Harmonize your period: 7 cramp-busting tips!

October 05, 2023 1 Comment

Harmonize your period: 7 cramp-busting tips!
Period pain can be absolutely unbearable at times, and it’s crucial to find period pain relief that is easily applied at home by yourself.
So ladies, let's break the myth! Say goodbye to the crying fits and debilitating cramps during your menstrual phase. It's time to understand the importance of your infradian cycle and prioritize your health.
Here are our top tips for harmonizing your period and kick period cramps to the curb. Bye-bye cramps, hello happy periods!

1. Hydrate like it's your job!
Proper hydration is vital for maintaining wellness. Failing to drink enough water can result in water retention and bloating. Combat this by regularly consuming fluids and nourishing fruits like oranges and watermelon, as well as hydrating vegetables like cucumber, broccoli, and spinach. Keep your body hydrated to prevent these unwanted effects.

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2. Gently move & soothe:
Yoga postures have the ability to alleviate obstructions in blood flow and reduce stress on muscles, which are the root causes of cramps. In addition, gentle exercises such as skating, walking, and cycling can also help soothe both the body and mind. If you want to keep it very gentle, try some Pranayama. 

And no stress while you stretch, our high-rise period undies have got you fully covered. Feel comfy, sexy, and unstoppable with the second-skin-like fabric.

Channel your inner Goddess with comfy, hip hugging dazzling boy-shorts, that will provide a full cover while working out or during night-time.

3. Go bananas!
When it comes to reducing menstrual cramps, bananas offer a multitude of benefits. One of the ways they help is through their high levels of Vitamin B6, which provides your body with the necessary materials to maintain healthy progesterone levels. Additionally, bananas are a great natural source of anti-inflammatory magnesium, which can also help alleviate discomfort during your period.

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4. Support your liver:

The liver plays a crucial role in detoxifying harmful substances and converting hormones in the body. It goes beyond just filtering out toxins, but also transforms them into less harmful forms that can be easily excreted. To support the liver, it is not necessary to solely rely on green juice detoxes. Instead, supporting its natural processes can aid in its functioning and allow it to effectively perform its vital role.

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5. Take a deep breath and bath!
Immersing yourself in a warm bath does more than simply boost your circulation; it can also be a soothing and sensorial experience that promotes relaxation. To enhance your bath time, try steeping small sachets of fragrant herbs in your bathwater for several minutes, allowing the water to absorb the hues, aromas, and muscle-relaxing properties of your chosen botanicals. You have a range of options to choose from, including calming lavender, refreshing lemon balm, purifying nettle, healing calendula, invigorating ginger powder, cooling eucalyptus, and tranquil chamomile. Submerge yourself in this herbal-infused bath and feel the toxins melt away from your skin.

Witches Brew body oil - With Notes of Candied Apples, Cinnamon, Toasted Marshmallows, Amber, and Patchouli. Great to add to your bath and to massage sore muscles pre and during periods.
As you soak yourself, our period underwear can be effortlessly cleaned by tossing them in the washing machine. There is no need for special care; just put them in the wash and dry them on low heat. To enhance the cleaning process, we recommend rinsing them with cold water before washing. Furthermore, our underwear is PFAS-free, so you can trust that it's safe to wear. Upgrade your underwear collection by adding stylish and oh-so comfy period underwear, experience an hassle free period.

6. Go to sleep!
During the night, regenerative processes take place within your body. If you stay awake beyond the optimal time for these processes to occur, you miss out on their benefits. In order to maintain good sleep hygiene, it is recommended to go to bed by 10 pm, get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, maintain a consistent sleep schedule, limit screen time exposure at least an hour before bed due to blue light, and expose your eyes to sunlight for at least 5 minutes upon waking by spending time outside. 
As you rest peacefully, our leak-proof period underwear will provide you with complete absorbency for both moderate and heavy days, ensuring that you can enjoy uninterrupted slumber - even during your heaviest flow. Our period underwear serves as an excellent backup option for those looking to reduce or replace single-use menstrual products, with the capacity to absorb up to 8 regular tampons' worth, equivalent to 40 ml.

Goodnight moon! Improve your zzz time during your period, wear our comfy boy-shorts to cover your flow at nighttime. In case you have a very heavy flow, wear it as a back up, and enjoy a more restful and comfortable sleep.
7. Get a dose of feel-good :->
Boost your endorphin levels with laughter by watching a stand-up comedy show or your favorite sitcom. Even better, have a good roll in the hay for even greater pain relief. These activities trigger the release of pain-relieving chemicals in your bloodstream, providing relief to your nerves and pain receptors. In fact, you may become so comfortable that you forget you are even on your period, much like the comfort of our period underwear.

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Theodora Szuba
Theodora Szuba

January 09, 2024

Back in the day we suffered in silence, along with old home remedies! Will pass this on to my grand. Thanks!

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