April 2022 Monthly Horoscope: 12 Sign Overview

March 30, 2022

April 2022 Monthly Horoscope: 12 Sign Overview

As we move into the warmth of the growing spring, the season is changing, the earth is blooming, and the energy is shifting with a promise of rebirth and new beginnings just beyond the horizon. With opportunity in the air, this is a truly auspicious time for wiping the slate clean and moving forward with a fresh new attitude. 

With that said, the sun will soar through the fiery Aries sign at the start of the month, encouraging the signs to start taking more of a head-on approach with their goals. As a result, the signs will likely begin to feel more spontaneous, social, and optimistic this month, especially when it comes to pursuing their dreams. With the abundant and opportunistic energies of the growing light of the sun, intentions set in prior months are now beginning to rise to fruition, allowing us to make bigger moves for the start of the new Zodiac year. To go along with this, we also have many planetary changes occurring this month, mostly following Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus, welcoming in lust, luck, and action into our space. With that said, Mars and Jupiter could bring changes to your attitude and approach towards your goals, while Mercury can add a sharpness to our tongue, allowing us to be bolder with our words and actions. Lastly, Venus could stir changes in love, allowing partners to connect deeper and overcome issues of the past. To end the month, we will then enter the sign of the Taurus on April 20th, allowing the signs to regain balance in their lives after a busy last few weeks and focus their attention on nurturing themselves more mentally, physically, and spiritually. And since the Taurus is an earth sign, this is also a time of calmness and slow but steady movement after the raging fire sign’s ruling, allowing the signs to build a more strategic plan for the path ahead and look at their goals with more of a long-term vision.

Overall, April is predicted to be a month of action, optimism, and transformation as all the signs begin to move into the next chapter of their lives swiftly with the season’s change. But, to give you some deeper insight into what you can expect this month, today, we're going to go over what changes each Zodiac sign can expect energetically throughout April and how you align yourself to make the most of them.

Aries zodiac symbol

 Aries (March 21st - April 19th)

Starting with the Aries, it’s your birthday month, and you’re likely to kick it off with an energetic new approach to your life. As you begin to feel more inspired with the springtime energies, this is an important time of hustling and taking action on new goals as you begin to build better connections with those around you. As a result, you could find that you are seeking a lot of new adventures this month, and honestly, why not? Now is a great time to make new memories, Aries. Some work behind the scenes may also be occurring this month, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. All around, keep up the great work! 

In your career, April is likely to be a good month for taking more of a leadership approach to your work life as you begin to channel more ideas for moving forward in a more beneficial way. As a result, you could be doing a lot of networking for a potential business idea you have this month, seeking to build stronger connections with those around you that may be able to help this idea grow. Aside from this, you may also find yourself seeking better alignment in your career sector, which could potentially stir the opportunity to seek a new job entirely. 

In love, with changes occurring with Venus this month, this could highlight an opportune time for welcoming deeper connections with partners. And since we are also in the new energies of spring, this may also be a good time to work through any lingering problems of the past to move forward without baggage. For singles, your energized social nature this month could have you feeling more outgoing in love. As a result, you could find yourself hopping the local hot spots or even trying out online dating to mingle with different people from all over. Whatever you do, have fun, Aries. There’s no need to be too serious in love right now, well, unless you want to. Let your fiery spirit loose and enjoy yourself while you can. 
Taurus zodiac symbol

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th):

For the Taurus, like the Aries, it’s also your birthday season, and it’s bound to be rich in new beginnings for you as a result. With changes all around you, this is an opportunistic time for you to take the reins of your life and guide it in the way that feels right. This month is all about making your dreams come true, so don’t be afraid to be a little selfish with your time and focus on reclaiming your power. Truly, there’s no better time than the present to re-energize that mighty spirit of yours and seek out what you're destined to be doing.

In your career, you’re likely to be hard at work this month, with the fresh energies of spring making way for new opportunities in the workplace. As a result, you could see a big increase in work-related activities this month, which could have you seeking more of a leadership role now. More than anything, there’s a lot of hard work on the horizon where you’re headed, so remember to steady yourself and keep up a good pace to keep a level head. 

In love, you could find that you feel more outgoing in love this month, which may have you more willing to try new things with your partner. This could have you seeking new adventures together or even reaching new heights on an emotional level as a team. For singles, this could be a good month to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people through blind dates or even on social networking apps. Just don’t be afraid to dip your toes into new romantic waters this month, even if they may not be what you’re used to. Truly, you never know what taking a chance may do for you. 

Gemini Zodiac symbol

 Gemini (May 21st - June 20th):

For the Gemini, with the opportunistic energy of spring paving the way to new beginnings, expansion is a big theme this month. Adventures are all around you this month, which could have you jumping between opportunities at a new rhythmic beat. As a result, new creative energies could also make their way into your life more prominently this month, and you could find yourself seeking new travel or more extroverted activities with friends. More than anything, this may be the perfect time to pick up the pace, get back out there, and just have a little fun. 

In your career, since expansion is a big theme for your sign this month, you could also find yourself feeling more energized in achieving success in your professional sector. This could have you working hard or even seeking more knowledge for your current position. Not to mention, you could also meet some new people at your job this month that could help to usher you closer towards a goal or dream. More than anything, you’re bound to be busy this month, but with your attitude towards success, you are likely to love it every step of the way. Keep up the great work, Gem. 

In love, your love life is likely to run smoothly this month, with the planets moving in your favor. As a result, this could be a good time for partners to plan more one-on-one time together to make the most of this lustful time. Whether you choose to travel or simply make a home-cooked meal together, now is a great time for couples to reconnect and make some new memories. For singles, since you seem to be desperate to get out more this month, you will likely meet plenty of new people, some of which may prove to be romantic. For this, you really don’t need any advice from us. Just have and be yourself, and see where these new connections take you. 

Cancer zodiac symbol

Cancer (June 21st - July 22nd):

For Cancer, much like the Gemini, you could find that expansion is a key theme for you this month and could have you expanding your mind to the possibilities all around you. As a result, your creativity could come front and center this month and allow you to dream big about new opportunities. With the spring energy influencing you, you’re likely thinking about all things new and could find yourself reawakening old parts of yourself that may have been neglected for quite a while. More than anything, April is likely to be an enlightening and opportunistic month for you, water sign. Don’t be afraid to step out of your shell, even if it can be scary at times, to make the most of it. 

In your career, steadiness is likely to be a theme in your work life this month and will likely help to pave the way for new opportunities in the future. As you continue to learn, grow, and expand, you may find yourself considering extending your talents in unfamiliar areas, and it may be a good time to test out the waters for that now. More than anything, trust your intuition to lead the way and always remember to follow your heart. 

In love, Venus and Mars are likely to boost intimacy between partners, which could help contribute to a loving atmosphere. For that reason, this could be a good time to plan some time away together to make the most of it. For singles, you may feel weighed from things from your past this month and are encouraged to do what you can to make peace with it before you move forward. Something a little fun and spontaneous may be on the horizon soon, so make sure your heart is ready for it. 

Leo zodiac symbol

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd):

For Leo, April is likely to bring a productive month of personal development to your life. As a result, some transformation may be in order, and you could find yourself shedding your skin in your beliefs, vision, or personal relationships this month. Now is a time of reclaiming your power, so while things could seem a bit up and down this month, these changes are helping you to grow more into the person you’re meant to be and bring beautiful new wonders to you. More than anything, get ready to shed away the old and step into a new you, Leo. A new era is coming, and it’s time to get ready for it. 

In your career, as you go through changes this month, you may find yourself burying yourself more in your work, and that’s okay! You’ve got big dreams, Leo, and that spring energy is sure to give you a boost to get a move on them. Teamwork is also likely to be a theme in your work this month, and you could find yourself more willing to extend a hand to working with others rather than tackling everything all on your own. All around, you should be feeling pretty good about your work this month with little to complain about. Keep up the great work, Leo!

In love, connections in healthy relationships could grow more this month, allowing partners to feel more connected with each other. This could help to pave the way for new beginnings in relationships this month, with the potential for talk of exciting new things in the future. For singles, you may be feeling extremely lustful this month. As a result, you may not be too worried about your future right now and may just be looking for some fun, and honestly, why not? Get out there and see what the abundant new energies of spring have in store for your romantic sector, fire sign. You never know where they may lead you.

Virgo zodiac symbol

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd):

For Virgo, April is likely to be a productive month of change. As with the opportunistic energy of spring, new beginnings are likely to begin emerging this month with opportunities to either expand yourself and your ability or remain where you are and work through things until you’re ready. There’s no need for action now, but perhaps some inner contemplation about where you want to go with your path now and what you wish to manifest with it. More than anything, a little reflection and reconnection with your inner self may be the best thing you can do this month to find the answers you seek for your future endeavors.

In your career, some growth in the workplace may be underway this month, which could bring some adjustments to your attitude towards your work. This could lend way to new opportunities later on or could simply have you looking at problems in a new light. Keep a steady pace and keep your head up. Above all else, this seems to be a good month for some behind-the-scenes work.

In love, due to the influence of Jupiter this month, partners are likely to pull closer to each other than they have in a while. For that reason, this may be a good time to seek new memories together. Whether at home or traveling, now seems to be the perfect time to make the most of your time together and do all that your hearts desire. For singles, there is potential to meet someone truly remarkable this month, and you may not even know. If you are seeking something special and long-term, open your heart to new connections this month. The Universe works in mysterious ways, and you never know where you may meet someone that is truly unlike any other. 

Libra Zodiac symbol

 Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd):

For Libra, April is likely to bring a busy month that is rich with new beginnings. You may be going through an enlightenment period now that is offering you a change of perspective. This may help you to align better with your goals, channel more creativity, and allow you to mature more in your decisions. On top of that, your productivity is likely to soar this month as all kinds of changes begin to make their way into your space. From new opportunities at work to a new attitude towards your goals, change is in the area, Libra, so get ready to spread your wings and take a leap.  

In your career, with productivity as a key theme this month, tasks and goals are likely to be met swiftly this month in the workplace, and you shouldn’t have much to complain about this month. However, on the contrary, if you’ve been unhappy at a job, this month might be a good time to start seeking something new and more fulfilling for you. More than anything, don’t be afraid to make a change if that’s what feels right.

In love, positive connections in love are likely this month thanks to Venus setting an airy tone in love, allowing partners to find new ways to stir intimacy in their love life. If the future is on your mind now, couples might benefit from talking and planning for it now, as this could be a lucky time to take the next step. For singles, you could be seeking passionate new connections full of rich moments of intimacy this month. And with the ambitious growth you’re going through right now, you are likely to be a natural light in drawing in new love and should have no problem winning anyone over with your magnetic attitude. 


Scorpio Zodiac symbol

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st):

For the Scorpio, new changes are likely to come your way this month, Scorpio, and you could find yourself embarking on several new adventures as a result. With that said, the spring is likely to shine a light on your ability to let loose, have fun, and find things that truly ignite your soul. As a result, you may find yourself connecting more with family and friends this month, as well as picking up some of your creative endeavors that may have been on the back-burner. This could set your mood ablaze and allow you to pick up the pace on productivity towards your goals and dreams.

In your career, new energy is likely to be a guiding theme this month in the workplace, as your workload is likely to pick up for the spring months. You’re likely to keep a steady pace towards achieving your work-related goals this month and should have no problem accomplishing all of the tasks at hand.

In love, those in a relationship could experience some wonderful moments of bliss this month, thanks to the current planetary alignments. This could allow partners to grow closer with a tremendous new boost of passion, setting the tone for a smoother month ahead. For singles, love is likely out there, and sensuality is lingering, Scorp, but you have to be willing to put yourself out there more in order to draw it in. Be bold and try something new this month. Going out of your way to do something different may just end up working in your favor for finding new love connections.

Sagittarius Zodiac symbol

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st):

For the Sagittarius, April is likely to bring a month full of abundant new energies for you. This month is predicted to be rich in abundant new energies, from opportunities to travel more to deep moments of inspiration towards your personal goals. Doors are likely beginning to open around you, Sag; you just need to keep your focus and see which one is calling to you most right now. If you’ve been considering changing a job, moving, or trying something new, this may be the perfect month to start making moves on it.

In your career, you’re likely to be feeling extra productive and creative in the workplace this month. At times, it may seem like ideas flow effortlessly to you, and you might do well sharing them with your boss to get the ball rolling on new creative projects. More than anything, you shouldn’t have any problems voicing new ideas at work and may find yourself receiving great recognition for them. Keep up the great work, Sag!

In love, communication is likely to be a theme for partners this month and, thanks to the planetary influences, is likely to continue to improve. Therefore, if there’s been any words left unsaid or anything that prevents endless love from flowing between you two, now may be a good time to talk it through once and for all. For singles, if you are actively looking for a new partner this month, you may find it in a truly unexpected place. More than anything, don’t fear being a little spontaneous, as this could lead you to wonderful new places with someone truly special.

Capricorn Zodiac symbol

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th):

For the Capricorn, a month of change and transformation is predicted for your month of April. You may start April off feeling a little out of your element with problems from your past. However, the new energies of spring could allow you room to grow and wipe the slate clean. While it may not seem like it, doors are likely opening all around you this month, Cap, and it’s allowing you the opportunity to start fresh. New energies of happiness and clarity are surely underway; just give them time to align for you. With luck and abundance on your side now, you’ll likely be there before you know it. 

In your career, in the workplace, you could channel some more ambitious energies this month, with new ideas flowing to you easier. This could set the tone for a productive tone in the workplace. And, if you play your cards right, this may lead to some great recognition with potential for a promotion or benefits later on. Aside from work, April may also see you picking up some momentum on all your creative endeavors, allowing you to put more time and energy into your personal work, which may help to contribute to a more optimistic mood overall.

In love, those in a relationship will likely sail through a blissful month of change as they work to reconnect, mend problems, and overcome obstacles as a team. As things change, this could allow for stronger trust between partners and more open and honest conversations, allowing for a potential rebirth stage between partners. For singles, those seeking new love could find comfort in casual dating this month, with the potential for skinny love to blossom into something beautiful. 

Aquarius Zodiac symbol

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th):

For the Aquarius, April is likely to present you with many new opportunities to align and grow. With the start of spring, April allows fresh new foundations to be laid down for your goals. What is it you truly want out of life, Aquarius? Now may be the time to ask yourself this and begin making moves on it. More than anything, allow yourself to be open to new lessons this month and don’t shy away from opportunities if they feel right. This is a good month to pick up the pace again, so make sure you’re ready for it. 

In your career, with Jupiter lingering around you this month, it’s likely to welcome some new luck and abundance into your work life. As a result, new things are likely beginning to blossom on the horizon, but it’s going to take some determination to achieve them. Don’t let this intimidate you, though. You may just have to pick up the pace a little and put in a little extra work this month to get there. However, you never know what opportunities it could uncover for you, so don’t be afraid to take a chance and find out. 

In love, Venus will be lingering around your love life this month, which should help set the tone for deeper romantic connections. As a result, this could be a good time to reconnect with your partner, spend more time together, or just open up more to one another a little more. For singles, with Venus and Mars lingering around your love life this month, it could give your romantic sector a new boost of energy. This could allow you to channel more confidence in love matters, putting that confident energy to work and attracting new love a little easier. 

Pisces Zodiac symbol

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th):

And last but not least, for the Pisces, April is welcoming a fresh new chapter into your life. This month, you could see a lot of things beginning to click into place more as you begin to pick up the pace on working towards your goals and dreams. However, while new opportunities are likely blooming around you, you also need to make sure you’re also working through any lingering problems of the past before you pursue new things. Now is a time of moving forward with a fresh start to embrace new beginnings. Just make sure your soul is ready for this if you want to have the best luck in bringing them to fruition.

In your career, a steady approach in the workplace this month could allow things to run more smoothly, and you may find yourself taking more of a leadership position at your job. For that reason, you could find yourself doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work that could keep you pretty busy this month. However, you may also find yourself considering the possibility of another line of work this month. If this is the case, it may be a good time to step out of your comfort zone and see what happens. You’ll never know until you try, Pisces, so don’t be afraid to make a change if it’s what feels right. 

In love, for those in a relationship, karma could be making its rounds in relationships this month and could help lovers to work through issues of the past to move forward once and for all. If handled as adults, this could help to pave the way for deeper love connections to follow. For singles, love should feel fresh and light this month. For that reason, if you want to attract new love, don’t be afraid to get out there and have a little fun. With energetic Mars influencing you this month, desire, passion, and magnetic energies are beaming from your aura and are likely to pull in that lucky someone in no time. 


In conclusion, the month of April is predicted to be rich in new beginnings, forward movement, and transformation as we all begin to pick up the pace in our lives and align more prominently with the future we’re looking to create. As the first official month of spring, this is a good time to try something new, wipe the slate clean, and shed the skin of your past self to align more with what feels right in this moment. More than anything, don’t be afraid to be bold or daring this month, as a little spontaneity in your life may help you to embrace a whole new you.

Happy April!


*It’s important to note that these are all general predictions based on the positioning of the planets and vary per sign and individual and do not guarantee any specific outcome, energy, or situation*

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