8 Ritual Ideas for Celebrating Beltane

April 20, 2022 1 Comment

8 Ritual Ideas for Celebrating Beltane

With the coming of May, we welcome in our next sabbat celebration on May 1st, known as Beltane. Commonly referred to as May Day, Beltane is a fire festival that marks the halfway point between the spring and summer equinox. With the energies of new beginnings and fertility in the air, this is known to be a joyous time of celebration that honors the joining of the May Queen (The Maiden) and the May King (Young Oak King) in a sacred union of love. As a result, the energies of fertility, passion, and new life are buzzing all around us as we celebrate the abundance of the earth, the rising sign, and the balance of feminine and masculine energy. 

With so much opportunity and vibrancy in the air, there are many jovial and light-hearted rituals you can take part in to honor the many energies around us at this time. And today, we’re going to share eight of our personal favorite rituals you can do to align and honor this fiery sabbat in a truly unique way. Let’s get started.

1. Craft a flower crown

Items needed:

-Flowers & nature pieces of your choosing

-Floral tape


To start, one of the most common ways to celebrate Beltane is by making a flower crown. With the flowers blooming from the new fertility that is filling the earth, now is a great time to get crafty with some of nature’s finest treasures by either buying flowers from the local market or collecting a few from your garden. 

While there are a variety of ways to do this, the easiest is to use a wire to mold a crown shape for your head and then secure it in place with floral tape. Then, you can carefully begin weaving your flowers, branches, twigs, leaves, pinecones, pine needles, or whatever else you prefer into the crown, securing them with floral tape or hot glue. You can then repeat this motion until you are done. 

To take this a step further and add more of a magical twist to your crafting, you can also focus your thoughts on the energies of new life and abundance that the earth has empowered us with, or even your own personal intentions as you weave your flower crown, allowing the weaving of these pieces to symbolize the weaving of these energies into your life, helping to manifest them into fruition. 

More than anything, this is just a simple ritual you can do with the earth's natural energy in a fun and unique way that truly celebrates and honors mother nature and all the life she gives. 

2. Work some candle magic

Next, since Beltane is also known to be a fire festival, working with fire on this day has long been a tradition. In fact, it was believed that those in old times were said to celebrate this magical day by safely hosting bonfires with kin and performing protection rituals for their families, crops, and livestock with it. However, since you may not have access to a bonfire at this time, you can also recreate this energy in your own way with candle magic.

For this, you can place a candle of your choosing in a safe space on your altar, ensuring you keep it away from anything flammable. Depending on what you're looking to manifest, you can choose a specific candle color, such as red for Beltane or white for protection, or any other symbolic color of your choosing to help better focus the energy. After this, you can then decorate around the candle with correspondences of the sabbat. This could include flowers, branches, twigs, or other correspondences of the season that call to you. However, just make sure these decorations are kept a safe distance away and are nowhere near the flame of the candle.


After this, you can place your hands on your candle, sending in your personal intention through visualization to welcome this sabbat and all the energies it brings into your life. You can then allow this candle to burn to completion or snuff it out if you are not able to burn it all the way through. Above all else, this candle ritual is just another way to honor Beltane’s fiery energy and welcome it into your space in a truly unique way. 

However, please remember to always take precautionary measures and be extremely careful when working with fire. And of course, never burn a fire in a non-fire-safe container and never leave any fire or flame unattended.

3. Craft your own maypole 

Items needed:

-Dowel rod or stick


-Hot glue

-Faux flowers

-Colorful ribbons

Next, to go along with other fun crafts of the season, another Beltane tradition commonly done by those who celebrate the sabbat is to dance around a maypole. A maypole is a large pole decorated with colorful ribbons and seasonal flowers for maidens to frolic around in a ceremonial dance. While the exact meaning isn’t known, this was believed to have been done to represent the coming together of the God and Goddess with the mix and intertwining of ribbons around the pole symbolizing their sacred union. However, if you don’t just have a maypole lying around, another great ritual to do for this sabbat is to craft your own mini maypole that is perfect to use for home decor or on an altar.

Now, while there are many different ways to craft your own maypole, our favorite way is to first get a dowel rod, a craft stick, or a sturdy stick from your garden. Then, take a few of your favorite ribbon colors and align them around the top in equal lengths. Once you’ve done that, you can then hot glue them or use a pushpin to hold them in place at the top so that they are still able to move and spin. After this, you can then take a small bundle of your favorite faux flowers and glue them on top of the pin, and then you’re done! 

However simple, maypoles can be a great item to place on your altar to honor the feminine and masculine aspects of this sabbat and can help you get crafty with the jovial energy associated with this day.  

4. Make Beltane foods with a magical twist

Next, as with most celebrations on the wheel of the year, food and joyous feast also play a large part in the celebratory aspects of this sabbat. In fact, many would often use fresh ingredients from their gardens to cook with at this time, such as mushrooms, mixed greens, vegetables, and fruits. However, you can truly work in the kitchen cooking up whatever speaks Beltane for you. 

Whether you choose to make a cake or veggie stir fry, the best part is that you can also add a simple magical twist to this by placing an intention or sigil into the food. Whether that’s a sigil for protection or prosperity, take full advantage of your kitchen witchery at this time and draw a sigil within the food with a fork or spoon, place your intention into it, and cook it to bring that intention to life. 

More than anything, this is just a simple way to honor the earth, the sabbat, and the abundant new growth in a fun and unique way that’s savory and delicious. 

5. Work some garden magic

Next, much like Ostara, Beltane is also a wonderful time to work with plant magic and gardening. Whether you’re just starting with a garden or working to help it grow, now is a wonderful time to get your hands dirty and work closely with the abundance of nature. For this, one of our favorite rituals is a seed enchantment ritual, and it’s super easy to do. All you have to do for this is start by holding a few seeds in your hands, set your intention into them (such as abundance, new opportunities, positive energy, grounding, etc.) through a brief visualization, and then plant them in fresh soil and watch them grow. 

Whether you choose to manifest protection, positivity, or new opportunities, seed magic is a great way to focus your thoughts and nurture that intention both energetically and physically with a little water, inner magic, and light throughout the season. 

6. Honor and work with the sabbat’s deities 

Next, nothing speaks a Beltane ritual quite like working closely with deities that are often associated with this time. With that said, a few of the common deities to work with for Beltane typically include the God, the Goddess, Persephone, Pan, Flora, Aphrodite, or Cernunnos. However, if there’s a specific deity calling to you at this time that isn’t on the list mentioned above, feel free to work with them, too, if it feels right.

Now, since each practice you do with your deities is unique and personal, one single ritual can be hard to choose for it. However, one idea you might consider is creating an altar in their honor or even placing corresponding items with specific deities around your space. Depending on the theme of your intention, you can also add additional decor outside of their personal correspondences. For example, if you’re focusing on abundance, you might try adding crystals and candles in the color green. Or, if you’re focusing on fertility, perhaps seeds or faux eggs, and so forth.

Whatever it is, once you’ve decided on the energies you want to focus on, you can then perform a ritual or leave an offering for the deities you’re working with and ask for their blessing in helping to invite these energies into your life. Above all else, this is a great way to show your gratitude for the deities associated with Beltane as well as work more closely with the energy themes around this divine celebration. 

7. Spend time in nature

Next, as with any of the eight sabbats, time spent in nature is never wasted, and that’s no different with Beltane. For that reason, if nothing else, try to get out in nature for a couple of minutes this sabbat. Whether you choose to frolic, take part in some cloud scrying, plant a garden, or hold a sun-lit ceremony, getting outside is a beautiful way to reconnect with the earth, ground your energy, and welcome the changes that this sabbat brings in the most powerful way. Of course, always be sure to say a prayer of gratitude to the sun and mother nature for the new fertility of the earth while you do so to welcome that energy into your heart fully and give back to them in the best kind of way.

8. Swap out beauty products for those aligned with the sabbat

Lastly, alongside decorating your altar with deity representation and fertility symbols, it’s also an excellent time to swap out any beauty products you’ve been using. While this may not seem like much of a ritual, to us, switching out and wearing products that have been crafted specifically for this sabbat with the scents, herbs, and oils that bring their own form of magic is a great way to honor the season in a totally unique way. With that said, let’s go over some of our top product choices for Beltane. 

1. Beltane vegan hand & body lotion

Starting with our Beltane vegan body lotion, this lotion is made of a versatile selection of all-natural organic ingredients designed to smooth, hydrate, and nourish the skin. With scent notes of lilac, rose, vanilla, rosemary, clove, and black pepper, this cruelty-free lotion invokes the feeling of dancing around a fire in spring woods with all your witchy sisters and is perfect for anyone looking to welcome in the passionate energy of Beltane into their space. On top of that, this lotion is also incredibly lightweight and provides long-lasting relief with each use, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to soften and hydrate their skin this season.

2. Beltane body spray

Next up, if you’re looking for a spray to use on your body or as an opening spray for a ritual, look no further than our Beltane body spray. With a rich floral scent layered with spice, this spray comes packaged in a 4oz PET bottle and is both vegan and cruelty-free. With a refreshing natural scent that inspires passion within our hearts, this spray features key notes of lilac, rose, vanilla, rosemary, clove, and black pepper and is the perfect addition to your daily routine to anoint your body with the fresh scents and powerful energies of the season.

3. Beltane vegan perfume

And lastly, if you’re looking to enhance your natural aroma with a little spring-time magic, look no further than our Beltane vegan perfume. Made with a base of fractionated coconut oil that doesn’t leave any oily residue, this medium-strength perfume is carefully crafted with all-natural ingredients and is both vegan and cruelty-free. With key botanical notes such as rose, vanilla, lilac, clove, and rosemary, this perfume helps to invite a warm and sultry aroma to your body that is rich in the passionate celebratory energies of Beltane and is invigorating in the most enchanting way possible.


Overall, Beltane is a beautiful time of welcoming new life, celebrating the growing light, and honoring the fertility of the earth all around us. No matter what way you choose to celebrate it, this is a truly divine period to reconnect yourself with the elements, the earth, and your inner witch as we welcome a near chapter into our lives. Be sure to take some time to get outside on this high-spirited day and breathe in all the divine and beaming life surrounding you. Nature is calling, and it’s time to go back to it. 

~ Blessed Beltane ~ 

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May 07, 2022

As always, the articles are fun, informative and a delight! I live in the PNW where at night it is still below zero, so planting is not an option yet… however, I am excited to empower the seeds I have and till my garden with egg shells as a beginning. Also, I cannot wait to make a flower wreath for my hair and a maypole. I will us that with my collection of Monster High dolls, LOL!!!! And no, I am not a kid ( just a 65 year old kid at heart). Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you

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