Aries Full Moon on the rise - October's horoscope

October 01, 2017

Aries Full Moon Horoscope | October 5

We hope with the current goings on that autumn is treating you well so far. Soon it'll be trick or treating and monster mashing, but let's stick with our 12-degree 43-minutes Aries full Moon vibes, to see what October's horoscope has in sight for each sun sign.

As far as Sabian Symbol's go, we round up to the next degree, though for the archetypal flavor of the full Moon as reaper-harvester, I like to address the mature state of the exact degree on which the Moon falls:

KEYNOTE: An idealistic reliance upon a mental image of universal order.       
The wild goose is the mystical bird, hamsa, of Hindu tradition. This word, which has recurred in various cultures (the Hansa League of Germanic cities in the late Middle Ages, and El Hanza, the founder of the occult Brotherhood of the Druzes in Lebanon, during the era of the Crusades), has always had at least an undertone of integration at an expansionistic level, spiritual or economic. The Hindu hamsa was the symbol of man's transcendent soul.
What previous interpretations of this Sabian symbol have failed to grasp is that the flight of geese presents not only a remarkably geometrical V-shape moving through the sky, but also that this flight is seasonal and therefore attuned to planetary rhythms. Thus, it symbolizes cosmic order, in contrast with the social-political order within a nation which is represented by its ruler.
It is order made visual on the background of the clear sky. It is a "celestial" type of order, even though it is earth-born birds which reveal it by their ability to keep their flight structured. The symbol therefore refers to the Soul-consciousness as visualized by the heaven-oriented mind. Yet this soul-consciousness can be called transcendent because it has not yet become "incarnated."
[…] We see arising a potential conflict between cosmic and social principles of order. The principle of COSMIC ORDER polarizes the all-too-human reliance on the social concept of law and order.
Sabian Symbols courtesy of

If you know your Moon sign, all the better to cross-reference it, for optimal interaction with how you can balance the powers-that-be. I've always told any authority attempting control that "I answer to a higher power." This is often confusing enough to at least receive reprieve and return to the drawing board.

You want your truth, right? Now's the time to call it up, as we descend further into your soul's evolution. Aries rules the head, so it's a time for looking deeply into your soul's eyes, they're calling you to further its intention for the benefit of all.

God and goddess speed! :)


Aries, you have wild intelligence bubbling up, and the intensity of it might shock even you! Hold on to your heart strings and let the higher mind fly like a kite at the beach on your third birthday. See the wonder of your thought processes as they shapeshift and shimmer, with Libra supporting the light-giving power, to share the best of you with others. Try not to assume ownership of this energy but give of it freely and be the infrared of the rainbow. Pure love.
 Taurus with the semi-sextile, you might remember a past bit of "advice" you offered with a less than congenial tone. Or someone could remind you or bring up something along those lines, to which you have a "done-that-so-oh-ver-it" attitude attached. Try to let your inner witness show the truth of why that matter has returned, and ask yourself if there isn't some residual lesson orbiting the relationship. With Pallas retrograde in your sign, it's a good time to look at where you might have let your warrior out to play a little too long ;)

Gemini, with the Sun and Mercury conjunct in Libra, you can capitalize on this trine and really get your message across to the masses. Whether it's on a social media level or an organized family gathering, your words hit the mark, so please choose them carefully. Lest your brain hit the gossip train, I'd even take on a vocal exercise or too, to let some of the excess energy out in a playful way. Try to visualize how your words land into the atmosphere and what effect you want to create with them.


Cancers have the opportunity to get all those little rascally details finished up. Whatever has been dragging, nagging, snagging at your proverbial behind can now be taken care of to lighten the load for the next Moon phase. Your tide is high with the practical life, and do try not to listen to your reactive mind, saying all the blah-blah bullshit to keep you down. Nope, plough through the wake and harvest those last bits of duty, for clear sailing… *salutes*

_______Leo! By porphyry house calculations, you have your sign sitting opposite the first house, so it's time to lay on the lovin' to your significant other. If you're single, find that sigil magic (the good kind, of course) statement and ritualize it into reality. So juicy! It's a special period to build the life you always wanted to live. Seeing it through Other (it doesn't necessarily have to be a love interest, just keep it one-on-one, as in that one great novel) gives quality time to pursue the dream.


Virgo is quite simply on the precipice of ending any relationship illusions that are ongoing in life. Currently you have Mars conjunct Venus in your sign opposing Neptune in Pisces. This means you could have some personal revelations about the balancing of masculine and feminine energies and how they play out inside of you. It's a great time to reflect this polarity and allow truths to arise that have been laid dormant too long by the shadow. Let 'em pop!

Libra, you might know better than anyone how we are being revealed to ourselves through partnerships of all kinds. You have the opportunity this month with Jupiter, Sun/Mercury, and Anubis/Psyche/Vesta in your sign to have those deeper life-changing conversations, so try not to avoid them or potential relationships. It will give you a sense of satisfying relief and reveal the projections you give or receive, respectively. It's basically time to clear the air, and it can be done in a non-combative way when the effort is made. How lovely!

has a more public presence this full Moon, which may or may not appeal to your otherwise more secretive energies. If your integrity is intact, then anything that comes to light is no probs. If you've held something back in a less-than-honest maneuver, just a heads up that it might be brought forward, but it'll be for the good of all and definitely balance an area that might be lazily one-sided. We all have Scorpio archetype in our charts somewhere, so everyone keep vigilant! Someone else might be looking deep into your eyes—for a change, whoot!

Sagittarians have got to keep their words to themselves every once in a while. Not everybody wants to hear each idea as you think it in every moment on how humanity can be fixed if only… Whew. The soap box needs replacing with a cool VW ice cream truck. Drive that around for a bit. However, to be fair, Saggies have has Saturn retrograde messin' up their program for a year, so for the rest of you non-saggies, do cut your centaurs some slack, K? Nuff said.
Capricorn: Rock & Roll. You'll be getting some deserved attention for all your hard work lately. Let your true identity out to play, because it's appreciated. You might not feel this way, especially with an Aries full Moon squaring your new style. But it's true… (Pluto is deep in its transit to your sign, so I'm assuming some of you have done a 180 in terms of self-expression.) We want to see the authentic you, there's nothing sexier!
Aquarius might be revving up to make a major purchase or to solidify a project of some kind. These general reports can be a bummer that way, because it's hard to pinpoint something so subjective. What I can say is that whatever you got cooking has deep value for you and will create a lasting sense of self-worth. Pick one area in your immediate environment and make it your sacred space, to remind yourself how far you've come to reach a true taste of "home."
Pisces: Not unlike Virgo, you have the op to get pulled up and out of illusion, during this deeply creative time. Transcending the pain body and allowing the more personal planets to bring the depth of your feelings up and out would do you a world of good. Write, dance, paint, and engage in any artistic effort without giving yourself permission to merge into the ether. That's the divine's job, but we always love to see how you can bring it to us, that formless form you do ;)

This October full Moon, we can let the deeper thoughts fly in our relationships, provided we remember Libran diplomacy, sitting across from Aries, with its grace and tact always on tap. It's a prime op to draught forward the stuff we've been all co-dependent about and relieve a little stress from our inner pressure cooker. By allowing a tempered release of any authentic feelings that we've been holding back, there'll be less potential poison in the depths of our energy well. We want to give our best to ourselves and others, not another's best; someone else is already doing that!

I invite all signs to embrace the Aries archetype and for us to speak our will, and if we don't speak it then write, dance, work, lead, love or whisper it into our lives. The effort we make reaps equal returns for giving back and getting back. So the love wheel rolls…

This is a time for a literal balancing act, Libra Sun   Aries full Moon. Uranus will communicate plenty of surprises to us, some not so subtle and for others we need to pay attention through strict and continuous self-examination.

The Aries/Libra axis is one of the more interesting ones because their rulers, Mars and Venus respectively, are now conjunct in Virgo. Down and dirty work on our inner worldview, as it relates to the masculine and feminine, gives us pause and invites a weirdly peaceful balance that we're not accustomed to. I for one am going to try not to fuck it up out of habit, ha! Ride the wave my lovelies, this full Moon is a teacher of self-will and pure love.







Written by Sherrill Layton of Studio iO Metaphysics a media ecologist in love with stars and decent brews—coffee, potions, words, storms—the recipe does not matter, the decency does. 


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