October 2022 Horoscope: 12 Sign Overview

September 30, 2022

October 2022 Horoscope: 12 Sign Overview

Kicking off a new month, we transition out of abundant September and welcome the first brisk and chilly month of autumn into our lives. Known as the most energetic month of all when the veil is thin, October is a beautiful time of honoring your light and dark in equal balance as we move into a calm, slow, and steady place within ourselves. It is known to be a powerful month of connecting deeper with your shadow self as well as your intuition and invites many new perspectives into our lives as a result. 

But aside from the spiritual associations linked with this brisk fall month, the planets are also going to be quite active this month, with some notable influences from Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars. 

With that said, Mercury will enter Libra around the 10th of the month, which is likely to bring changes to your communication and way of thinking, and could have you undergoing some changes in the balance in your life. On the 23rd, we enter the season of the Scorpio, invoking more energy and intensity into our lives that could have our emotions feeling a little strained. This coincides with both Saturn direct in Aquarius and Venus in Scorpio on the same day, which could allow you to become more open in love and in your life in general and could help reenergize you moving forward. 

On the 28th, Jupiter moves into retrograde in the sign of Pisces, which is likely to encourage some changes in personal growth, and could have us focusing on processing any repressed emotions they may be holding onto. Then, on the 30th, Mars goes retrograde in the sign of Gemini, which could make life a little chaotic and unpredictable for a while. Lastly, we also celebrate our final harvest sabbat of the season, Samhain, on the 31st of the month, bringing forth energies focused around family, roots, and ancestral connection, which could have the signs connecting deeper with those around them, doing some inner reflection and focusing more on their spiritual practices. 

As you can see, October is packed full of many different energies that are likely to direct our focus towards stillness and growth as we delve deeper into ourselves than we have before. But, to give you a better idea of some energies that may be present around you this month, today, we're going to go over what energies and changes each Zodiac sign can expect throughout October and how you can adjust and align best in your life to make the most of it.

Aries (March 21st - April 19th)


Starting with the Aries, the month of October is likely to bring more of a focus down on your family and personal connections. Since it is the season of slowing down and appreciating the small blessings of life, this could have you easing off the gas in pushing for new things and instead have you taking a detour to reconnect with your loved ones. And, thanks to Libra’s diplomatic influence, you could find yourself seeking balance more than ever. While you’re usually one to work hard and play hard, Libra could bring other areas of your life to the light that you may be neglecting. More than anything, do what you can to follow your heart and find balance this month, as this is likely to be an important theme for you and could offer you many new lessons and insights. 

In your career, while you could find yourself slowing down a bit in your life in general, that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily easing up at work. In fact, Libra’s business-savvy attitude could have you directing more focus towards your future moves at work, which may have you feeling unstoppable. If you’re feeling inspired, bring that inspiration to life, Aries, and do what you can to make the most of it. Just remember the importance of balance along the way. In love, couples could find themselves going through some ups and downs this month. While we have some influences highlighting passion, we also have others bringing friction. As a result, arguments and misunderstandings are likely this month, and couples will need to be patient with one another if they want to get through it stronger than before. For singles, while you may not necessarily be looking for love this month, you could find yourself going through some changes that usher you towards new romantic beginnings. Although, you’ll need to keep your attitude in check. Have fun but don’t be overly confident. 

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th):


For the Taurus, you could find yourself going through a bit of a metamorphosis this month which could highlight the things that are truly important in your life. If stress or worry has been getting the better of you lately, this may be a good month to disconnect, decompress, and reevaluate the things in your life. Surround yourself with the things and the people you love, and let go of anything that is no longer bringing you joy. Life is too short to live stressed out, Taurus. Work hard, but take some much-needed time to just be as well. You don’t always need to be striving for something. Sometimes it’s best to just take it easy. 

In your career, some adjustments may come to your work life this month, and you could find yourself moving at a slower pace. This new pace could have you noticing more things than you have before, as well as building more connections with those around you. However, this month isn’t likely to be without some potential for intensity at work as well, and you may need to decide just how important this job truly is for you and if it’s worth any stress it may be causing you. 

In love, couples could find themselves delving into some emotional conversations this month, but these are likely necessary for the growth of your relationship. In fact, this could help you two connect deeper or overcome problems of the past, which could pave the way to a new state of happiness. Enjoy it as much as you can. This is a month of simplicity and is made for moments like this. For singles, while you may be feeling lonely at the time, with some time and patience, new love is sure to find you. You may just need to ease off trying so hard to find it and quit focusing on it too much. Let it comes when it is meant to, as all good things do. 

 Gemini (May 21st - June 20th):


For the Gemini, this month could bring some new energies to your life that could direct your focus more towards trusting your inner feeling. While things likely haven’t been too bad for you overall, and maybe even a bit lucky these last few months, you could find yourself feeling more disconnected from yourself than usual this month, and this could direct your focus towards your inner feelings as a result. Being the most spiritual month of all, this is certainly a great time to get in touch with your inner voice again and navigate what destiny may await you in the future. Channel more of your inner self, but allow yourself to dream big and have some fun with those you love this month, too. Balance is everything, and if you seek to find it, you are likely to be successful over time. 

In your career, your month at work is likely to be a positive one, and you are likely to feel content at your job. With good people and good recognition likely to go around, you aren’t likely to have many complaints. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t considering something else. While your job may be good, you may be moving into a new chapter of your life where you’re considering the possibility of something new. If it feels right, go with it, Gem. Just be careful not to make any rash decisions in the process. Plan things out accordingly before you act. 

In love, couples could find themselves spending more time together this month, building new levels of their relationship together. As a result, this slow season could be a good time for you to just cozy up and have some fun together. Let your worries dissipate, and just enjoy one another for a while. For singles, you may feel a little chaotic this month and may need to clear your headspace a bit. Ease yourself, Gem. If you want to find new love, you have to find balance in yourself first. Don’t be rash. 

Cancer (June 21st - July 22nd):

For the Cancer, you’re likely to kick off October feeling more grounded and more inspired than the month before. This could help to stir up some new ideas in your creativity, as well as help you to become happier in your life in general. It seems like this past year has been a bit up and down for you. But this month is likely to have you looking at life in a new light and have you finding more peace within yourself. However, in order to get there, you may have to do some inner transformations this month. But, with a hopeful and optimistic outlook for the future, you may even find yourself excited about these changes. More than anything, just try to do more of what makes you happy this month, Cancer. Trust in your heart and in the Universe, and you'll likely get to where you need to be in no time. 

In your career, while you may have been struggling in your work a bit this year, or may not be making the money you want to, this month, new horizons are likely to make their way into your career, helping you to overcome any obstacles you may have in front of you and clear the way for new beginnings. Try to stay grounded this month and focus on what you want and what you have to be grateful for with your job right now. A better tomorrow is likely to be here before you know it. 

In love, this is likely to be a good month to strengthen your relationship for couples. Whether you plan a trip together or just open up more emotionally to one another, this seems like a good time to prioritize your connection and spend more time with one another. For singles, since many Cancer’s are likely to be going through a transformation this month, it may not be a good time to seek new love. You may be unsure of what you truly want, so acting on something now could only bring more difficulty to you. Take this time to heal. The time for romantic love will come, but it may not be this month. 

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd):


For the Leo, this month is likely to be a good time for you to slow down. While you may feel a need to speed up and do as many things as possible, that energy isn’t likely to last and could leave you feeling quite drained before the month is over. Not to mention, it could have you missing out on a lot of small but important things. For that reason, pace yourself this month, dear Leo. Spend time with family, and work on projects, but also take time to just slow down, focus on patience and steadiness, and allow yourself to enjoy the moment.

In your career, this may be a good month to expand yourself in your workplace. While the overall vibe is likely to be positive, you may be gaining some new ideas and new perspectives this month, which could have you trying new things and channeling more inspiration than before and could also have you expanding your skills. Either way, it seems like a good month to keep moving forward.

In love, couples could find themselves going through some changes. While things could feel a little up and down this month, it is also likely to bring some awareness to the weaknesses in your relationship, which could allow you guys to work together to improve them. For singles, if you’re looking for love, new opportunities are likely to be around you this month. However, finding more than just a quick fling might be hard. If you’re just looking to have fun, enjoy yourself as you see fit. But if you’re looking for something long-term, you may have to wait a while before it shows up. 


Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd): 

For the Virgo, this seems like it might be a good month to replenish and restore some of your energy. I’m sure we aren’t alone in saying that this year has been quite a draining one for a number of reasons. But, thankfully, the season of rest is here, and what better way to kick it off than to find some ample time to unwind and take care of yourself, Virgo? Take this time to become more in touch with yourself, your feelings, and your goals, and figure out what you want to be doing with your time at this point in your life. Try not to rush. Be patient, open the door to your heart, and see where it might take you. 

In your career, this might be a good month to start believing in yourself a little more. While it’s easy to get caught up in the headspace that our goals for the future are so far, becoming tuned in with the present is the only way to make those goals a reality. Try to re-focus yourself, regain your positive mindset, and put in the work to bring your vision to life. You’re not in this alone, Virgo. Talk to friends or loved ones if you need an extra boost of support. 

In love, for couples, this could be a good month to entertain thoughts of the future together. Whether it's planning the next step together or simply taking some time to daydream and share ideas, more fun and dreamy moments like this might be good for you this month and may even help you two grow closer in the process. For singles, with some changes likely taking place in your personal life this month, you could be feeling more hopeful and energized for new love. This could have you putting yourself out there more and living more for the moment. If that’s what feels right at this moment, Virgo, follow that feeling. 

Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd):


For the Libra, while we linger in your birthday season this month, you’re likely to prioritize all things you and what you love. With a boost of energy from the season likely making its way into your life, this could help to up your determination and drive and get you more inspired to work on new things in your life. From bettering yourself to working on some fun new projects, this seems to be a good time for you to pick up the pace and start prioritizing yourself and your needs. However, don’t forget the importance of balance, Libra, and be sure to make plenty of time to reconnect with family, loved ones, and yourself if you want to make the most of this season.

In your career, with your energy boosted from your birthday season, this month is likely to be a good time for you to pick up the pace at work and start pushing harder for your goals and dreams than before. However, just because you’re pushing harder doesn’t mean you should move quickly. In fact, a slow and careful approach might be just what you need in order to find the right path. Trust your intuition to guide the way this month, and above all else, don’t rush. 

In love, while some disagreements could arise between lovers, this is likely to be a well-rounded month for couples and could help to invite some new feelings into your relationship. Spend time with one another and do all that you can to make the most of any new sparks between you two. For singles, while the retrogrades happening now could have you feeling a little out of sorts, now is not the time for bold action. Don’t fall into old toxic relationships of the past or bad romantic habits. Now is the time to move forward. Reflect on your feelings and try to understand if they’re coming from a place of loneliness or authenticity. 

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st):


For the Scorpio, it’s your birthday season, and you’re likely to kick it off feeling motivated and inspired. This could have you channeling a plethora of new ideas and moving to act on them very quickly. Your creativity is likely to be boosted, your mood is likely to be boosted, and all around, it seems like a good month to be a Scorpio. You could also find yourself spending some time with friends this month and could even learn a thing or two from them. The only thing you really need to make sure of this month is to manage a good pace. This wouldn’t be a good time to burn out, so make sure you find plenty of time to rest and recharge in between your adventures to keep yourself moving. 

In your career, if you want to progress at work this month, it seems like it might be a good time to do so. While your motivation is sure to help you get there, make sure you aren’t moving too quickly and making little mistakes. Take time to think through your actions and keep your head in the game if you want the best chance at success. 

In love, for couples, with an ambitious mood likely leading the way in your love life, this could be a good month for partners to embark on some new adventures and rekindle the flames of their love. Plan a night out or spend a cozy night in and just enjoy each other’s company, if you can. For singles, with your birthday season confidence beaming, this could be a good time to draw in new love if you’re looking. Your natural Scorpio charm can make you shine like a diamond when it’s backed by a good mood and some confidence, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there this month and see who may just be looking for someone just like you. 


Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st):

For the Sagittarius, the month of October is likely to invite some new exploration and expansion into your life. This is likely to be a good month to start moving into the next chapter of your life and start creating the future you want. However, in order to transition into all things new, you have to be willing to undergo some growth with where you are now. So this month, set some time aside to focus on getting your affairs in order and delve into some deep reflection about where you want to go next in your life and how you can begin to make steps towards that. However, don’t overwhelm yourself by doing so. Try to make plenty of time for friends, loved ones, and your significant other to help keep things balanced. 

In your career, your work life is likely to be positive this month with your environment and your coworkers, and it is likely to be a good time for you to make slow but steady progress on your goals at work. Don’t feel a need to push. A little progress here and there with some good pacing should be just fine. 

In love, couples could find themselves overcoming obstacles of the past that could help pave the way to something new. Remain open and honest with one another, and allow your hardships to pull you closer rather than further apart. For singles, this month could be a good time to welcome some new beginnings into your love life. With new self-awareness and confidence likely taking over this month, this could help you to become more confident in love, and that confidence may be all that you need to draw in somebody new. Hold your head high, Sag, and don’t forget your worth. 

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th):

For the Capricorn, like many of the signs, October is likely to encourage you to move a little more slowly and take time to recognize and honor all of the feelings within you. After the last few months, while some healing may have been or may currently be going on, this month is likely to be a good time to put more of a focus on rest. Try to plan more days for replenishing your energy around loved ones or by yourself, and less of keeping a busy schedule. While there is certainly a time and place for that, this month, the surrounding energy seems to be encouraging steadiness and stillness more than anything, so take some time to just do you for a while before leaping into your next activity. 

In your career, while there are always likely to be some bumps in the roads, this month, you aren’t likely to let them get to you as much. With your eyes set on a bigger and brighter future, you are likely to step up more at work this month and move beyond the small difficulties. While they may still agitate you, remember that these are only temporary. New things are sure to come soon. Until then, try to be the bigger person. 

In love, your relationship could become more of an escape for you this month, and you could find yourself replenishing your energy with the love and support of your partner. Take this time to enjoy more of the little things together and just enjoy each other’s company. Really, when was the last time you two did that? For singles, while you may not necessarily be putting extensive effort into finding new love, your natural aura could draw in something new and gentle. Enjoy the slow pace of this and the rich energy of possibilities, and allow yourself to live more for the moment between. 

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th):


For the Aquarius, October is likely to be a good month for you to reconnect more with your roots. This could be a good time for you to plan a family get-together or host a nice autumn meal with some friends and family and just enjoy more of the simple things in life. It can be so easy to get caught up in everyday stress that you forget what’s truly important. This month make those blessings we often overlook more of a focus for you, and take your time with them. Enjoy the present, and enjoy more simplicity in your life, and you’ll likely find yourself feeling more like yourself than you have in a while. 

In your career, be open to some new potential in work this month if you want to keep moving forward. Some ambitious ideas or proposals could be headed your way, and while you may be unsure of them at first, if you take time to think about them, you may find that they might resonate with you on a deeper level. Keep your heart open to new possibilities if they do arise, and be sure to dissect them carefully. 

In love, romance is likely to flow smoothly this month for partners, which is likely to welcome some tender moments in the future. This month, try to focus on showing one another how much you care for each other and take advantage of more of those little moments between you. More than anything, remember to always be there for each other. For singles, someone new could be entering your life this month, and it could set a curious tone in love for you. Have your fun, play hard to get, or chase after it––whatever seems like the right choice for you right now. Just remember to follow your heart. 

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th):


And lastly, for the Pisces, October is likely to bring a good balance into your life. That means, this month, you could find yourself working harder but also relaxing more as well. This balance is likely to be quite important for maintaining your mental and emotional well-being. If you’re struggling with any emotional turmoil or baggage from the past, this is also likely to be a good month for you to take care of it and welcome a new chapter of your story once and for all. All around, it looks like newness is likely to be around you this month, Pisces. What will you choose to do with it? 

For your career, some drama and agitations could arise in the workplace this month, which could set a bit of a frustrating tone for your work. Our advice? Do what you can to stay out of it. You’ve got goals of your own, mighty water sign, and if the people around you aren’t adding to them, don’t pay them any mind. Remember, you are the only one who can write your destiny. If you take this time to just focus on yourself, this is all likely to pass in no time. 

In love, some contradicting energies could challenge you in love this month and may force you and your partner to learn the true meaning of love and compromise. With time, thinking, and some space, the connection between you two could improve, but you have to be willing to put in the work to make it so. Don’t turn away from each other now. For singles, don’t let loneliness dictate the time frame in which you jump into new love. Lasting love is worth waiting for. And if it’s not around you this month, remember to respect yourself enough to wait for it. Only act when it feels right. 


Overall, the month of October is likely to be full of transformation, healing, and better pacing for ourselves than before. This month, take time to focus more on yourself. Whether that feels more like self-care or more like self-improvement, or whatever else, trust your instincts and remember to use the season as your muse––and take things slow to enjoy all the savory and sweet moments around you. 

Happy October!


*It’s important to note that these are all generic predictions based on the positioning of the planets and the season and all vary per sign and individual. These predictions do not promise or guarantee any specific outcome, energy, or situation and should be read for entertainment only.*

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