spirit Nest Original design, this hoodie will definitely keep you warm this winter.

3. Walk In Peace Dark Teal Boots


A rocking outfit is not complete without this cool boots! It’s high-quality and 100% Vegan too!

4. Ouija Dream Bedding Set$84.95

Planning to rock it out on the upcoming holiday parties? Don’t forget to slow down, get this unique, Ouija Dream Bedding Set. So You’ll surely sleep well after a fun night of rocking out.

5. Mystic Forest Mason Jar


By lighting this candle bring a mystical forest to the room wherein you’ll get mesmerized by the aroma of fresh pine trees. It’s the best gift you can give your friends.

6. Enchanted Rosewood Handmade Soap


Handmade soaps are your best bets for your Secret Santas! This soap is made with organic rose clay and rose petals with a mild exfoliating effect that will leave your skin soft and supple.

7. Star and Moon Rhinestone Earrings


Let your inner goddess shine with this Star and Moon earrings that are studded with rhinestones. Perfect for a holiday party!

8. Star Studs Layered Flannelette Choker


Style any outfit with this choker and instantly look like a rockstar! Choose from the colors available, Black, Navy, Silver, and Crimson.

9. Too Magical Mug


Nothing like a mug of hot chocolate to warm you up this Christmas! Enjoy it in a magical mug that takes no B.S.!

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