How to Make Sun Water - The Full Tutorial

June 19, 2022

How to Make Sun Water - The Full Tutorial

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to get out, let loose, and get working on all your summer spells and rituals. With new opportunities beaming around us and a new burning flame of passion within us, this is the perfect time to align more with confidence and motivation as we pick up the pace in our lives and become more fearless in our approach to our goals and dreams. And one of our favorite ways to do that is by making sun water. 

Energetically, the sun is known as the divine master healer of the cosmos and the creator of solar energy. It is the cosmic force that gives health and life to all, and without it, we and all life of our world would cease to exist. For that reason, the energy of the sun is incredibly powerful to work with in our practices and can help us to channel health, vitality, and healing within ourselves. Not to mention, it can also help us to see more of the light in the surrounding world as well as the light within. For that reason, sun water is a popular thing to make in the summer to absorb some of this radiant energy to truly make the most of the solstice and the season. For that reason, today, we’re going to direct our focus to sun water, its benefits, and a simple step-by-step guide for how you can make it for your summer practices. Let’s get started. 

What is sun water? 

Starting off, sun water can best be described as water that has been charged by the energy of the sun. This is water that has either been placed in a jar, cup, or bowl and left out under the sunlight to absorb its healing aura. Spiritually, the sun's energy connects directly with our outer persona and helps us channel many powerful energies into our lives. A few of these key energies include: 

  • Rebirth
  • New beginnings
  • Motivation
  • Strength
  • Abundance
  • Ambition
  • Joy
  • Confidence
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Personal power
  • Life energy

Therefore, water charged with this energy is believed to be incredibly powerful, detoxing, and empowering to our overall self, and can help us to align more with our divine purpose. 

Sun water uses

Okay, so we know what sun water is, but what can you use it for? Honestly, when it comes to the uses of sun water, the beauty of it is that it can be used for anything you intend it to, as your intention is key for activating the power of the water. However, a few common things sun water can be used for include:Add to bath/cleanse hands

  • Water plants
  • Cleansing crystals  (just make sure all crystals you do this with are water safe before doing so)
  • Use on altar
  • Use to cleanse before or after spell or ritual
  • Wash face
  • Use when scrying for deeper intuitive messages
  • Adding to sprays to cleanse away negative energy

Truly, you are your only limit when it comes to the power of sun water and can personalize it to your own unique intention however you’d like. 

How to make sun water

And finally, when it comes to the question of how to make sun water, the overall preparation process is simple and only takes a few minutes to do. Here’s our easy 10-step guide to help you get started in making your own sun water.

What you’ll need: 

  • A cup, jar, bowl, or container
  • Water
  • Crystals, oils, or herbs you wish to anoint it with (optional)
  • Your intention
  • Your magical self 

1. Calm your nerves before beginning

To start, before any healing practice, you’ll want to make sure you unwind and get into a good head space first. Since we’re going to be casting our intention into the water, it’s important to make sure you feel grounded, positive, and at ease before you begin so that you don’t project any negative energies into the water. My favorite way to do this is to sit with a warm cup of tea and meditate for a few minutes before the ritual to allow my mind and body to slow down and come to a peaceful state. Of course, you can also do yoga, breathing exercises, or any other calming practice you prefer to get into that headspace before beginning. 

2. Choose a container

After calming your nerves, you’re going to want to choose a container to make your sun water in. While there’s no right or wrong container to use for this, many people prefer to use mason jars with a lid to keep any dust or dirt from getting into the water. Of course, you can also use a bowl or cup if you prefer. 

3. Cleanse your container

After selecting the container, take a few moments to spiritually cleanse it. You can do this by rinsing it and visualizing the water washing away any lingering energy from the container or by simply holding it in your hands and visualizing a positive white light surrounding it. Whatever way you prefer, spiritually cleansing your container before use is essential for getting rid of unwanted energy and gives you a grounded, clean slate to start with, allowing your personal intentions from this present moment to be the only energy that fills it. 

4. Fill up your container

Next, fill your container with water. This step is pretty easy to follow, and there’s no right or wrong way how to do this. Of course, you’ll just want to make sure the water is safe for drinking ahead of time if you plan to consume it. 

5. Cast your intention

After filling your container, it’s time to set your intention. You can be as specific as you want with your intention or simply focus on the words “positive energy” or “sun energy” to help manifest these healing vibrations. For the actual casting of this, I like to hold the container in both hands, close my eyes, and speak my intention into the water in my head or out loud and visualize a glowing white light from my chest going down my arms and into my hands, carrying that intention. Once it reaches the water, I repeat the intention over and over again in my head until I feel it has been fully absorbed into the water. 

Once you feel confident in your casting and feel your intention has been fully absorbed, you can move on to the next step.

6. Find a sunny spot to put it 

After filling the container up and setting your intention, you’ll want to look for a good spot to put it. For this, you’ll want to find a spot in your home that gets ample sun throughout the day, such as a sunny windowsill. Of course, you can also put it outside if you wish, but just be sure to cover it and put it in a spot where bugs, dirt, wildlife, people, and other things cannot tamper with it. 

7. Set crystals and other magic tools around it (optional)

After your container has been placed in a good spot, an optional step is to decorate on or around your sun water container with corresponding crystals, decor, and herbs to enhance the energy of the water. For example, if you’re looking to amplify the healing energies of the sun in your water, you might choose to decorate around the container with crystals that correspond with the sun, such as carnelian, to give the energy surrounding your intention more strength. However, some crystals are sensitive to sunlight and may fade if placed in direct sun for too long. For that reason, always make sure you research which crystals are safe to be in the sun before placing them around your container. 

On top of this, you can also place safe herbs and oils into the water as well to charge it with a certain intention. However, do not do this if you plan to consume the water. 

8. Take a moment to give thanks and offer gratitude

Finally, once all the steps have been laid out, I always like to take a moment to give thanks for the energies and tools I’m working with. This includes giving thanks to the water I’m charging, the crystals and other tools I’m using, and of course, the healing energy of the sun. Without the sun, all life would cease to exist, so it’s important to give thanks to this energy for the constant self-less blessings it bestows upon us every second of our day. 

Therefore, whether out loud or in your head, send a thought of gratitude to the sun and let it know how appreciative you are for the healing energy it gives to you, the earth, and your magical tools and practices.

9. Collect before nightfall 

And lastly, much like when you make moon water, the only rule sun water truly has is to make sure you collect it before nightfall. Since sun water is collected from the energy of the sun, you don’t want the moonlight to shine on it at all. This is because the moon carries a much different healing energy than the sun, which could affect the overall energy and intention in the water. For that reason, be sure to place your sun water out in daylight hours and collect it before nightfall to help keep the energy intact and help it to remain connected with the energy of the sun only.

10. And you’re finished!

After this, you’re all done! Once it’s complete, sun water can be used for a variety of practices and can be collected every day for a variety of purposes in magical practices. 


In conclusion, sun water is a great, simple way to add solar energy to your daily magical practices. Whether you choose to collect it to honor the sun for the solstice or to embody more personal power in your life year-round, we hope this article has helped give you a better understanding of the power of the sun and how you can tap into it’s healing aura in your daily life for a truly inspiring and empowering experience like no other. 

*It’s important to note that the information provided above about sun water, crystals, and any other spiritual tools and their properties mentioned do not promise or guarantee any specific outcome, energy, or situation. The information provided above is not intended to and should never be used to diagnose or cure problems, and should be read and is intended for entertainment purposes only. Always seek professional help from a licensed professional for any problem, questions, and concerns you may have*

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