January 28, 2018

Leo Rules the 5th House

The Sun rules here, so imagine everything you feel the Sun to portray: it shines on you and everything else; planets orbit it; it raises tiny things into big ones, so the fifth house is the house of children; the sun sheds its playful rays on emotions, the intellect, and commands a particular physical prowess; this is the house of sexy monarchy: where does your crown shine?

Wherever Leo sits in your natal chart is where you'll experience this January 31 Total Lunar Eclipse. You'll also find the above attributes, plus all the other passionately engaging Leo qualities. Put that Leo with the Scorpio archetype in the eighth house, for example, and you've got one passionate and hardcore Leo energy, ready to confront the world, perhaps even inviting confrontation! If you have planets in this house then add that to the mix... [yes, I have the Moon conjunct vertex at 11 degrees, the exact degree where this total lunar eclipse in Leo takes place. Jupiter conjunct Kaali & Eros will be watching it all from Virgo, further on into my wide eighth-house stretch. Am I ready to surf this emotional tsunami? You bet yer gnarly waxed surfboard I am!]

Let's look at Leo in each of the houses, so you can see where you have the opportunity to chainsaw old and useless doors that are either locked or closed for good but that you keep around for sentimental reasons. Believe me, you keep stuff around that no longer suits your solar panel and you will deplete your energy. Weak-ass doors take up space that could otherwise be filled with new portals, ones that lead to your soul's evolution. It's time for renovation, people... and you can use those doors as surf boards. Oh, Lord…

So that's the Sun. Now for the Moon.Ruling Cancer, the Moon represents the divine feminine and your female ascendants and descendants. This energy is the anima in men, the female part to the psyche, so we're all going to receive great experiences to show how we approach nurturing and caring for ourselves (Sun). Me. Raw. Rawr

Childhood wounds could come to the fore, but also memories of special moments of nature and nurture, offered to us on a golden platter of the absolute truth of the Sun.

The houses below show which area in your life that you need to further your current self-love, plus address and eclipse any lack thereof, by removing anything in the way of your solar power. Self-pity, negation, and false belief devil-talk are simply not welcome. When we are authentically "us" we can invite the polar opposite energy of the collective to join us in our confident wellbeing. By being who we are, we allow others to also be themselves.
I use the porphyry house system, so my eighth house starts with Leo and ends in Virgo, roughly a 50/50 split. For those of you who know your charts, you can read whichever house ruler resonates with you. For those of you who do not know your natal chart, study astrology, it will blow your fucking mind. Onward ho! Get yer lunar boots on, my kings and queens, and crank those saws.

First House

Aries rules the first house, so with Leo on this cusp, you add cardinal fire (Aries) to fixed fire (Leo): Me First! Sun + Mars = dynamic self-authority. Sooo... take your opposing seventh house (ruled by Libra) into consideration here. Ask yourself if self-nurturing is the only thing on your to-do list. Because your natal seventh house cusp will be Aquarius (Leo's polarity point), this eclipse would be a great time for you to assess your giving levels to "other." Whether that's giving of your attention, time, patience, or back to the community, well, only you can say, but this is an occasion to nurture others for a change. You're fabulous! So shine that fab◦u◦tron a little on someone else, wouldja? We'll all grow because of it!

Second House

If you have Leo in the second house, your self-worth and material appreciation comes from being appreciated in the first place. When your Sun feels secure and can shine uninhibited, then you are generous in your building abilities for self and other. Small acts of graceful kindness are your forte, but if you're sitting in Venus' shadow (Venus rules Taurus), you probably expect either instant praise or reciprocity for your generosity.  Pull on the eighth-house energy, Pluto/Scorpio deductive reasoning, and understand from your deepest emotional levels that the act itself is enough. Eclipse your giving-for-getting (forgetting!) mode and realize you are worth it, without the co-dependent behavior. With Aquarius as your eighth-house polarity point, a great start would be to make some extra cash and give it to a deserving charity. Joy all around...

Third House

Leo in the third is the consummate toastmistress! And toastmaster. Your tribe will appreciate hearing from you, as always, but do include your gammies and opa's would'ja? Our ancestors' energies will support you from your Aquarian ninth house, and we might be talking DISTANT ancestors here: they do not have to be on Earth to be appreciated and sent some of your big, big love.

Other fabulous eclipsing would be to draw on that great knowledge of yours and share it in your community theater, or poetry slam locale, or get the medium of choice revving up to communicate that knowledge, as only you can do. Display it at the library or send social media pics (I want one!). Your Leo Sun will get deeply reflected here by naturally polarized Aquarius, which offers you the opportunity to seek inwardly for what really nurtures your communication abilities. In which language do you speak? Physical, intellectual, or emotional: find it and give it to us  :)

Fourth House 

Ah.... Cancer is fourth house... Leo here feels Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn effect—in an odd pinball-reverberative way. Neh? If your eclipse lands here then your public life probably has much deeper and increasing significance and responsibility these last years. You have an opportunity to get serious about your non-profit, or whatever funky, humanitarian, and techie vibe you've got happening professionally.

 To balance the scales this January 31 Lunar Eclipse, take the time to nurture your home with a small renovation. Take one little project, to give yourself love by loving your immediate environment. Leos generally do not do things in small doses but make an effort not to waste your energy on a project that will stand incomplete. Afterward, take a long cooling breath, and return to your daily grind. When you see your creation again, back at home, you will be reminded how good it sometimes feels to care for yourself. Just you. And then invite everybody over for dinner to show off your new track lighting (or roof garden, or clean floor)... 

Fifth House


Sex. Gambling. Jungle Safari AI? Here is authentic fun in the Sun and Moon. Hometown soup. I'm too excited to write in full sentences! Basically, this eclipse has come to transform your "me" into "us." No need to be precious about the fun-loving energy you can spread far and wide this January 31. Own it. Give it. Get it back to the enth degree.


This is the solar power that—when dispersed in one stable selfless ray—warms the hearts of many… and none of us, including you, will forget it. This is when ineffective walls come down, doors get tossed, and the release of that God-given roar resounds through history. It's fun and serious at the same time, because when any one of us finds the courage to be vulnerable and takes off the mask we've been wearing for whatever reason, then it truly frees the world. Dive deep into your passion, if only for an instant, and let you eclipse you ;)

Sixth House


Bold and Brave Leo energy meets this exacting Virgo archetype, who despite their skill level often feels self-doubt and ridden with criticism for self or other. Well, now's the time to put your heart into your work for the collective. Take your mind off the minutiae and use your clever discernment to see the bigger picture of where you can serve the greater good. Like soup at a homeless shelter, for example. Or do an errand for Grandma, or meditate and dedicate that meditation to a marginalized group about which you find yourself thinking.


Virgo energy feels healthier when serving some ideal, person, or cause, so with Leo in the sixth house you can shine that selflessness toward the workplace in a general sense, or in the Aquarian sense, to groups that act as an extension to your higher self. That is, check your false belief systems at the door and walk into the devout recognition that we are all one. By doing so, you invite your Sun's polarity point in twelfth-house Pisces energy to do its spiritual happy dance, just from a few small efforts. Virgo's hard work ethic now gets to echo into the ether... Surely the co-creator blesses you for it!


Seventh House


Seventh-house Leos would do well to look over and study their Aquarius first-house funk'n'fly attitude.


Leo, in your regal heart, seek and find what this eclipse is for you. Is it to check if you've been giving your power to anyone else, so at day's end you're exhausted of your light? Or do you receive power in the short-term by letting others use your mad diplomacy skills. "Oh, seventh-house Leo, would you come here a minute and give us every single perspective on this problem, please? There's a good Leo..." Jeez, Louise! Either way, you've got hard co-dependent realities to eclipse, and you can if you just keep looking at that Aquarian polarity point. Find what is uniquely you and capitalize on it. Capitalism is detrimental only when someone is abused by its power. In this instance, you can integrate what you have learned in houses one to six, to allow your own universe to unfold. The power available to you is in your fully autonomous self-will, waving at you, Aquarius stylz.


Eighth House

Transcending self-limits. Okay, that sounds good, but how do I know what's limiting me? Just take a close look at those closed doors I mentioned in the introduction to this blog post about the January 31 Full Lunar Eclipse. Leo in Scorpio's house loves a good skeleton in the closet! This Wolf Moon just might illuminate some stuff you deeply love but had forgotten you did.


For all signs, this Moon is about Self and how we integrate that self into a sure enough state to transcend the old self. This is Leo in Scorpio. Your polarity point Aquarius in the second house will be less attached to co-dependencies, and more interested in co-creations. These are the people we need to seek out in our lives. So if you open one of those closets and realize your skeleton is simply a damn Boggart, created from your fears, then let it out and laugh about it. The Sun shining on your fears, combined with a lunar eclipse, can show you exactly what needs transcending. Do you really need Aunty Phyllis' money? Wouldn't it be better to see how you can co-create your own cash? Ask for archangel guidance—the eighth house often has a hotline to spirit—to nudge you toward those doors that no longer serve you. Set the skeletons free and remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Seek out like-minded humans. Then feel your cellular makeup liftoff, and never look back. We're all waiting for the real you :)



Ninth House


Fixed Leo fire meets Mutable Sagittarius fire! Get ready to have a few sparks fly... The truth will come up in a new way this eclipse and your Aquarian polarity point will support that wholeheartedly. While some ninth-house Leos might get a bit boasty while roasting their marshmallows, you can bet that they will accept the challenge of the newly revealed truths and work toward solarizing their potential. So let them perform their truth if they must, we'll probably learn a great deal.


Possibly leaders in higher education or traveling entrepreneurs, publishers, editors, actors, athletes... whichever Sagittarian archetype you inhabit, it's a good time to reach the next level, that is, with a bit of push and elbow grease, you could find some truly deep connections and possibly corrections to your long-held belief systems. How do you see yourself in the natural order of cosmic law? That's a juicy enough question to let simmer, eh? Relax your gut and hip area with a good stretch, and it's likely your mind will follow suit. Do share your truth, and the marshmallows!

Tenth House


The Total Lunar Eclipse occurring in Leo in the tenth house is a recipe for career change, if you're up for it, or at the very least a bit of restructuring that will present itself quite unexpectedly through your emotions. Capricorn rules the tenth house and is currently receiving its education from the transformative Pluto and Saturn energies (not to mention a whole lotta other action that is passing or just passed through: obsessive thought patterns anybody? Don't worry, Mercury will clear past Pluto in a bit!). 


As a natural born leader, you might be surprised to feel some deeper emotion stirring in your otherwise clear delegation habits. It does not matter if you are a working-mother CEO, a legal adviser, or on a NASCAR pit crew, your general ability to "Saturn it up" and keep a friendly but detached demeanor might wane as this Moon waxes. The Sun in your fourth-house (ruled by the intuitive Moon) polarity point Aquarius will lend mixed messages, swinging between me/mine/self and you/your/self, leaving you somewhere in the middle. Here's when you call on your soul's purpose, "Soul?" You can ask aloud if you desire, "Soul? what is my purpose in this incarnation?" Then wait. Tenth house energy knows how to build on patience and application, and an eclipse, though swift, is no different in that respect. It is the DO of the DO, RE, MI. The difference is that this is the ascending octave, which takes greater effort, any piano player could tell you that... one note at a time, sing out your directives with passion and emotional truth. We all deserve that, especially you.

Eleventh House


Topsy Turvy energies here, when we switch a polar axis. Eleventh-house Leo Lunar Eclipse can be an in-through-the-out-door opportunity. Your naturally sunny disposition + the full Moon = We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program to Bring You this Important Message: MUD PIES - ONLY 99 CENTS, FOR ONE KILOMETER PER SECOND! 


Hehe, you got some heavy Earth to contend with this eclipse and that means what? Bringing your genius into material reality, which is not always an easy thing for a Leo in the eleventh house to do, because they often do not care if they do it or not. Pride in and through independence is all well and good, but please notice when you say, "Who am I to tell others how to do something?" If you really do know something, then isn't it, "Who am I not to tell others [...]?" From this can stem relationships that will further your life's purpose and release you from possibly hanging out with the renegades just for rebellion's sake. Your social circle will come up for review at this time; do they respect
and reflect your inner self? If not, shine elsewhere.

Twelfth House


Okay, so wherever Leo sits, so goes the Sun as its ruling planet. Having the Sun shine in your twelfth house of deepest spirituality gives the opportunity for this eclipse to raise the tide of your innate desires. What those desires are is up to you. Do you desire to unite or separate from source? This is our soul's question also, in terms of evolutionary astrology, as it is taught. The soul can mean many things to many different people, and it is in the twelfth house that we need not differentiate the one from the other. Here is ethereal consciousness, a place of mystery that I'm not sure we humans are meant to understand, though we are meant to try to understand. To live the mystery, that is Leo's gift in the twelfth house. 


The responsibility here with this eclipse is to witness that high tide, where personal ego meets god/goddess substance. This is where myths are born that have the power to teach a people of their most humble origins. When Leo can balance the Aquarius polarity point with this energy, then we have a natural guru. Not in the religious sense necessarily, but someone who's in the know and can pass that knowledge in service to others. Provided the power created is not appropriated by the ego for selfish purposes, then Leos here can truly rest in their kingdom of heaven. This can produce direct transmission of spiritual truths.


Bring them back to us, won't you?

Written by Sherrill Layton of Studio iO Metaphysics a media ecologist in love with stars and decent brews—coffee, potions, words, storms—the recipe does not matter, the decency does. 



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