February Horoscope

January 31, 2022

February Horoscope
As we move out of the self-reflective energies of January, we welcome the inspiring month of February, guiding us to regain our footing after an intense period of detoxing. To start, I think it’s safe to say that this year may not have started in the way we wanted it to for many different reasons. However, the changes it’s bringing are far from done. In fact, the months leading up to spring this year are predicted to bring some major detoxing energies into our space, asking all of the signs to let go and start over, ultimately to help us to open a new chapter in our stories.
With that said, the month of February will kick off in the intellectual sign of Aquarius, urging the signs into some deep reflection. Since the Aquarius is a bit of a loner but also highly self-empowered, don’t be surprised if you find yourself pulling away from society to work on your personal endeavors this month as you formulate a new plan for how to move forward along your journey. Aside from this, Mercury will end its retrograde on the 3rd of the month, which can help the chaotic and uncertain energies we’ve all been feeling return to normal. Not only that, but Venus is also moving into our space at this time, which will likely help to level out any intense energies that may have risen over the last few weeks from the retrogrades. This will be happening alongside the planets of Mars and Pluto as well, which could simultaneously stir forward movement and tension, making some of the energy this month feel a bit up and down. 
Not to mention, a once-in-a-lifetime experience around the third week of February is also the talk of the town in the astrology community right now, where Pluto, the slow-orbiting planet of transformation, will also be returning to its same positioning for the first time in nearly 250 years on February 22nd. As a result, this could potentially highlight the start of a rebirth cycle and or a new era for society. To top it all off, we then enter the Pisces season on February 18th, encouraging a more meaningful approach to life. As a result, this could help us achieve a more mindful state of being where you can begin asking yourself what you want from this life, with a little more willingness to try new things.
Overall, February 2022 is predicted to be a month of picking up the pace to finally get a move on all the things we’ve been reflecting on and planning out over the last several weeks. But, to give you some deeper insight into what you can expect this month, today, we're going to touch on what energies and changes each Zodiac sign can expect throughout February and how you can adjust your life to make the most of it. 

Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Starting with the Aries, the month of February is predicted to bring some new adjustments into your space. While the first month of the year may have had you doing a lot of reflection right off the bat, February is here to push you into action on all that you’ve been thinking about to get your personal development moving. Whether that’s cutting negative ties or making haste towards a new goal, all around, February is likely to bring a more balanced energy than the previous month, where you can finally start to get moving on all the new things you’ve been working on behind the scenes. Just remember to pace yourself this month, Aries, as pushing too hard may have the opposite effect on what you’re trying to achieve. Balance will be key to navigating the month smoothly.
In your career, you may have been experiencing some tension at your job lately. However, this month, you could potentially find a way to overcome these feelings and let them go. As a result, this could have you directing your focus more on the things that bring you joy, which could have your mindset in the workplace shifting. This could also have you building stronger connections with those around you, which could inspire more movement in rising to your potential. All around, this should have you feeling very excited and ambitious to get to work on a variety of new goals for your career and your personal life and should leave you feeling more hopeful for your future. 
In love, for those in a relationship, February is likely to bring some tension to relationships this month, as you may be going through a tough healing period with your partner. You’ll get through this, Aries, but patience will be key. You’ll want to avoid conflict as much as possible with your partner now if you want to find peace again. For those who are single, it may feel like love isn’t around you right now. However, taking some time to slow down from your fast-paced life could allow you to see the new love opportunities that have been all around you all this time. Enjoy yourself, Aries. Take some time to live in the moment and cherish life’s simple pleasures. 
Taurus (April 20 - May 20):
For the Taurus, while you may have taken a slower approach to the new year, it’s likely that you still felt some tensions throughout January, and that’s likely to carry over into February as well. With the shift out of retrogrades at the beginning of the month, February is likely to ease some tensions, however, and will likely help to clear your mind so that you can focus on your long-term goals and dreams. All around, you will likely feel freer with who you are throughout February, which will likely pave the way to channeling some new creativity. Aside from this, you may take on some new responsibilities this month but should have no problem adapting to them.
In your career, February is likely to be a more active month in the workplace than last month. And thanks to the influence of Saturn, this could stir some potential new opportunities for advancement or even a career change if you remain patient. Therefore, if you’ve been unhappy with your current place of work, this may be the perfect time to make that switch and try something new, Taurus.
In love, with the current planetary influences underway, this may be a good time for partners to get out and spend some quality time together. Whether that’s a night out, a movie night in, or a weekend getaway, this is a great time to build deeper connections with each other and create some beautiful new memories to look back on. For those who are single, since February is known as the most lustful month of the year, singles could meet someone very special this month. However, the key will be not forcing a connection with anyone. Instead, just take your time with it and see where it goes. More than anything, just remember; there’s no rush in finding a meaningful partner. 
 Gemini (May 21 - June 20):
For the Gemini, February’s key theme is likely to be related to all things transformation. In love, money, career, and social setting, it seems like things all around you are beginning to change, and you’re beginning to grow into a new you entirely. Your work and money, in particular, are likely to be a highlight for you this month, and you may find yourself revisiting things from your past to let them go once and for all. All around, February is predicted to be a month of adjustment, but it is likely to lend way to more positive changes as we near March. Trust your heart and follow your intuition to lead the way to help you better navigate all the new changes happening around you. 
In your career, with Jupiter, the planet of luck lingering in your career sector this month, your career is likely to continue to grow and expand, with opportunities for you to build better connections with your superiors and win them over. All around, you should be quite busy in your career this month and will likely reach a place where you are feeling satisfied with the work you’re doing. You may deal with some minor problems with people at work, but it’s nothing that should leave a lasting impression. You are magnetic, Gem. Go get ‘em! 
In love, for those in a relationship, you may find that you aren’t as attentive in your relationship this month as you have been in the past. And with all that’s already going on in your life, it’s not hard to see why. However, you still need to remember to make an effort to spend quality time with your partner. More than anything, just remember to keep a balance in both your personal life and your love life this month to avoid any issues in either one. If you are single, you may have your career as your main focus this month, so singles may not necessarily be looking for new love at the moment. However, if you do find someone special this month, a little flirtation is bound to go a long way with them. Have fun and use that natural charm of yours to win someone over, Gem. It shouldn’t be too hard.
Cancer (June 21 - July 22):
For Cancer, while the energy of new beginnings has been in your world a lot recently, now more than ever, it’s beginning to take action. Finally, your confidence, drive, and passion for the things in your life are building once more, and you may be feeling a sense of comfort and relief in where your life is headed now. If you’re ready to embark on new adventures, now is an excellent time to chase after them and live more presently in the moment. However, it also doesn’t hurt to linger here and plan things out a little longer if you need to. Either way, you’ve come so far and have overcome so much in the last few months. You truly deserve to soak up every beautiful moment that the Universe has in store for you. Keep up the great work!
In your career, February is predicted to bring a few minor challenges to the workplace, mostly having to do with communication with your boss. However, with the new confidence and burst of ambition you’ve had lately, you should have no problem stepping up and voicing your truth to mediate any situations that arise. In fact, this may even open some new opportunities for you to begin with. Above all else, don’t be afraid to be a little bold this month, as you never know where it may take you.

In love, for those in a relationship, love could seem a bit up and down this month due to the influence of both Venus and Mars in your relationship sector. As a result, you may experience some small issues and disagreements throughout February, but it’s also likely to pull you out stronger as a couple towards the end of the month. Romantic nights are also possible, but compromises will need to be made on both parts in order to make it work. If you are single, authentic connections with new people are possible this month, and with this new confidence you’re feeling, you should truly have no problem expressing yourself wholeheartedly. Just remember, the right person will love you for exactly who you are, Cancer. Don’t ever settle for anyone who wants to change any part of you.
Leo (July 23 - August 22):
For Leo, while the start of the year may not have been quite what you expected, like many of the signs, February is here to welcome some new changes into your space. While the first few months of the year are predicted to be a powerful purging time for negative energy in general, this month, it seems like you’re beginning to move a little more freely again, feeling more inspired and more ambitious than you have in a while. While this isn’t to say there won’t be some days that are harder than others this month, you’re finally beginning to get that confident step about your stride again, and it’s a beautiful thing to see. 
In your career, with the influence of Jupiter in your life this month, February is setting the tone for expansion in all areas of your work. From business to investments, you’re thinking bigger in all areas, and it’s certainly not a bad thing to ponder the possibilities. In fact, this could even have you reaching for new promotions at your current place of work or a new job altogether. Either way, you will need to learn to manage your pace this month to better accomplish your tasks and ease your stress. Some relaxing hobbies outside of work, such as yoga, may also help keep your worries to a minimum.
In love, for those in a relationship, changes may be coming to lovers this month, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. In fact, this may help to pave the way for some healing between you two. With that said, however, if a relationship isn’t serving you anymore, don’t be afraid to let it go now, Leo. Change can be good, and since we’re detoxing this month, to begin with, this may be the perfect time to make that call. For singles, with your mind focused on detoxing the negative things in your life, you may find yourself focusing on more self-care practices than anything. Later on, when you’re feeling like your best self, new love may become more of a focus. But right now, it seems the stars are encouraging you to just focus on yourself for a little while. 

Virgo (August 23 - September 22):
For the Virgo, February is likely to kick off with some new feelings of creativity for you. While January may have offered you a slower start to the year, February is pushing you to act and get a move on all of your ambitions. Now is the time to start expressing your talents more authentically. Don’t worry about the future; all that matters now is learning to take advantage of the present moment and all that it has to offer. Has there been something new you’ve wanted to try, Virgo? Well, don’t be afraid to be a bit audacious in pursuing it and other opportunities this month, as you never know what you could succeed at in such a magnetic time. 
In your career, just as your overall mood of the month, your work life is likely to kick off with a boost of ambition towards accomplishing your goals. Finally, the pathway to your dream life is becoming clearer, and this could have you reigniting old projects to help you get there. More than anything, this month is all about pushing the limits, and with the mindset you’re in right now, you should have no problem doing just that in all your work-related endeavors. Keep up the great work! 
In love, for those in a relationship, the current planetary influences may help to push you closer to your partner this month, urging a deeper connection between you two. However, this could require patience to develop better communication with each other. But, if it’s worth it, this adjustment surely shouldn’t be a problem and may even ignite some new sparks between you two once it’s over. For those who are single, you may be growing tired of the same old boring flings that keep arising and may be seeking something a little more fulfilling. It’s good to not settle, Virgo, and the best advice we could give you for this is to keep your options open and really take the time to get to know someone before you commit. There are likely to be several opportunities this month to meet new people, and it will be up to you to decide if they are worth your time or not. 
 Libra (September 23 - October 22):
For Libra, February is predicted to be a positive month of change for you. With the current planetary movements urging forward movement, now is a great time to push beyond the limits you’ve set for yourself and embrace new beginnings outside of your normal routine. You’re slowly growing happier with who you are, Libra, which is setting the tone for further progress in the future. As a result, you may find yourself rising to a leadership position this month in your personal life. More than anything, the planets are aligning to remind you to stop saying tomorrow and start saying now, in whatever it may be in your life. Seize the moment, Libra. You may just find yourself surprised with the new adventures it takes you on.
In your career, February is predicted to be a productive month in the workplace for those looking for steady work. All around, since nothing major seems to be happening in the workplace, this is a great month to start extending your skills and polishing them up. In fact, this could potentially help you to reach a new promotion or raise in the future, as your superiors are likely watching you behind the scenes. Keep up the great work!
In love, with your new perspective on living life more fully, partners are likely going to focus on making their love life more of a priority this month. This could have you exploring new areas of who you are in the arms of your love, as well as finding new ways to strengthen your connection with your partner overall. As a result, this could ignite new flames between you, ultimately adding to the overall flirtatious mood of your love life this month. If you are single, luck in love is possible this month if you are actively putting yourself out there. You may be seeking something more valuable and long-term in regards to a partner, and that will require patience. Don’t jump at the first person who catches your eye; take time to get to know them, as this will likely be your best chance of finding a lasting connection.
Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):
For the Scorpio, February is predicted to be a month where you learn to channel your voice more than you have in a while. While you already have a naturally expressive personality about you, February is likely to encourage your drive to grow stronger and your voice to grow louder when it comes to the things you want and deserve. As a result, you may be feeling more assertive and ambitious now, water sign, and your spirit may be seeking all things new, which could have you finding your way to a variety of new adventures this month. Above all else, don’t be afraid to keep seeking better things for yourself. If you feel like change is necessary, you best trust that feeling to guide you, as there is always a reason behind it.
In your career, you will likely enter the workplace this month with a burst of inspiration and determination to reach new creative heights. All around, this could allow for a steadier month amongst your coworkers, with no problem towards accomplishing all the tasks before you if you keep your focus. In fact, with how good you’ve been feeling lately, you may even consider starting a new entrepreneurial business for yourself in the near future, and with proper planning and preparation, it may not be such an unachievable dream. Keep up the great work, Scorpio!
In love, for those in a relationship, you may be feeling more inspired to develop a deeper connection with your partner, and honestly, it’s a great time to do so. Your overall mood seems to be a little more spontaneous and adventurous than usual, and it’s time to put that to use. If you are single, February seems to be quite a lucky month in terms of finding new connections. With the influence of Jupiter on your side, your passionate attitude is truly magnetic. Therefore, you should try to have some fun and get a little creative in your approach with love this month. Something new may be just what that special someone needs in order to notice you. 
Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21):
For the Sagittarius, February is predicted to be a month all about personal development for you. From learning new things to accomplishing old tasks, you’ll likely kick the month off feeling inspired to make some new changes in your life and aim to live more in the moment. More than anything, you seem to be in the mindset of ‘make the most of this moment,’ which has you more willing to branch out, set work aside, and just let loose. This could also have you connecting deeper with family members and friends, which is sure to lighten your heart. And while more free time is a great thing for you to embrace right now, just be sure you don’t get too caught up in the moment and forget your responsibilities, Sag, as this could cause you more stress in the end than anything. Balance will be a key theme towards maintaining your overall well-being. 
In your career, going alongside the general mood of the month, you’re likely kicking off the new year feeling determined to improve your work, finances, and your working conditions. Whether that means looking for a new career avenue, asking for a promotion, or just aiming to shift your attitude when it comes to your workplace, this month is all about striving for improvement. Therefore, don’t be afraid to entertain even the boldest ideas if you feel like it’s what you want to achieve in your career life. 
In love, for those in a relationship, February 2022 is predicted to help you create a more loving environment between you in your partner. Finally, it may seem like things are finally starting to clear up for you two and get you back to that lustful connection you once had. For that reason, this may be a beautiful time to indulge yourself in all of those sentimental feelings once more and make the most of them in whatever way you see fit. If you are single, February could create an ideal setting to build connections with someone new. With Mars and Jupiter on your side, you’re likely already feeling pretty confident and lucky, and with this on your back already, you shouldn’t have any problem winning someone over if you put in a little effort. 
Capricorn (December 22 - January 19):
For the Capricorn, February predicts that you will have your eyes on the prize this month as you begin to make more efficient strides towards reaching your dreams. However, you could certainly struggle with some ups and downs this month along the way, as you may be feeling a bit moody towards trying to get a move on things. However, despite how it may seem, there’s absolutely no hurry in getting to where you’re going, Cap, so don’t put any pressure on yourself to get there by a certain date. Take your time, as that’s where the most growth and alignment will take place. And don’t be afraid to let go of anything in your life that is no longer serving you or that is causing you unnecessary stress.
In your career, with such a bold new burst of energy about you these days, February predicts you’re going to voice your truth more than ever in the workplace. It’s time to stop settling for anything less than you deserve and start shaping the work-life you want. And lucky for you, earth sign, you have an innate way of doing this without being too forward. More than anything, this month will likely be all about voicing your truth and having the courage to step up to pursue your dreams in ways you haven’t before. 
In love, with the influence of several planets, including Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, this month, your luck in love for those in a relationship is likely beaming. As a result, this may help to boost lust between lovers, creating a more tender and passionate environment than you’ve had in a while. If you are single, the influence of these lucky planets are sure to help boost your charm this month, setting the perfect scene for new love. As a result, this is a beautiful time to make new connections with people, even if they may not be the love type you typically go seeking. It’s always good to try new things and just see where it goes, Cap. 
Aquarius (January 20 - February 18):
Fr the Aquarius, February is predicted to be a powerful month of expansion for you. Whether that refers to new opportunities, personal growth, or changes in your way of thinking, a lot of new energies are sweeping into your space this month, and it’s bound to stir your already spiraling mind. Not to mention, with the expansive energy of Jupiter influencing you in other ways, this will likely encourage you to broaden your horizons, inspiring you to try new things that you might not have otherwise considered. Either way, February seems like quite the busy month of planning and preparing for you, Aquarius, but it’s also likely to allow opportunities to set new foundations for things to build off of. Take your time and weigh the pros and cons of each choice you make it. There’s no need to rush where you’re going right now.

In your career, February is likely to be a busy month of steady work for you. While nothing major is necessarily predicted in the workplace this month, this is an excellent time to work on sharpening your skills and planning for the future. What is it you truly wish to achieve in your line of work, Aquarius? Is this the career you want for your future? It’s time to start asking yourself this and start making strides to either progress with it or change it, depending on what you want.
In love, February is predicted to be an emotional detoxing month for you as you work to shed your skin of the things no longer serving you romantically. As a result, you may find that love isn’t a huge focus for you this month. However, deep connections with your partner are still possible but may require you to put additional effort in to  truly delve into it. If you are single, like those in a relationship, you may find that love isn’t your biggest focus this month, and you may instead direct your focus to other aspects of your life. However, that’s not to say new love isn’t possible, but some detoxing from past relationships should definitely occur before seriously pursuing anything new, as they could potentially hold you back from fully giving your heart to someone.
Pisces (February 19 - March 10):
And last but not least, for the Pisces, you’ll likely kick off the month of February beaming with some newfound optimism. Finally, you’re likely feeling ready to get a move on all your goals and dreams after living in such stagnation for so long. Whatever you can dream, you know that you can make a reality with time, and this thought is likely to empower you to try new things and make bolder moves along the way. For that reason, now is a great time to start getting a move on new opportunities with your head held high. With the mindset you’re in right now, truly nothing can stop you. Keep up the great work, Pisces.
In your career this month, you’re likely thinking in terms of all things ‘new’ as we move throughout the month. As a result, you may find yourself searching for something different in your line of work. This could have you seeking a new job, leaving an old one, or just simply keeping your options open. Either way, if you feel like it’s time for a change, trust that to be your guiding light this month, as your intuition certainly knows what you need in order to be happy. 
In love, a new chapter for lovers is likely on the horizon this month and may allow you to overcome problems of the past if you’re ready to deal with them. As a result, this will likely inspire better communication for couples as a whole and allow you two to embark on a new lustful journey together. If you are single, love may have been a sore spot for you lately, as you’ve likely been going through a lot of emotional reflection or even a possible breakup. However, this month, your confidence seems to be growing in love once more, allowing new opportunities for you to find someone new. Although, you shouldn’t rush into anything, as moving too quickly could backtrack this powerful healing journey you’ve been on. The right person will find you when the time is right. Take your time. 
In conclusion, while the month of February is predicted to bring some new adjustments into all lives of the Zodiac members, the overall vibe is likely to be directed towards detoxing the ill energies of the past and moving forward into a new age of enlightenment. More than anything, this month is urging the signs to make haste towards the life they want and stop waiting for ‘the right time.’ Instead, learn to seize the moment now and do what you can to make the most of it in every second of every day. If you do that, you are bound to find yourself taking bigger strides towards achieving your dreams in no time.
Happy February!
Written by: The Spirit Chic

*It’s important to note that these are all general predictions based on the positioning of the planets and vary per sign and individual and do not guarantee any specific outcome, energy, or situation*

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