How to Set up an Altar for Spring

March 12, 2022 2 Comments

How to Set up an Altar for Spring

The warm outdoor days of picnics, gardening, and nature hikes are just around the corner as we make our way closer to the wonderful season of spring. Often referred to as the season of new light, spring is a dreamy time of the year full of optimism, warmth, and new beginnings as we awake from our winter slumber and begin to blossom into new areas of our lives. Spiritually, this is a powerful time of new opportunities and forward movement as we prepare to set out on new journeys. Because of this, doing what we can to welcome in and honor this energy is essential to truly make the most of it and can help to enhance our spells and rituals at this time. And what better way to do that than with setting up your own divine spring altar? 

With that said, today, we wanted to go over one of our favorite ways to decorate your altar to welcome in the spring, as well as a few product recommendations that align with the energy of this season. So, without further ado, here’s our personal guide to setting up a spring altar to make the most of the abundant energy of the season.

1. Natural Altar DĂ©cor Ideas

Starting off, the first step to setting up your altar space for the spring is to start by decorating it with some earthy pieces. With that said, spring is a great time to gather items outdoors to place on your altar if you can. However, there are also plenty of other wonderful corresponding items that you can find in the stores or even make yourself to place on it. With that said, you might include pieces such as:

  • Greenery or branches
  • Flowers such as tulips, daffodils, lilac, peony, or violets
  • Animal statues such as deer, birds, or rabbits
  • Eggs or egg-shaped items
  • Woven baskets or colorful ribbons
  • Hand-made altar broom
  • Items in colors of white, pink, purple, green, and blue

Truly, the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your altar with nature pieces, and you should always include anything that speaks spring to you, even if it isn’t on our list, as this will help your altar to better align with your energy and intentions.

For example, one of our favorite pieces to include on your altar in the springtime is the Natural Amethyst Tree of Life Suncatcher. Designed with beautiful amethyst chips strung into the shape of the sacred Tree of Life, amethyst is considered to be a stone of the spring and can help to transmute lower energies into more positive ones. Therefore, bringing this into your home can not only help to welcome the energies aligned with the spring into your space but also allow you to maintain a positive and protective vibration in your home all season long. 


2. Seasonal Candles

Next, alongside soft pastel colors and decorative nature items, the next item to incorporate on your altar is candles. Candles are one of the best pieces to have on an altar year-round and can be used for just about anything. For that reason, you’ll want to look for candles in colors of yellow, white, pink, green, or any other vibrant colors that speak spring to you. For scents, sage and floral scents such as lavender, rose, or jasmine are excellent choices at this time and can help you to align deeper with the energies of the springtime.

With that said, our personal recommendation for a spring candle is the New Chapter Intention Candle. Rich in the earthy scents of lemon, sweet sugar, and floral hints, this candle helps to align you with the springtime energies of change and can help to guide you through new chapters of your journey. Not to mention it has also been energetically charged with positive energy by a powerful reiki master and is topped with pyrite and clear quartz crystals to enhance the energy further.


Also, don’t forget a brass candle snuffer to go along with your candle, as blowing out a candle is believed to blow away the magic and intention cast into it. Therefore, if you aren’t able to burn your candle to completion, always remember to snuff it out to preserve its magical intent for future use.

3. Springtime Crystals

Next, it wouldn’t be a seasonal altar setup if we didn’t add in a couple of options for crystals. Crystals are just one of those things that, no matter what you use them for, are bound to amplify the intent of your practice further. Therefore, swapping out altar crystals each season to ones that are more relevant to the energy of this time is a great way to work more closely with the season. With that said, since spring is all about new life, new beginnings, balance, and inspiration, you may want to keep an eye out for crystals that align with these energies, such as:

  • Tiger’s Eye: For new energy, protection, and inspiration
  • Carnelian: For creativity, ambition, and forward movement
  • Amethyst: For divine connection and balance
  • Clear quartz: For clarity, balance, and inspiration
  • Rhodonite heart: For self-love, balance, deeper connection to the heart chakra, and emotional healing

And more. Of course, choosing crystals is a very personal practice, so remember to always use your intuition to guide you towards the ones that feel right for you, even if it may not have made our list. 

For example, our personal crystal choice for the spring season is the clear quartz rune set. Known as a master healing crystal for its versatile uses, quartz runes are a great addition to your altar and can help with positive energy amplification, deeper psychic sense, and even divine protection. More than anything, this rune set is a great choice for those looking to embrace the energies of change and transformation with the coming spring. 

4. Seasonal Incense 

Next, incense is another important part of decorating your altar and can help to capture the beautiful earthy essence of the season. And since spring is all about new life and beautiful blooms, you’ll want to look for scents that can mimic the fresh and revitalizing scents such as this. With that said, a few ideas for corresponding incense for the beautiful floral season might include:

  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Geranium
  • Peony
  • Cedarwood
  • Myrrh

However, our personal favorite scent for spring is Satya jasmine incense. With a fresh, captivating, and uplifting aroma, this jasmine incense can help to purify your environment, bring a more positive feeling to the atmosphere, and draw more self-love and prosperity to you naturally. More than anything, this incense is a great addition to your home to welcome in all the beautiful and bountiful energies of spring and help you to hone in more on your own inner power. 

5. Protection Items

Next, protection items are always a must on your altar, no matter what season it is, and it’s always a good idea to change them up from time to time to help keep the energy strong and aligned. Therefore, a few ideas for protection items that you might want to consider adding to your altar for spring include: 

  • Herbs such as rosemary, mugwort, or sage
  • Crystals such as black tourmaline, smokey quartz, or obsidian
  • Cleansing salts
  • Statues or symbols of gods or deities that you connect with

However, one of our personal go-to choices for protection items for your altar is the triple moon purple altar cloth. With the triple moon as its symbol and a rich purple as its color, this altar cloth is linked with the energies of divine protection and is a great addition to your altar space to keep the energy sacred. Not to mention, you can even use this cloth as a prayer shawl or as a banner on the wall to help boost the energy of the room or home further. Because of this, this altar cloth is a great choice to add to your home to keep the positive energy flowing and to keep your space divinely protected.

6. Spring Beauty Products

Next, for us, another big part of enhancing your altar for the season is to make sure you’re switching out old beauty products with new products of the season. However simple this may seem, this can help you welcome in and absorb the healing properties of the seasonal magic better and ensure your skin is getting the proper care it deserves through the seasonal changes. From sprays to lotions, here are some of our top favorite spring beauty products that you may want to consider adding to your altar. 

1. Luna Magicka Trio

Our first beauty product recommendation for spring is the Luna Magicka Trio. As a rich collection of three unique oils, this set contains the Luna, Luna Rosa, and Obscura Luna bottles, all designed to capture the sacred essence of the different phases of the moon. With that said, the Luna oil inspires spiritual healing, while the Luna Rosa is designed to help you embrace your feminine energy, and the Obscura Luna is perfect for channeling more of your inner power. Combined, these oils pack a plethora of divine healing energy for your own personal use. 

Not to mention, they are rich in all-natural ingredients designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul to send you into the new season with flying colors. For that reason, they are one of the beauty products we recommend the most for those looking to delve into a little self-love and empowerment. 

  1. Spring Witch Vegan Perfume Oil 

Our next recommendation is the Spring Witch Vegan Perfume Oil. Designed as a roll-on perfume, this floral perfume is rich in natural ingredients, including rosewater, jasmine, clover, lily, coconut, and citrus accents that provide the perfect fresh, revitalizing, and earthy aroma that resembles a morning stroll through a field of blooming wildflowers. On top of that, this perfume oil is also vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free and is truly perfect for anyone looking to invite a little spring essence to their aura. 

  1. Rose Perfume Oil Self Love 

Next, since many of the energies of the spring are aligned with hope, self-love, and positive energy, our next recommendation is the Rose Perfume Oil. Crafted with soft organic oils, including rose geranium oil and coconut oil, this perfume is designed to invite more self-love into your space to condition your heart chakra and help you to love yourself more authentically. With a sweet, soft, and earthy aroma, this perfume has also been enhanced with rose quartz chips to help you channel divine Goddess energy wherever you go and is perfect for anyone looking to lift their energy in the most divine way possible. 

  1. Goddess Facial Toner with Rose Geranium and Rose Quartz

Lastly, if you’re looking to enhance your skin with a dewy spring glow, the Goddess Facial Toner is the way to go. Activated with rose geranium essential oil and natural witch hazel, this toner is designed to help cleanse your face, shrink your pores, and purify the skin inside and out. Not to mention, it’s also enhanced with real rose chips to connect you with the divine source to channel more universal self-love than ever before. More than anything, if you’re looking to look and feel like the divine celestial being you are, this facial toner is sure to help you out. 

7. Spring Miscellaneous DĂ©cor Ideas

Next, while we already covered some altar decor ideas, we wanted to include a quick section covering a few of our favorite miscellaneous item ideas for the season to help you invite in the warm and abundant energies of spring into your space in other ways. With that said, here are a few of our favorite small miscellaneous pieces to bring into your home this season.

  1. 5 Element Bamboo Large Utensil Set

To start, since spring is a beautiful time of the year to start cooking with more fresh earthy foods, another beautiful choice to add to your home if you’re looking to stir up a little magic in the kitchen is the 5 Element Bamboo Large Utensil Set. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, this utensil set comes with a solid spoon, punched hole spoon, a slotted spoon, a rounded fork, and a slotted spatula. Not to mention, these utensils all come engraved with the symbols of the five elements and can help to enhance every dish you make with a little extra touch of magic as a result.

Perfect for any kitchen witch, you can’t go wrong with these utensils to help you cook up all the magic of spring with ease.

  1. Witch Teaspoon with Labradorite Crystal

And lastly, another great addition to your daily routine throughout spring is the witch teaspoon designed with labradorite crystals. Known as the “Stone of Magic,” labradorite carries a plethora of supportive energy, especially during times of change, and can help to enhance your intuition and magical intent in all that you do. And since spring is all about manifestations and new beginnings, it is a great time to start using this in your teas, as it can help to energetically charge your tea to purify your body and enhance your intuition with each sip. 

Therefore, whether you’re performing tea leaf readings or just looking to stir up a little extra magical intent in your drink, the witch teaspoon is a great companion to have at your side for a variety of different enchanting practices and rituals.


Overall, spring is a beautiful season of change, hope, and new beginnings. With the energy of all things new lingering around us, setting up a spring altar is the perfect way to embrace all the changes this new season brings and can help you to work with it in your own personal endeavors to make something truly magical. Above all else, we hope this article has given you a few ideas for how to set up your own spring altar to truly make the most of this beautiful and opportunistic time of the year.

Happy spring!

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Kristi robinson

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Thsnk you


May 08, 2023

Loved reading this article, can’t wait to start building my spring alter and generate spring energies thank you and blessings to all 🙏

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