Mercury retrograde in Virgo - Buckle up for a wild & calculated ride

August 10, 2023

Mercury retrograde in Virgo - Buckle up for a wild & calculated ride
Ready or not, Mercury Retrograde in Virgo has arrived to shake things up! Time to keep our eyes open and our thinking caps on.

Virgo, the Earth sign ruled by Mercury, is known for its sharp eye for detail, down-to-earth practicality, and orderly nature. When Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, retrogrades in Virgo, these traits are amplified, causing us to reflect and review many parts of our lives.

The retrograde's effect on communication will be prominent; there may be some disagreements and difficulty expressing ourselves, so we ought to be thoughtful about the words we choose and consider how our body language may affect the conversation.

During Mercury retrograde in Virgo, it is necessary to review our approaches to work and daily routines, as neglecting the little things can have notable consequences. This time reminds us to assess our plans and ensure our details are correct, in addition to discovering innovative methods of managing any obstacles that may come up.

During this phase, our well-being and health are emphasized. We can assess our physical and mental condition, concentrate on self-care, and look after any lingering health concerns. This is a period of self-reflection, wherein we can review our self-care rituals and discover ways to further improve our overall health and well-being.

When Mercury retrograde in Virgo, romantic relationships often require a heightened level of patience, understanding, and sensitivity to be maintained. While tensions can arise more easily than usual, embracing honest communication provides the best way to effectively handle any arising disputes and use this period to grow closer together.

Of the 12 zodiac signs, the ones most strongly influenced by the Mercury retrograde in Virgo are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

However, all signs will be affected by this retrograde, here's how:


You will face challenges in your finances and career aspirations during this retrograde period. If you're involved in a professional career, you will need to put in extra effort to achieve positive outcomes. Meanwhile, individuals engaging in crafts will be less affected. Additionally, you could find yourself taking needless trips, causing you to squander your money. 

Try to steer clear of quarrels with the female members of your home, in particular your partner. This retrograde period may make you feel extremely frustrated. Typically, you love to tackle issues with fortitude, however this retrograde will be an impediment to your objectives. 


Being an Earth sign, you will be greatly impacted by the Mercury retrograde. You will be filled with irritation and unease, but with a bit of effort, you can pull through. 

As Mercury will be in Virgo, which pays attention to the minutiae, double-check your work before submission. Travelers who are going overseas for their education may run into roadblocks. Keep away from any conflicts with your brothers, and for married Taureans with children, refrain from any clashes with caregivers or nannies, as they can cause severe trouble. Taking short strolls in the outdoors will help you maintain your calm.


Geminis, renowned for their mental acuity and verbal dexterity, might have difficulty in these areas when Mercury is retrograding in Virgo. Disputes may arise, misunderstandings could develop, and technical difficulties could be encountered. To safeguard against these problems, Geminis must be careful to select their words carefully and fact-check before passing on information.


With both the Sun and Mercury in retrograde in the realm of close connections, fruitful collaborations may emerge in a flash. Yet, it would be best not to make hasty decisions on partnership arrangements. You can attempt small-scale ventures where you can gauge compatibility with minimal risk, instead of going directly for a business agreement. It is advised to delay putting your signature on the line until after the end of Mercury's retrograde, and make sure to look over all the terms carefully.

Due to Mercury and the third house having dominion over anything that involves movement, as well as all electronic equipment, it is highly advisable to think twice before acquiring a new car, bicycle, motorized scooter, computer, phone or gadget. Research thoroughly now, and make a conscious choice of purchase once September 15 rolls around.


During this period of Mercury and Venus' retrogradation in your sign, it is possible that a potentially promising financial opportunity or an essential meeting could be postponed. Use this opportunity to enhance your presentation and explore other opportunities. There may be an even better alternative should the current plan not work out. Persevere; by the second half of September, all of these will start to make more sense.


During the retrograde of Mercury in its own sign, Virgos may be severely impacted. Their perfectionism might be exaggerated, resulting in unnecessary and overcritical thinking. Virgos need to reevaluate their goals, associations, and general paths in life during this period. It is imperative that they nurture themselves, show compassion to themselves, and ask for help from those they love throughout this period of self-reflection.


Mercury will be spinning backward in your mysterious twelfth house, bringing about a flurry of misunderstandings and unclear behavior. It might be hard to receive concrete answers. During this retrograde, Libran patience will be an essential virtue. Everything is likely to occur behind schedule. Mobile devices and computers may suddenly glitch, and people are likely to misconstrue one another's words.

The twelfth house being associated with past events, you’ll be particularly in touch with your nostalgia. Looking through past photos, seeing elderly relatives or reigniting an old hobby.


Private Scorpio, when communicator Mercury transitions into retrograde in Virgo and the group-activity sector on August 23 (until September 15), you will need to reassess how well you collaborate with others. Have you been too absorbed with yourself or have you overlooked your team? Any sort of star behavior needs to be handled swiftly, whether it be your own or a fellow colleague.


The fiery sign of Sagittarius is likely to encounter several difficulties, due to the influence of Mercury retrograde in Virgo, with regard to their direction-finding, travel arrangements, and other administrative duties. They may find themselves plagued with delays or impediments while traveling, dealing with paperwork or visas, and structuring their agenda.


Avoid acting too hastily and attempting something major right now. Going bold and dramatic might not be the right course of action during these chaotic times. One of your comments could be interpreted negatively, resulting in a situation to be diffused. Exercise caution when utilizing texts and emails - the kind of predicament in which you accidentally forward a disparaging comment to everyone, including the intended recipient.


This time is beneficial to sort out any existing issues between yourself and significant others. The 8th house covers the sharing of both mental and material energies between two parties. Should anything feel out of balance, this period under Mercury retrograde is a great time to renegotiate any matters. 

To stay safe, refrain from binding agreements or, if you must, ask a lawyer to double check the terms. Backup all vulnerable data, and secure your privacy on social media to prevent identity theft while Mercury's retrograde motion continues.


With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, Pisces' natural empathy and receptiveness will be greatly magnified, making them vulnerable to disagreements and strife in relationships. In order to safeguard against turbulence during this period, Pisces must be proactive in taking care of themselves, be conscious of their boundaries, and effectively articulate their needs.

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