Kick period cramps to the curb: 6 period-friendly foods

October 17, 2023

Kick period cramps to the curb: 6 period-friendly foods

The menstrual cycle can often turn into a negative loop that drains your energy and makes you crave unhealthy food. You may feel sluggish, exhausted, experience painful cramps, your energy levels drop and the idea of a pain-free period seems like an impossible dream. But it doesn't have to be this way. By aligning with your hormones and adopting a healthier diet, you may be able to improve your menstrual experience. 

This article will reveal the best foods for period pain relief. Equipped with this knowledge, you have the power to transform your life by eating your way to hormone balance.

Menstrual cramps are the result of uterine contractions, as the uterus is a muscle. When the contractions become too strong during the menstrual cycle, the uterus can push against blood vessels located nearby, briefly blocking oxygen to the uterus. This oxygen deprivation leads to pain and cramping. Additionally, hormone-like substances, known as prostaglandins, trigger muscle contractions. Women with elevated levels of prostaglandins typically suffer from more severe menstrual cramps. Therefore, maintaining hormone balance through proper nutrition is crucial for preventing menstrual cramps.

So here we go from moody to marvelous. Introducing our dusk till dawn menu- specially curated for those hard days. In each cycle, treat yourself with these comforting ingredients which soothe all that drama that your uterus puts you through. Don't compromise, ladies!

Mornings done right: Eggs or oatmeal to kickstart the day!
Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse, as they are loaded with vital vitamins like B6, D, and E that work in harmony to alleviate the discomfort caused by menstrual cramps. Vitamin D, in particular, plays a crucial role in regulating the menstrual cycle, enhancing energy levels, promoting a positive mood, and alleviating sleep disorders.
Opt for oats instead of eggs if you don't consume them, as oats have the ability to alleviate cramps right from the moment you start your day. Oats are abundant in fiber, which aids in promoting digestion and preventing bloating.

Brunch with a side of vitamin C? Count us in!
Citrus fruits contain a substantial amount of Vitamin C which can facilitate the absorption of iron from the food you consume into your bloodstream and tissues. As you lose blood during your menstrual cycle, increasing your Vitamin C intake may prove to be advantageous. Additionally, Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the absorption of iron.

Power up your lunch with an Iron & Omega 3-rich plate!

During menstruation, iron levels in the body tend to decrease. In order to combat this dip, consuming foods that are rich in iron can be helpful. In addition to this, Omega 3 has the ability to alleviate inflammation and release muscle tension, which helps in controlling cramps and reducing bloating.
If you are looking for a nutritious lunch option that provides a combination of both iron and omega 3, you can't go wrong with fish and lentils. Not only are they rich in these essential nutrients, but they also contain thiamine, which can play a vital role in alleviating period pain.

Relax your cramps with a little indulgence – dark chocolate!
Indulging in dark chocolate during your menstrual cycle is now a legitimate excuse, as it can help alleviate painful cramps. The reason behind this is the high magnesium content found in dark chocolate, specifically in varieties containing 70% and above. Magnesium is known for its muscle-relaxing properties and its ability to inhibit the production of compounds that cause cramps. In addition, dark chocolate also contains copper, another nutrient that could potentially contribute to reducing menstrual pain.

Munch on nuts in between meals
With their high content of omega-3 and iron, nuts and seeds have been found to alleviate period pain. Their anti-inflammatory properties can help naturally reduce cramps. Keep a bowl of nuts and seeds on hand for healthy snacking options during that time of the month.
Avocado toasts for dinner
It's always a joy when foods that are good for you also happen to taste amazing, and avocados are a prime example. With their numerous benefits, it's difficult to determine which nutrients in avocados specifically contribute to their effectiveness in combating period cramps. One such nutrient is potassium, which plays a key role in eliminating cramps. Avocados are especially rich in this mineral, containing a generous 708 mg of potassium per cup. Additionally, they provide 58 mg of magnesium, an essential element for soothing cramps of all types.


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