Ageless Rebel

October 18, 2017 1 Comment

She had the vibe. The fierce glow. I saw her in one of our tops on Instagram “Got that whole magic driven, gypsy warrior, soul witch bitch type of vibe” and felt it fit her well. I liked the cosmic giggle, which surrounded her and there was a knowing, a deeper kind of confidence about her. When we connected I realized that this warrioress queen had already hit 60.

I wouldn’t have guessed her age and when we talked for a couple hours on Skype there was no age gap either.

“It’s all in your mindset,” she says and she is a great proof of concept.

“If you’ve got magic going on you don’t need Botox, “ is one of her favorite lines.


“Yesterday,” she smirks, “a 28 year young Lyft driver asked me for my Instagram handle, “he wants to follow me because he found me so freaking vibrant and inspiring. That’s a compliment for me, forget the ‘you’re looking great - for your age’…”

Yes, charisma and confidence are ageless!
Angie is the innovative force behind her movement The Ageless Rebellion.

She had gotten herself into circumstances far from her former self; a stock market crash in which you lose all your money can do that to you. You feel like a victim. Grumpy about the life she didn’t like, she crashed her Camry Hybrid in a wave of desperation and distraction into a parked car. “Like in a bad movie,” she smirks, “but it finally woke me up.”

It took her six decades to enter the wonderful world of self-love; she had practiced journalism for several years ending in her first traditionally published book, opened and sold successful businesses; a construction company, an art gallery, an organic restaurant and a clinic for natural treatment. After every experience followed a period of self-reflection and new insights before the next adventure was tackled.  After she lost everything she owned gambling the stock market, she fought her way back to success with her event planning company Eco and the Princess and, as a single mom, got her son into college.

Watching McGyver with her kid they lived the TV shows message: “There is always a solution.”

The story of her life centers in her inner rebel, the archetype that guided her but also crushed her when she didn’t listen. Her first word had supposedly been NO and questioning the “normal” or asking “what if…” became red threads through all the different personas she took on.

Her story, the many spiritual journeys, art therapy studies but especially her travels through the heights and lows of human feelings, brought her to a new level. After decluttering her life from limiting beliefs she became a warrioress for women empowerment.

“Reinvention at midlife,” she experienced,  “can be all you ever wanted. Finally.”

The fear of aging played an important role of her changing her life. “It gives you this sense of urgency, the now or never.” 

She said No to Ageism and turned every one of its judgments into its opposite. Invisible? Irrelevant? Weak? Fragile?  Not her expectations. Not her reality.

“We don’t grow old, we grow.”

Transforming negative energies into empowerment became her “thing” and got her out of the powerless period of her life into a truly joyful new confidence. “I sometimes walk my dog with a big smile on my face and don’t even know why I’m so happy.”

In her upcoming book “From Grumpy Bitch to Happy Witch”, she pulls us into the adventures of a rebel who wants to be heard and seen and finally to be “good enough.” She crashes and burns but also finds incredible magic, success and the freedom she had always yearned for.  She’s got that whole magic driven, gypsy warrior, soul witch bitch type of vibe.

That’s where her writer meets the coach. “We all have a rebel in us,” she says, “let’s use her fiery power to work with and not against us.” When we clear our sight we experience the beauty and magic of life.  The motto of her warrioress coaching is

“If you want to be a Goddess, (all you can be) you better be a Warrioress first.”

To help women with true confidence and adding magic into their lives she created the Ageless Rebel Planner, a cute sidekick for every day empowerment, which went into Amazon in May. Fashion became a tool for awareness, both an expression of who women are and a flashlight to their soul. “Fashion therapy” is one of the playful elements of her coaching packages, which she loves. “My approach of changing women lives is wrapped in story, adventure and imagery. The path to our true selves should be fun, like a Legend of Zelda game.”  With 15 years of event planning experience mindfully organizing people’s lives is one of her super powers and lifts her playfulness to success. After coaching over a thousand brides, moms and mother in laws through the ups and downs of wedding productions her intuition and listening skills were seriously polished.

“It feels like there’s no drama I haven’t seen or successfully overcome in my own life,” she says, “ if women are looking for strength, confidence, freedom and magic I’m the warrioress coach for them.”


The Ageless Rebel site:

The Planner:


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October 25, 2017

Lilach, your voice is powerful! I’m so grateful for your presence in this campaign and I’m so glad that you genuinely connected with the charismatic and resilient “warrioress” that is Angie. Thank you for sharing some of her light with us!

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