Monthly Horoscope for February 2019

January 28, 2019

Monthly Horoscope for February 2019

The first three days of February 2019 are under the influence of tense, even explosive aspect between Mars and Pluto. As the days go by, the situation calms down and the planets align into a more friendly relationship.

Sextile between Saturn and Neptune is watching over us this month, and it’s the strongest impact is from February 1st to February 14th. We'll dream about many things and try to realize them as much as possible.
Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn, as well as Venus after February 4th. The need for emotional stability will be emphasized. Along with Mars’ energy, from Aries, this will last until February 14th.
On February 14th, Mars enters Taurus – and Taurus is a sign that Mars does not feel comfortable with. But, anyway, this should not stop us using our energy in a constructive way!
Let's keep in mind Mercury - Jupiter square from February 22nd to February 23rd, which is a predisposition for excessive talk, deliberate or inadvertent distortion of the image of reality, depending on our wishes and a strong desire to be always right, under any price.

Mars, the God of War, and also the ruler of your sign, will make a square with your Pluto in your field of career at the very beginning of the month.
You will encounter situations that will require from you the changes for which you are not ready, and which you will not be able to accept without resistance. But, Venus will enter the sign of Capricorn at the same time and bring you to balance that you need the most!
Be careful on February 14th since Mars enters the sign of Taurus and can cause you financial problems.
In the field of love, the second half of February brings you more romantic moments with your loved one, thanks to sextile of Venus with Neptune.
On February 10th Mercury, from your field of health will enter the sign of Pisces which can cause you to have more sensitive health.

The ruler of your sign, Venus, will enter the Capricorn constellation on February 3rd and give you the opportunity to start a business that is linked to foreign countries. If you have been thinking about the possibility of working abroad for a long time, you will be taking the initial steps in that direction.
The Sun will enter the sign of Pisces on February 19th and will bring you better coordination in the field of cooperation, new partners and useful business meetings.
Mars will make a square with Pluto at the beginning of February and this will bring serious disagreements and conflicts with your loved one. Your partner might find out that you have been hiding something. Your secrets will be discovered and this can seriously shake your relationship.

Mercury will make a sextile with Jupiter and you will be given the chance to arrange cooperation with a partner from abroad. Also, sextile of Mercury with Mars and Uranus will bring you new business acquaintances and will speed up your cooperation within the industry and IT sectors.
Mars will enter the sign of Taurus on February 14th which can bring you difficulties in surpassing your competition – don’t let this go over your head!
Sextile of Mercury with Jupiter at the beginning of the month will bring you good communication sessions with a loved one, more initiatives and ideas on how to spend time together. Your passions will be greatly enhanced - your partner will be more than happy! The second half of February warns you to avoid secrets in your relationship at any price.


In February, Venus is entering Capricorn, helping you develop better business relationships and helping you resolve issues of the past.  At the same time, Jupiter from Scorpio makes a Trine with The Sun, helping everyone who is in the domain of offering services make extra money during February.
A Square between Mars and Pluto might make you feel that everything you do is right. Because of this, it can catch you off guard when problems with your loved one start appearing. Make sure to pay extra attention to what your partner needs, and to love them the way they need to be loved – not the way you need to be.
The second half of the month brings resolution to these problems in your relationship through the Conjunction of Venus and Saturn.


A Square between Mars and Pluto brings harder times for people working in the services domain, caused by a lack of clear communication and conflicting ideas between you and your colleagues. On the other hand, if your job consists of artistic elements, your performance will go through the roof as your imagination and creativity are boosted by Venus which is entering Capricorn at the beginning of the month.      
It’s difficult to love others if you spend too much time loving yourself. You need to pay much more attention to your loved ones.
Mercury will create a Sextile with Jupiter and bring a lot of pleasantness into communication between you and your loved one – don’t let this pass unnoticed because you were focused on something else!

In February 2019, in the domain of business, it is of great importance not to do things in a rush. Take time to check if you've done everything right, and make sure to stick to tried and familiar methods – this is not a time for experimentation.
Sextile of Mercury and Jupiter will bring a lot of optimism into your relationship. This is a great time to spend on planning activities the two of you can do together.
The second half of February is filled with tenderness and passion because Venus makes a Sextile with Neptune, bringing you a strong feeling for the needs of your partner. February will offer a lot of time that the two of you can spend together, and it would be great for both of you if you use this opportunity!

 In February, Libras can expect to face external obstacles in meeting their deadlines. Whether the cause of the issue is of material or administrative nature, the Square of Mars and Pluto will make sure that not everything goes as planned. The entry of Venus into Capricorn might bring help through a person who has a feeling of unrest and the lack of free time caused by the Square between Mars and Pluto will be sure to leave its mark on your relationships in February. Mars is entering Taurus in the middle of the month, which won’t help the situation at all by causing additional pressure from your partner.
The calmer period and a solution to these issues await you in the third decan of February when Venus creates a Conjunction with Saturn.


Conflicts with colleagues and difficulties in communication may be caused by a Square between Pluto and Mars. Although, the negative aspect will be easier to handle as Venus enters Capricorn at the beginning of February.
Mercury will enter Pisces and enhance your creativity, but on the other hand, this might weaken your focus, so it will be essential to spend extra time planning things before starting to work on them.
In the second half of February, Venus makes a Sextile with Neptune, which will also add to your creativity, and allow you to express it in new ways.
The second half of February brings good vibes to your relationship, bringing the two of you closer together through enhanced communication and feelings of empathy towards each other. This is a great time to spend enjoying hobbies together or take a short trip.

The entry of Venus into your sign will bring you financial stability, mostly through much-needed caution with money handling. You will shine at your workplace with your clear presentation of your suggestions and offers.
On the other hand, entry of Mars into Taurus will harden cooperation with colleagues and superiors.
If you have a high level of education and are unemployed or are looking for a new position, February is the time you have been waiting for.
Mercury will make a sextile with your ruling planet – Jupiter at the beginning of February, which will allow the work you put into your relationship to pay off greatly. The second half of February brings balance into your home and family life and is a time best spent at home with your family.

The square between Mars and Pluto which is located in your sign might cause conflicts between you and the people who are under you at the workplace.
Venus will enter your sign at the beginning of the month, which will make sure you pay more attention to relationships between people in your work environment, as well as to the way you act and present yourself to others. 
If you pay attention and focus on this, it’s not that you will only overcome the negative effects of the square, but you will also improve your authority and your chances to complete your assignments well with the help of people around you.
February starts with a period of poor communication in your relationship, which is quickly ended as soon as Venus enters your sign just a few days later. When this happens, you will be more approachable and open towards your partner, and you will manage to find a solution to any problem at hand.
At the beginning of February, you need to be cautious of the traps that competition might place for you, and of dealing with things that are not your expertise and that you don’t know much about. If you are in a hierarchically high position, be on the lookout for people who might try to take your position.
Mercury will be entering Pisces in the middle of February, which means that you will have to be adaptable when it comes to finances and career. Make sure your finances are properly planned and organized in order to avoid getting into trouble in this regard.
The first half of February brings a lot of constructive talk with your partner. You will have enough time to spend with your partner and openly show them how you feel. While the first half of February is more about how you feel, the second half of February brings your focus towards the needs of your partner.


The beginning of February will be marked by the Square of Mars and Pluto, which will bring conflicts with some of your business partners, but on the other hand, these conflicts and their resolutions will benefit you in the long run.
In the middle of February, Mercury will enter your sign and cause a bit of uncertainty when it comes to making decisions because the gut feeling you usually rely on won’t be there.
The sextile of Mercury and Jupiter brings a lot of good to your relationship – making the two of you function very well together, and making it easier to both make new plans together, as well as to resolve some old issues.

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