Beauty Tips To Help Survive The Seasons Transitioning

August 30, 2023

Beauty Tips To Help Survive The Seasons Transitioning

As September begins, daytime high temperatures remember summer’s warmth, yet a few weeks to months later are dramatically different. Mornings spent with a slight chill in the air soon require additional layers to prevent the cold. These transitions can happen over a few short weeks or extend through the months. 

As the weather warms and cools throughout the year, the humidity levels in the air fluctuate as well. If the humidity is low like what we experience in cold winter months, our skin’s moisture levels can drop rapidly which cause dry and dull skin. This is why rich moisturizers are must-have during the fall and winter season. Welcoming summer can be a bit different; we may notice an increase in oil production in our skin which makes it look shinier. This is the best time to have lightweight moisturizers and gel-based cleanser.

Survive the Transition Season with these 10 Superb Tips!!

1. Switch Your Cleanser: 

One of the most important skincare changes from summer to fall is to change/ decrease the intensity of your cleanser. Cleansers, by nature, are the products we use to remove the normal accumulation of dirt and oils, make-up, sunscreen and remains of pollution. So, with that, dermatologists suggest to have a heavier one in summer but in the dry months of fall to winter months, you might want to use a lighter one, cream or oil-based cleanser. 

Elevate your self-care routine with our Rose Quartz Exfoliating Cream Cleanser, a mild yet highly effective product that harnesses the power of powerful minerals, herbal extracts, and plant oils, as well as tiny dermabrasion crystals and cosmetic quartz powder, to gently exfoliate, hydrate, and enhance skin elasticity, leaving you with a luminous finish.

2. The season is changing, so does your moisturizer:

As summer bids goodbye, it’s time to have a heavier moisturizer. Switching to a thicker moisturizer is important because by failing to choose the perfect moisturizer for this season, you may risk stripping your skin of necessary hydration that it needs which can cause from the overproduction of oil, dehydration and dead skin cell build up on your skin’s surface. 

You can achieve a refreshed, youthful look with the indulgent Sanctuary Facial Moisturizer. Our expertly crafted formula combines nourishing vitamins and luxurious oils to deliver unparalleled hydration and revitalization to your skin. Using a blend of rare damiana distillate, carefully extracted comfrey and damiana, as well as prized rosehip, evening primrose, and milk thistle seed oils, our moisturizer saturates your skin with an abundance of nutrients, leaving it feeling supple, nourished, and irresistibly moisturized.

3. Use Lip Moisturizers:

With the combination of cold and windy weather, this often leads to chapped and dry lips and you know how embarrassing it is. Right? So if ever you are suffering from dry and chapped lips, this Ghost Petal Lip and Cheek Balm will be one of your favs this season.

Experience the hydrating benefits of our Honey Rose Lip Balm, which contains a nourishing blend of natural plant ingredients and locally-sourced summer honey. Infused with the pure essential oil of geranium rose, this balm effectively moisturizes dry, chapped lips.

4. Love Your Eyes!

Whether you have puffy eyes, having dark circles around them or even few fine lines, using The Sage Witch Eye Cream is a must-do, not only during this season but all your year-round. It will help achieve the forever youthful glow in your eyes which melts everyone’s heart it also helps the skin around your eyes stay moisturized while reducing the signs of aging. 

Rejuvenate your eye area and achieve a youthful complexion with our Sage Witch Eye Cream - a gentle yet highly effective formula. Fight signs of aging and sleep deprivation, including crow's feet, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. Experience the awakening power of natural ingredients and restore your skin's glow. Perfect to tone, uplift, and revitalize your delicate eye area, all while using only organic and natural ingredients.

5. Cool It Down:

Turn down the water temperature when washing your face and your body. You might be doing it wrong for some time. Right? Wanna know why? I guessed you’ve been using water with a higher temperature to compensate the air surrounding you BUT it is a big NO-NO when you want to achieve hydrated and healthy skin in the colder months. Doing so will only cause your blood vessels in the skin to dilate in order to release heat and that will result in more water evaporation from your skin contributing to dry skin in the cold months. Nobody likes that. 


6. Time To Introduce Body Oils!

This season is the perfect balance when the weather is not too hot or cold, everything is in equilibrium. It is the time when summer and winter pause and everything seems to stop and calibrate. Thus, it’s just right for us to re-hydrate our skin with some oil-based products. Hold the healing and renewing power of the sun, stars, moon and all the celestial being with this Organic, Vegan, and Natural hydrating body oil THE CELESTIAL BODY OIL TRIO. These oils are mean to joint force and bring you the balance and find your authentic path. Let the power of heavens guide you towards beautiful dream life.

The I Have Arrived Body Oil is a force to be reckoned with, crafted over a decade with precision. Its power lies in its ability to ignite the solar plexus, announcing your arrival with vigor.
Embrace your true self with this oil, as it embodies the essence of the Sun, Mars, and Venus. With the energy of Venus, you can attract your desires and manifest your dreams. Its fiery nature will propel you to forge your own path, instilling a deep sense of accomplishment and confidence in your abilities to achieve anything you set your mind to.


7. Don’t Forget Face Cream!

It is a must-have this season it will stand off cold and dry air, without it you’ll have dry and itchy face due to sudden change of the temperature. To harness the flower power and the herbal magic of fall, get The Sage Witch Face Cream. This anti-aging cream is a luxurious, earthy and natural face and neck cream. This will help to reduce acne, puffiness, skin redness and breakouts that none of us likes to have. This will be the game-changer for these seasons skin-care routine. Trust me, this will keep you fresh, and young throughout the year. 

Indulge in the lavishness of our Hydrating Face Cream, a harmonious amalgamation of botanicals, floral waters, oils, and butters that efficaciously quenches the thirst of parched skin. The goodness of plant oils and raw shea butter, infused with anti-aging properties, create a shielding layer to retain moisture and obstruct detrimental external factors.

8. Don’t Forget SPFs!

You might be thinking that you can skip putting on sunscreen because it’s already transition season. Well, you might want to think again. Applying sunscreen to your skin in this season is still important because remember that sun exposure is all year-round. You probably can’t see bright sunlight or sun rays but UV rays can still make it through the heavy cloud cover. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen every morning and re-apply as needed. 

9. Invest in a Humidifier!

The air will be drier this time around and for sure you’ll be spending more time indoors with the heat on. Add a humidifier to have the needed moisture. We don’t want our skin to be exposed to dry air. Right?

10. Protect and Love your Hair!

Summer is gone and for sure there are some residues of harsh elements in your hair that will have a great impact on hair’s health. Unhealthy hair is a big NO-NO for us. We should love and protect them just like our skin. They need to be pampered and spoiled too. This all-in-one Hair Mist from Witch I Love Your Hair is what we all need. This Hair Mist is a hand-made hair elixir, it is a rewetting, resetting, reshaping, revitalizing spray for your hair. You can use it any way you can think about. You can use it instead of dry shampoo to refresh and cleanse, you can use it even on dry hair before using a styling product to ensure frizz-free. You can use it for any type of hair, from straight to wavy to kinky and even on your dreadlock hair. This works like pure magic with real quartz crystals inside. 

Our handmade Magic Hair Mist, crafted with hair elixir, is a witch's brew that will leave you spellbound with love for your locks. Infused with real Quartz Crystal chips, this potion is free from dilution chemicals and is imbued with the healing power of crystals. The formula is not only all organic but also vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, kinky, or even adorned with dreadlocks, this elixir works its magic on all hair types. Experience the goodness that nature has to offer with our enchanting hair mist.



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