October 2023 Horoscope: Psychic vibes here, there and everywhere

September 28, 2023

October 2023 Horoscope: Psychic vibes here, there and everywhere

October has arrived, and with it, eclipse season makes a comeback, bringing events that may unfold with intense and sudden impacts. Scorpio season emerges, bringing its sinister energy. Meanwhile, Mercury transitions from the charming Libra to the intense Scorpio, transforming our communications and interactions from light to shade.

This month is the time for your efforts and aspirations to reach a climax and yield results. Mars moving into Scorpio and teaming up with Pluto's reawakened motivations will intensify your drive to succeed. Make your goals a priority and seize the opportunities that come your way. After putting in the work, you can unwind and indulge in end-of-the-month celebrations, with the full moon in Taurus and Samhain festivities.

This month is packed with important astrological events.

On October 4th, Mercury moves into Libra, providing us with opportunities to be more empathetic and receptive in our social and professional lives.

On October 8th, Venus enters Virgo, and on October 10th, Pluto ends its retrograde in Capricorn. The combined earth energy of these two events grounds us and directs our attention to our priorities. With Pluto's shift, we are encouraged to approach work with enthusiasm and energy.

On October 12th, Mars enters Scorpio, and for the next six weeks, we can expect to feel a heightened sense of passion and sensuality.

On October 14th, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra kicks off eclipse season, followed by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus two weeks later. This marks the end of a two-year cycle of eclipses in the Taurus-Scorpio axis and signifies the end of an intense learning process centered around letting go of control.

Aries March 21st - April 19th:

The month's key date for you is Mars in Scorpio on October 12th. As a result of your powerful planetary ruler, you are already a formidable force to be reckoned with, but when it pairs with the tenacious energy of Scorpio, your drive to achieve your passion-driven projects gets a significant boost. Despite this, be cautious of any jealous or obsessive thoughts that may arise, as they may lead you down negative mental pathways. As a fiery individual who thrives on action, you must stay on guard against your inner critic and remain action-oriented throughout October. Do not let yourself be dragged into the vibes of Scorpio season as they are not a conducive environment for you to thrive in.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th):

Taurus, you're always up for a good party, and this month you have a few reasons to celebrate. With Venus moving into Virgo, your relationships will receive a boost of practical and productive energy, allowing you to get closer to your loved ones and resolve any issues.

But the real highlight of the month is your very own full moon in Taurus, which coincides with a lunar eclipse. This is the perfect time to indulge yourself and live life to the fullest. Whatever you desire, go after it with gusto, as the cosmic forces are on your side and will help make your endeavors more effective. Embrace your true self and focus on what you truly need and want.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th):

In October, your planetary ruler Mercury will move from the charming and people-pleasing Libra to the forceful and magnetic Scorpio on the 22nd. As a Gemini, this allows you to fully embrace your superpowers of persuasion, influence, and versatility. By utilizing these strengths, you can achieve your goals and deliver results.

At the start of the month, focus on playing nice, pitching ideas, and persuading others through flattery. Then, as Mercury transits to Scorpio, it's time to seal the deal, close agreements, and demand buy-in. You have the ability to effortlessly switch between roles, utilizing your many faces and facades to achieve success. Take advantage of the cosmic eclipse energies this October to become a master of communication and get exactly what you want, Gemini.

Cancer (June 21st - July 22nd):

As a Cancer, the passionate and romantic energies of Libra and Scorpio are right up your alley this month. However, beware of your natural tendency towards jealousy and possessiveness, as Scorpio season can bring out our extreme behavior.

On the 8th, Venus enters Virgo and presents you with an opportunity to improve your closest relationships. Use this time to mend any rifts, heal wounds, and let go of any emotional baggage. This may involve reaching out to others, receiving an apology, or even letting go of certain people. Be proactive in your approach and take tangible steps towards repairing and strengthening these relationships. Avoid overthinking and focus on taking action.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd):

Leo, prepare to seize the day this October by taking charge and making things happen. Eclipses will speed up the pace and present unexpected opportunities, which align perfectly with your distaste for inaction. Pluto's direct motion on the 10th will set the stage for you to finally pursue your long-held desires and ambitions with newfound confidence and purpose. Embrace this surge of energy and momentum by engaging in bold conversations and proactive decision-making, culminating in the powerful new moon in Libra (also an eclipse) that will imbue your endeavors with irresistible charm and appeal. Remember that success requires the support of others, so make sure to secure your allies once you get the ball rolling.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd): 

With Venus moving into your sign on the 8th of October, you are well positioned to win others over to your side and rally support for your ideas and plans. You possess a keen mind and a talent for making things work more efficiently, and it's time to share these gifts with those around you. Lead the way confidently, organizing and executing your projects with ease and showcasing the impressive results of your efforts.

Scorpio season begins on the 23rd, offering you the chance to embrace boldness, confidence, and directness. Though you may sometimes struggle with passivity and self-doubt, you'll need to put those tendencies aside to get things arranged to your liking. Remember: you know what's best for yourself. Have faith in your abilities, Virgo.

Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd):

Libra, this month is all about you! A spectacular New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14 kicks off a new chapter in the eclipse series axis for the next two years. While eclipses can be overwhelming, solar eclipses are typically more gentle, meaning you're likely to experience a host of blessings this month from unexpected sources. For optimal navigation of this eclipse season, meditation is your ally, particularly in the days surrounding the Libra and Taurus eclipses. On the 8th, your planetary ruler Venus moves into Virgo, making you more reflective and introspective in your romantic relationships. You may find yourself setting higher standards and becoming more discerning with yourself and others, so aim to be a calm observer rather than a critical reactor.

Following a six-week journey through your sign, Mars moves into Scorpio on the 12th, highlighting your finances and self-worth. Now is the time to brainstorm methods to increase your income by aligning your passions with your values. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th encourages practicality while also freeing you from the need to know what's next, as lunar eclipses often indicate a time of limbo before our next evolution.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st):

As the calendar turns to 23 October, Scorpio, it marks the beginning of your season and it's time to celebrate your true nature. With Mercury by your side, you have the opportunity to truly let loose and express your passions and interests. Furthermore, Pluto, your ruling planet, will be turning direct on October 10th after a long retrograde, which will bring forth your deepest desires and beliefs.

It's time to be true to yourself and embrace your natural personality, shedding away anything that doesn't serve you or suit you. This season is all about your heartfelt goals and passions, so make a plan and go after them. The upcoming eclipse season will ignite and motivate you, so prepare for an enlightening month ahead.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st):

As Jupiter continues its retrograde journey through Taurus in this second month, coupled with eclipse season, the impact could feel unsettling. The sector pertaining to health, service, and routine is stimulated by both Jupiter and the upcoming Taurus Lunar Eclipse, scheduled for October 28th.

Furthermore, the early half of October sees several astrological transits, with Venus transitioning from Leo to Virgo on the 8th, Pluto ending its retrograde in Capricorn on the 10th, and Mars entering Scorpio on the 12th. These transits energize the career, money, and spirituality sectors, respectively. You may feel an urge to overhaul these areas of your life, but it's wise to proceed gradually. Given these significant cosmic shifts, it's essential to organize your life in these specific sectors to pave the way for forthcoming transformative waves of change after the Libra Solar Eclipse New Moon, which is due to occur on October 14th. Your aim this month, Sagittarius, should be to unburden yourself spiritually and energetically, making way for a new chapter in your life.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th):

The potent combination of Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, coupled with the resumption of Pluto from a retrograde phase, has unleashed a surge of dynamism and energy to bolster your aspirations and goals. Your spirit is rife with a can-do attitude and a palpable desire to manifest your dreams, marking a phase of growth and expansion. This October provides an ideal opportunity for you, Capricorn, to establish the bedrock and groundwork for your forthcoming realm, as this moment signifies the genesis of your pursuits.

Do not let yourself remain confined to your own musings - bring your innovative ideas and ride on the waves of the forthright cosmic energy, courtesy of Scorpio and Mars. They will not brook any excuses or evasions, instead focusing on revitalization and invention. Perhaps this could be an opportunity to resurrect an old plan or venture that was not realized in the past. It's time to shake off the dust and embark on a fresh start, the cosmic energy is at your side.

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th):

For Aquarius, Libra Season holds the promise of sweetness, but only if you can overcome the tendency to create trouble where there is none. This means avoiding the urge to sabotage relationships out of boredom. With Venus moving into Virgo on the 8th, you may be inclined to avoid difficult conversations with friends, lovers, or colleagues, but it's important to address issues directly during the first two weeks of the month. The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th may bring unexpected changes to your relationships, so it's important to be prepared. Pluto's shift direct in Capricorn on the 10th also highlights the need for reflection and discipline, particularly in terms of closure and spirituality. This month may bring a life-changing opportunity, but it's important to be ready for it. Use the days leading up to the Taurus Lunar Eclipse on the 28th to plan and visualize success.


Pisces (February 19th - March 20th):

As Venus enters Virgo during this month's eclipse, Pisces should brace for significant changes in their relationships. It's important not to become too attached to any particular outcome. The direct shift of Pluto in Capricorn on October 10th presents an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who can help envision a more ideal lifestyle. 

With Saturn retrograde until November 4th, Pisces can tap into their inner strength and manifest their dreams into reality. As the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs on October 14th, Pisces will experience heightened perception in understanding the motivations of others and accessing outside resources. This eclipse will provide the momentum necessary for Pisces to bring past aspirations to life, surprising and impressing those who may have previously underestimated them.




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