December Horoscope 2022: 12 Sign Overview

November 30, 2022

December Horoscope 2022: 12 Sign Overview

As we prepare to say farewell to 2022, we welcome December, a month of change and renewal to send us off with flying colors into the new year. As the last month of the calendar year, December is likely to bring some closure to the events going on in our lives and present the signs with the opportunity to sit down, reflect, and plan out their future. As such, this is likely to give us a chance to get our life together more, slow down, and enjoy the moment with loved ones. 

Aside from the general vibe of the month, December is likely to be quite an active month for the planets, with key influences coming from Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. To start, we will kick off the month with Neptune going direct in Pisces in the first week of the month, stirring up a dreamy and imaginative aura that is likely to help us find better clarity in our lives. Mercury will then move into the sign of the Capricorn on the 6th of the month, boosting our communication and pushing us to speak more freely about the things on our minds. A few days later, Venus will move into Capricorn, which is likely to put a focus on our relationships for the next several weeks and help us find more stable ground within them. On the 20th, Jupiter will enter the Aries sign, encouraging expansion, new energy, and passion in our lives. 

Then, on the 21st, we enter the season of the Capricorn, which is likely to push the signs to become more serious about the path ahead and work to start planning out their future better. This is also the same day that Yule begins, bringing with it a powerful period of retrospection, transformation, and rebirth. To end the month, Mercury retrograde will begin in Capricorn on the 29th, ushering us to reflect and slow down as we move into the new year with a steadier and calmer pace. And, with Mars retrograde still actively going on until January, this is likely to slow our energy even more so. 

As you can see, December is likely to be full of many unique energies that are likely to inspire many changes within us as well. But, to give you a better idea of some energies that may be present around you this month, today, we're going to go over what energies and changes each Zodiac sign can expect throughout December and how you can adjust your life to make the most of them. 

Aries (March 21st - April 19th):


Starting with the Aries, the month of December is likely to bring a slower pace to your life in general. With the current planetary movements encouraging a steadier month, you are likely to find yourself moving slowly in all that you do, making this an excellent time to focus on rest. It’s the end of the year, and all things are coming to a close. Take this time to reflect, rejuvenate your energy, and plan out the path you plan to take in the new year. More than anything, allow yourself time to rest and recover before anything else. 

In your career, while you may not be making progress the way you’d like to this month, don’t allow this to get you down. Take this time to instead focus on how you can be better at your job and how you can improve to make the most of your current situation while you work towards building the ideal future you want. Much like your life, in general, this month, try to find the beauty of taking things slow.

In love, couples are likely to find themselves putting more of a focus on their relationship this month. With the clouds of productivity and distraction clearing, allow yourself more time to connect with one another and prioritize your connection in beautiful, loving ways. For singles, you may not have the best luck in love this month, and this could have you feeling a bit lonely. The most important thing is to not act rashly right now. In other words, don’t get into a relationship just to bring someone home for the holidays. Take your time.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th):


For the Taurus, December could bring a mix of energy to your space. At times, you may be feeling thankful, while at other, you could find yourself feeling a bit caught up in frustration. Take a breath, Taurus. It’s the end of the year, and that could make you feel a bit pressured to get things done, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Instead, try to take this time to separate yourself from your stresses and just enjoy your time with your family. You don’t always need to hustle, mighty earth sign. End the year with a bang by just enjoying yourself.

In your career, things are likely to be running smoothly for you. While nothing major may be happening at your job, this is likely to be a good month for you to get your affairs in order. Try to find balance in your finances and work this month, as this is likely to help you feel more relaxed as we move into the holiday season. And, of course, remember to keep an eye on your spending as well if you want to keep yourself balanced.

In love, couples could be feeling a bit sensitive this month, which could make arguments more likely. Try to remain balanced and try not to let any frustrations from your personal life carry over to your relationship. Let it go, Taurus, and try to just enjoy the holidays peacefully. For singles, with so much going on already, you may not be looking for a new relationship right now and could find yourself focusing on other areas of your life instead. And honestly, why not? Focus on yourself, Taurus, and work to bring more self-love to your space as you do. A little extra self-care never did any harm.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th):


For the Gemini, your personal life is likely to be full of surprises this month as the current planetary influences usher you towards change. With completion and new opportunities likely surrounding you, this could be a good time for you to make some real progress in your professional goals, which could either have you feeling inspired or a bit frustrated. Remember, just because it’s the end of the year doesn’t mean you have to rush to reach all your goals. Ease off the gas and allow the Universe to guide you with proper momentum to where you’re supposed to be. 

In your career, luck could be on your side this month, thanks to some current planetary changes happening around you. This could bring about some new recognition in the workplace and could help you to reach some of your job-related goals. Make the most of this energy around you and try to mold it to work in your favor as you move forward. 

In love, couples could hit a bit of friction this month, but it’s nothing that can’t be tamed with a little open understanding and communication. Try to let any misunderstandings between you pass and work to enjoy the remainder of the year and the warmth of the holiday season together. For singles, while many Gems aren’t likely to be focused on love right now, for those who are, some fun new connections could be around you. While they may not have the highest chance of developing into something serious, you may not be looking for something like that anyway. Have fun and make the most of this festive time with someone special if it feels right. 

Cancer (June 21st - July 22nd):


For the Cancer, December could serve as a reminder to trust your instincts and focus on yourself. As the year comes to an end, you are likely to be feeling burnt out from all that's happened recently, and that’s okay, Cancer. After all, this has likely been a big year of change for you already. For that reason, just work to listen to your energy this month and take some time to slow down and enjoy the holiday season. Let stress and expectation go, and just find ways to unwind. Truly, learning to put on the brakes may be just what you need to progress along your journey of growth anyway. Take a breath and take a break, water sign. 

In your career, luck could be influencing your work life this month which could help to bring expansion to your professional endeavors. This could help you to feel more at ease at work and help you start working more towards something you really want. All around, it seems opportunities could be presenting themselves to you this month, so make sure you keep your eyes and heart open so that you don’t miss them. 

In love, some miscommunication between partners is likely this month, but it isn’t likely to be the ruling theme for you two. If you remain open in your relationship, this could be a good month for couples to grow closer to one another and could even help to strengthen your relationship. For singles, opportunities for new love could be around you this month, but you aren’t likely to be aware of that until you put yourself out there a little more. If you want something new, you have to be willing to take a chance, Cancer. If it’s meant to be, it will surely show you a sign. 

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd):


For the Leo, like many of the signs, December is likely to encourage you to slow down in all areas of your life. For Leo’s feeling motivated and fiery, this could bring a bit of friction into your life. Although, instead of getting frustrated or trying to fight the current, try to make the most of this slower pace and use it to your advantage. Focus on your family, build a plan for the future, or simply take some time to rest. With time on your side, this seems like a good month to slow down and enjoy more of the holiday festivities around you. 

In your career, while the Universe may be telling you to slow down, that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to have a productive month at work. In fact, with Jupiter’s expansive influence this month, you could find yourself feeling luckier and more inspired in the workplace than before. This slow pace could even give you the necessary encouragement you need to finish up some work on your personal projects, which could have you feeling quite productive. All around, it seems like a good month to get things done. 

In love, couples could find themselves moving into a blissful period in love, and this steady pace could help you gain new romantic feelings toward one another. This could set the tone for a truly cozy and warm holiday as long as couples can keep personal frustrations out of it. For singles, you could be seeking some new adventures with some new people this month, and it could have you jumping into something new quite suddenly. This could stir up some issues for you if you aren’t careful, Leo. Try to take your time and don’t rush things. That’s the best advice we could give you.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd): 

For the Virgo, December is likely to be a good month to lie low. With the planets influencing a more sluggish approach to life, this month could be a good time for you to reflect, plan ahead, and get your affairs in order. With a slower pace likely surrounding you, this isn’t likely to be a good time for you to take a chance or start anything major, as it may not get the starting momentum you want it to. Take things slow and focus on the building blocks of any plan you have now rather than the execution of it.

In your career, with luck likely to be in your charts, this could be a good month for progress in the workplace. From increased productivity to new opportunities that could lead you towards something big, try to stay as focused as possible at work and see what this expansive planetary energy has in store for your future. Remember not to let the small things get you down when some truly wonderful things are likely to be coming. 

In love, couples may find themselves on a bit of a bumpy ride this month, which could stir up some disagreements. Although, this will only set the tone for your month if you let it. Try to work beyond these problems the best you can and focus on the strong aspects of your relationship to help pull you out of any funk you may fall into. For singles, this could be a good time to meet some new people. While opportunities are likely to be plenty, be careful not to give your heart away to someone who isn’t deserving it. Not everyone has your best interest in mind, Virgo. Take your time and find someone who will cherish your heart of gold the way it’s meant to be. 

 Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd):


For the Libra, the month of December is likely to offer you a steady approach to your future. This month, things could be transforming around you, and you may find that the path ahead grows clearer. This could help you to channel new ideas for the future and allow your inspiration to flow more freely. As such, this seems like a good month to do some behind-the-scenes work and get moving on all of your ideas. Express yourself and make a plan for progressing on your goals, but try to also put more of a focus on the little things around you and enjoy some much-needed time with your loved ones. This balance seems like the perfect recipe to get you through the month. 

In your career, some bumps in the road could present a halt in progress on some of your work-related goals, and this could have you feeling a bit frustrated. Don’t let this get you down, Libra. Try to see your work with a new perspective, and let go of all the frustrating bits. This will likely help you to see your job in a new light and could help you grow in areas you may not have even considered before. 

In love, couples could find themselves growing closer this month and gaining better stability together. This could bring about a new loving atmosphere between you and your partner and could have you both going out of your way more for one another. For singles, you could find yourself opening up more to people this month, and this could bring the opportunity for some new love to enter into your life. Stay true to yourself, let go of fear, and keep your heart open. If you ask us, that's all you should do right now. 

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st):


For the Scorpio, like many of the signs, December could bring a more stagnant approach to your life. After a busy year, things could seem like they are slowing down, and this could bring some delays to your life. Try not to get caught up with them, Scorpio. Changes are likely still happening around you; you just may not be aware of them right now. Open yourself up and try to go with the flow this month. If you give it time, you’re bound to see all that the Universe is doing in your favor. 

In your career, some changes could be happening in your professional sphere this month, and it could bring some new energy to your work life. If there’s any uncertainty about this, it isn’t likely to last long, as things are likely to clear up later in the month. This change and transition could even help to invite some new insight to your work and could bring some new inspiration with it moving forward. Either way, try to remain open and see what the Universe has in store for you. 

In love, with current planetary changes, December is likely to run smoothly for couples. This could help to invite forward movement where stagnant energies may linger and could, all around, help couples to connect better with one another. For singles, while nothing long-term may be around you right now, singles may find themselves letting loose a little more this month and focusing more on having some fun. This is likely to make way for an exciting and fiery adventure for singles. And honestly, who knows where it might lead you?

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st):


For the Sagittarius, December is likely to bring new energies into your space. This could be the month that some new relationships soar into your life, which could help you navigate your future in the new year. Take this time to work to get your personal and professional affairs in order and try to bring an end to current projects. New things are coming, Sag, but you may need to complete some old tasks before you can see them. Take this time to do some steady work and start moving closer to what you want in the future. 

In your career, December seems to be a good month for progress with your professional goals, and some new realizations could be circling you. While this may be good for some, with the new year approaching, others may find themselves pondering the possibility of another job in the new year. If so, this may be a good time for you to start looking, Sag. Trust your heart and allow it to guide the way to where you’re meant to be this month. 

In love, couples could find themselves pushed towards working on issues this month. Whether it be a lack of communication, intimacy, or simply grudges from the past, take this time to mend things between the two of you so that you can move into the new year with a fresh new start. For singles, this could be an auspicious month for extending your social connections. From friends to potential love interests, you are likely to bring some new life to your social sector, which could help you draw in someone new. Be yourself, Sag. Your authentic self has always been your best feature and is likely to be just what you need to find someone special. 

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th):


For the Capricorn, December could bring some ups and downs to your productivity and ambition. At some moments, you may be feeling like your best self, while other moments could have you feeling careless and lazy. We all have those days, Cap, and it’s nothing to get yourself down about. Instead, try to recenter yourself this month. Spend time with loved ones and friends, and delve into some self-care practices to help you find your footing once more. Be flexible with change and try not to fight the current. If you do that, the month is sure to help you get to where you need to be in no time. 


In your career, while some opportunity for expansion and change could be around you this month, you may struggle with staying focused at your job and could find yourself in a bit of a slump. It’s okay, Capricorn. Sometimes, this happens. Just take some time to refocus and get back into the swing of things. Start small and take one step at a time. If you do that, you’ll be there before you know it. 

In love, couples could be moving into a more blissful period in their love life this month, and this could help set a romantic tone between the two of you. With love in the air, try to escape the stresses of everyday life and just spend some one-on-one time together. For singles, if you want new love, you have to be willing to put yourself out there more this month. Try to meet new people, connect with people that interest you, or simply try harder to show the world your beautiful heart. With patience, you’re bound to find new love in no time. 

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th):


For the Aquarius, December is likely to bring a month of rejuvenation to you. While many of the signs may find themselves annoyed at the slow movement of the month, you are likely to embrace it and welcome some much-needed steadiness into your heart. As such, take this month to simply focus on yourself. Spend time with yourself and with loved ones, and try to make the most of the moment together. After all, the holiday season is all about seizing the moment. Make an effort this month to slow down and find time to do just that. 

In your career, with steadiness around you, you shouldn’t have any issues reaching your goals. In fact, you may find yourself feeling more inspired and more ambitious this month anyway. As such, this could be a good month of progress for you if you play your cards right. Keep up the great work, Aqua. 

In love, while things may not have been going the way you wanted recently, couples are likely to be met with a fresh wave of love this month that could help you reignite stagnant flames once more. As such, couples should try to revel in the love of one another this month to make the most of this flowering energy. For singles, you may find new love gravitating towards you this month, and it’s likely to have you feeling like your best self. Have fun and make your heart available. Who knows who might come looking for it once you open up? 

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th):


For the Pisces, you may struggle with feeling a bit overwhelmed this month. We get it, Pisces; the end of the year can be hectic, but you may be making it worse by putting so much pressure on yourself. Instead of working to accomplish everything, try to just enjoy the end of the year with family. Save your goals for the new year, and take the time to rejuvenate yourself. Honestly, when was the last time you allowed yourself some time off, anyway? Slow down and let the expectations go, Pisces. There’s no need to stress yourself out. 

In your career, while you could be feeling overwhelmed in your personal life, your professional life is likely to be thriving. With pacing likely on track, you could be feeling quite good about your future, and that’s bound to have you feeling more optimistic. Just don’t let any naysayers make you question your dreams or where you’re going. Remember how far you’ve come and hold onto that mindset in hard times moving forward. 

In love, couples could be pushed into some tough situations right off the bat this month that could strain their relationship. But all is not lost, as this could be a great opportunity for couples to work to sort out any issues between them. Use this to your advantage if you want to have a blissful month moving forward. For singles, you may have some luck at drawing in some new love interests this month, and this could have you feeling quite good about yourself. Stay true to who you are, and keep sharing your beautiful soul with the world. 


Overall, the month of December is likely to be filled with many unique energies that are likely to encourage the signs to slow down, reconnect, and rejuvenate. Whether you spend this month connecting more with family or planning out the future, this is likely to be a great time to check in with yourself and focus more on balance. 

Change is in the air, Zodiac signs. Find ways to let loose and rejuvenate your soul to make the most of it before a brand new year.

Happy December!


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