How Will the 29.49° Aries Hybrid Solar Eclipse Ignite Your Sign?

April 14, 2023

How Will the 29.49° Aries Hybrid Solar Eclipse Ignite Your Sign?

A hybrid solar eclipse is a rare astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the moon is located at a distance from Earth that makes it appear as both an annular and total eclipse during its passage. We got this baby popping in Aries at its anaretic degree (29.01°-29.59°), so heads up and horn out! No ramming though, okay? 😉 Gen X peeps will experience this energy as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to evolve their we/me relationships, especially those born with Pluto in the late degrees, from 1980-1983. 

This unique event will be visible in many parts of the world. During this celestial event, the moon will partially block out the sun’s rays while still allowing light to shine through certain areas of its surface. In essence, it can appear as either an annular or total eclipse depending on your location. The path of visibility for this particular eclipse spans across Australia and Indonesia, a bit of Southeast Asia, northern New Zealand and part of Antarctica. For those able to witness the Hybrid Solar Eclipse firsthand, expect a truly mesmerizing sight!

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

For those horns in Aries, the Hybrid Solar Eclipse offers a view over the fence to your Taurus neighbor, lending pause to reflect upon your current life path. Remember: no ramming your beautiful horns into obstacles! Instead, see the opportunity for self-eclipse, as it can bring clarity to where you are in your journey and what needs to change. Aries individuals could take some time out from their everyday routine during this period to better assess their goals and intentions without distractions. 

The Hybrid Solar Eclipse could provide insight into areas of improvement when it comes to personal relationships. With those close to you, the eclipse is likely to bring up issues that need addressing in order for peace and harmony to take root. In addition, if there have been any misunderstandings, then the incoming energies could help clear them up fairly quickly with honest and gentle communication being key here.

Expect spiritual growth opportunities over the coming months that support your inner exploration even further! Meditation, engaging with different art forms such as music or painting – now’s a great time to solidify a creative idea or ground your body with a root vegetable stew. Yum.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20):

The Hybrid Solar Eclipse of April 2021 shows Taurus a new way to take personal inventory. Self-care, assess feelings, try to witness when you succumb to feelings of lack. 

Taurus can strengthen their relationships during this window; making sure that any “left unsaid” issues are resolved quickly without lingering resentment. It’s a potent time to show appreciation—whether through kind words or thoughtful acts, such gestures often have greater impact than expected.

The work Taurus has done on their spiritual growth and development is solidifying over these next months, so setting aside some time to dedicate solely to inner work can prove invaluable here; see how far through the dark you’ve come and let that new light transform you! 

 Gemini (May 21 - June 20):

Gemini souls can solarize their handiworks! The Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Aries comes just as your ruling planet Mercury is stationing retrograde, so for all of you Geminis born with Mercury retrograde, it’s time speak up and out and loud—your voice matters and other Spirit Nesters want to hear you in the comments, trust me 😊 For those with Mercury direct it’s time to create something new with your hands. Weaving, gardening, “eclipsing” a project in storage, learning ASL… opportunities abound.

Pay attention to spontaneous opportunities or simply things that could make life more enjoyable. Listening carefully to nature will reflect some perhaps unnoticed inner joy!

Set aside some quality time for activities you love but never get a chance to do.

Spiritually speaking, the Hybrid Solar Eclipse offers direction to engage with others who share similar interests in terms of spiritual growth; engaging in meaningful conversations about topics related spirituality often yields deeper insights than expected! 

Cancer (June 21 - July 22):

Gloves for your pincers, please… this Hybrid Solar Eclipse is cardinal fire square your cardinal water, so emotions will be out in Met Gala costumes. It doesn’t have to be a drag, in fact, when Cancers are honest with themselves during this process, their emotions offer the deepest insights into themselves and others.

Call the friends and family members who you’ve not been in contact with recently. A simple chat can help bring much needed lightness into life - so don’t hesitate if you feel inspired!What are you eclipsing? These celestial events always hold special importance for Cancer signs as the Moon is you ruling planet. Earth (aka your body) looks at the Sun a certain way and then the nebulous Moon steps between you two. The Sun represents the life force, ruling Leo and further fired up by Aries: whichever emotions standing in the way of you receiving this light are what’s evolving/eclipsing. Huge opportunity for self-love here!

Leo (July 23 - August 22):

Trined by fire, Leos get the opportunity to transform their current solarized identity. It’s a great time to reflect on any goals that have been set recently; taking note of what has worked well so far and disregarding the rest! What doesn’t serve your best interests will pass, as you focus your attention on what does. This is a feel-good Hybrid Solar Eclipse!

Romance might be inspiring and not just with people but the essence of the romantic: poetry, walks in nature, or museums visits will raise the vibes to a contained joy.

On a spiritual level too, inner work can prove invaluable here; activities such as meditation or journaling often yield greater insights than expected when it comes to deepening one’s understanding of life itself. Be physical with this one… body paint anyone?

Virgo (August 23 - September 22):

This Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Aries brings a devil-in-the-details energy, which can be fun for Virgo. It provides an excellent opportunity for the nitty-gritty tasks that require focus and patience! Finish up the embroidery or make a beautiful grazing board for a picnic, o anything in between, just check out the exactitude of it and employ your energy into it before it comes to you in the form of pesky tasks no one wants to do.

This info can also be applied metaphorically to family members or romantic partners. The little things, the details you forgot to mention or address are what’s being “eclipsed” here! Same with spirituality. This hybrid energy presents small adjustments you can add to your inner work, something that reflects the birthing you: a new color or scent, slightly adjusting meditation posture or your pillow, etc. could prove invaluable. 

Libra (September 23 - October 22):

Rock & roll, that’s all I have to say, lol! This Hybrid Solar Eclipse in your polarity sign of Aries gives double-takes free reign. Check everything twice, then trust yourself to be a creator/creatrix of the highest order!

Art. Family. Friends. Career. Believe what’s being eclipsed! As I said in the intro, the Pluto in Libra generation (1971-1983) have the doors of perception opening, and that beauty only needs confirmation before stepping through. This is no time for gullibility… radical self-honesty is on the table for you to witness not only the larger, generational shifts, but check how you can translate them into a personal understanding.On a spiritual level too, the energies surrounding this celestial event provide an ideal window for inner exploration; taking some time regularly dedicated solely towards self-reflection is necessary. How do you connect with your version of source? That connection is going through the most beautiful overhaul… please let it ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):

This hybrid eclipse brings progress in physical and metaphysical pursuits. Whichever reality you prefer, now’s the time to experience an eclipse in your current position. Take a look at which house your Sun sign is in, because it will be this life area that invites the shift.

Scorpio could focus on strengthening both existing relationships as well as new ones over the coming months. On a spiritual level too, the esoteric might take new forms, which is to say anything can be a meditation, and a new way of feeling your body and its energies may yield further clarity into your inner world! 

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21):

The Sages have a serious platform during this hybrid eclipse. The question is what’s eclipsing? What or who will stand with you on stage? Sage stage 😉

On a spiritual level—and, let’s face it, Sagittarians are often philosophizing with grand spiritual knowledge—the energies surrounding this eclipse window are ripe for inner exploration taken out, yang it up, let the Aries eclipse support your vision by making it a physical reality. If that means talking to others about your insights, great. If that means writing shit down so it doesn’t evaporate, even better! Maybe try hot yoga or breathwork, something spiritually speedy can help bring clarity on personal growth and development - while engaging with different forms of creative physical expression (martial arts?) may yield that mind-body workout to sweat into the good stuff! Finally, pushing oneself just enough but not too much through challenges related to your physical environment could also bring greater understanding: How do you move through your space? If you keep bumping into a coffee table (actual or proverbial), this eclipse might be the get-up-and-go to make it got-up-and-went!

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19):

Pluto! Pluto! Pluto! Don’t go ballistic Capricorn, Pluto will soon be back in your sign for a last hurrah, and this Hybrid Solar Eclipse gives you the permission and the tools to prepare for when it does. You’ll already have a fairly good grasp of what you’ve been eclipsing all these years that Pluto has been transiting your sign. The house where your Sun resides will give a specific flavor to this evolution, and one that might have gone through a recent shift as Pluto moved into your neighbor Aquarius. Gear down to solidify these changes – let the light of your Sun be eclipsed by the Moon, which rules your polarity sign, Cancer. 

Capricorn’s focus on strengthening both existing relationships as well as new ones over the coming months; now is an excellent time to emphasize family members, which is never restricted to DNA! Additionally, now might also be a good time to review long-term strategies and plans; taking steps towards setting realistic objectives that align with your core values could prove beneficial going forward – after all, there is no point pursuing something if it does not truly make sense deep down inside. Investing quality time into meaningful pursuits (such as learning something new possibly tech oriented) could lead you down unexpected paths – treasuring each step along the way could eventually make all the difference!

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18):

This Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Aries presents sudden opportunities that you might not see coming! Which isn’t necessarily a new energy for Aquarius 😉 If you feel like someone just struck a match for you, lit up an area for better understanding, or you’ve repeated witnessed a “sign” that a change is on the horizon, this is what you’re eclipsing in your life. New friends. New events. A physical appearance overhaul. All these are options on the table! The Pluto ingress into Aquarius might feel like your own personal IV from the heavens, injecting you with profound transformative energy. Just keep the valve tight for a bit because Pluto will retrograde out and then back into your sign after all these new opportunities have arrived, so there might be a need for a do-over. A forehead tattoo might best wait!

The absolute, most charming part of yourself gets to evolve during this eclipse—please let it! Watch it like a newborn, see its intricacies and feel its energies grow. This focus of attention could by default clear away past hurts or bullshit that hasn’t served you for a long time but remained in the back of your mind or heart or drawer. That stuff will go by invitation when you witness the spark this eclipse brings forth and evolves slowly over the next months. Cut yourself some slack because you could be seeking to embrace change whenever possible – flexibility is key during periods like these; maintaining an open mind towards new ideas could lead one down unexpected paths that eventually prove beneficial beyond expectations!

Pisces (February 19 - March 20):

Finding your courage will be easier during this is a period, Pisces! If you’ve been wandering of late, this is a prime opportunity for direction. Pay attention to the signs that this hybrid eclipse can show you, because it will lead you to take clearer stock of any current situation that has slipped your attention. Evaluate where each part of life stands at this moment and consider what needs to be addressed in order to move forward most effectively. Be honest. Self-trust. Step forward into that honesty and trust, because it can lead to tiny miracles (and possibly big ones, we never rule out the wonder of the miraculous)!

Pisces might feel the need to put out other people’s fires, though try to tend to your own… energy conservation is key, with Saturn transiting Pisces until May 2025! Stick to the me stuff, okay?

That Saturn transit gives structure for hardcore spiritual pursuits, though. So dust off your altar and dig into your favorite practice. Learn more about it and your relation to it. This eclipse might offer the fuel injection to begin a new project, spiritual or otherwise. Capitalism isn’t the first word to come to mind with the Piscean archetype, but now you can use this Aries Hybrid Solar Eclipse energy to your advantage… just don’t spend it all in one place!

Developing a deeper connection with nature might also help gain perspective here – regular walks outdoors (ideally in full-on nature with bodies of water) could do wonders when it comes to reducing any frenetic energy! 


Overall, Hybrid Solar Eclipses are a powerful yet subtle force in our lives. By understanding them better and recognizing their energies, we can use the opportunities they bring to further our spiritual growth and personal development. We must be open to embracing the changes that Pluto ingress to Aquarius brings and exploring new ideas as we progress through this period; flexibility is key here! Taking some time for regular self-reflection also allows us to gain greater clarity when it comes to addressing issues related to our own inner world evolving – there’s always something that needs “eclipsing” at this time. By tuning into ourselves we can see what it is. Ultimately, by being our true selves we do a service for the world at large! 

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