7 Tips for Connecting More With Your Divine Feminine Energy

January 17, 2023

7 Tips for Connecting More With Your Divine Feminine Energy

If you’re looking to connect more with yourself, channel more confidence, and learn to love yourself more, it’s time to welcome the divine feminine into your heart. Beautiful, wild, and free, the divine feminine is a powerful energy that lives within all of us and helps us to channel love, confidence, and kindness within ourselves. She allows us to find our voice to speak our truth and express ourselves authentically for who we are and helps us to understand the true sacredness of life, ourselves, and the universe. 

From a young age, many of us are taught to repress the wild spirit of the divine feminine by holding back our emotions, judging and comparing ourselves, and never speaking our truth. This lack of connection with this divine energy can bring about many issues in our lives, including co-dependency, uncontrollable emotions, and a lack of confidence. Over time, this can push us to grow distance from our divine self and cause our world to fall out of balance in many different ways. 

For that reason, it’s time we all start taking back our power and embrace more of this beautiful energy as we learn to love ourselves for exactly who we are. And to help you get started with that, today, we’re going to go over seven ways you can connect more with the divine feminine to grow into a version of yourself that you will truly love. Let’s get started. 

1. Practice more self-love 

The first way to connect more with the divine feminine energy is to practice more self-love in your life. Just as the divine masculine is focused on logic, reason, and matters of the mind, the divine feminine is focused on emotion, intuition, and matters of the heart. This energy is all about learning to love yourself for who you are and helps welcome gentleness, kindness, and confidence into your spirit. 

Whether that be through stating loving affirmations to ourselves or complimenting ourselves more each day, her influence is all about nurturing within and showing us the beauty of our mind, body, and soul to remind us just how beautiful and magical we truly are. For that reason, making self-love practices a regular in your routine is a great way to connect deeper with her influence and help you learn to love and cherish yourself for the miracle you are every single day. 

2. Connect more with your body

Another tip for connecting with the divine feminine energy is to take more time to connect with your body. As the embodiment of divine love and motherly nurturing, the divine feminine recognizes the beauty and grace of the body in all its shapes and sizes. She reminds us that we are all beautiful in our unique expression of the self and to always love ourselves for that. 

As such, to connect more with her influence, find different ways in your daily routine to move, express, and love your body. Take up sensual yoga, exercise, and feed your body nutritious food. Look at your body not with judgment––but with love and admiration for all the incredible things it does for you in a single given moment. Treat your body as a temple, not only with proper nutrition and exercise, but with nurturing kindness, and remember to thank it for all it does every day. If you do this, you are sure to feel the magic of the divine feminine in your heart in no time. 

3. Prioritize self-care

Another tip for connecting deeper with the divine feminine is to prioritize self-care. Just as you should exercise regularly and fuel your body, remember to also prioritize your mental and emotional well-being as well. Take time to find balance in your day through gentle activities that ease your mind and bring you to be present in the moment. This could include activities such as taking a bath, meditating, or even journaling.

While the divine feminine is energetic and wild, she knows the importance of rest and rejuvenation. So, whatever you do, make sure self-care is a priority in your daily routine to keep yourself balanced and help you channel more of her divine essence into your life through every little thing you do.

4. Honor and love yourself through all your phases

Another tip for connecting more with the divine feminine is to honor yourself through all of your phases. While she is motherly and loving, she is also strong-willed and powerful. She knows her worth and understands the beauty of all sides of herself, and views them equally without judgment. 

As such, a powerful way to connect with this energy is to start telling yourself a different story than the one you’ve been telling yourself for years. The story that people around you and society have told you about yourself that causes you to question, judge, and compare yourself, as well as the story that sees nothing but beauty in others but a lack of beauty within yourself.

Leave this story behind and write a new one full of love, kindness, and acceptance for yourself. One where you stop comparing and instead allow yourself to break free without fear or judgment. One where you remind yourself every day of your worth and love yourself for exactly who you are. That is the key to welcoming more of the divine feminine influence into your life and learning to love yourself more authentically. 

So, take some time every day to put in the work to rewire your attitude toward yourself. While it may take some time, it is bound to help you see yourself in a beautiful new light and will be so worth it in the end.

5. Connect more with the cycles of nature and the moon

Another way to connect more with the divine feminine is to get more in touch with the cycles of nature, such as the moon. The moon has often been associated with the divine feminine and is believed to be a beautiful expression of her glow, intuition, and mystical influence in our lives in many different ways. 

As such, if you want to welcome more of this influence into your life, try to connect more with the night mother. You could do this by meditating more outside under the starry night sky, tracking the phases of the moon and finding different ways to honor them, or even performing moon rituals, such as moon journaling or making moon water. Whatever it is, take some time away from the screens to look up and admire the moon and invite her mystical aura into your heart. 

Aside from invoking magic within yourself, this is sure to remind you how magnificent your existence truly is amidst the atmosphere. 

6. Listen to your intuition

Another tip for connecting deeper with the divine feminine is learning to listen to your intuition more. While the divine masculine is believed to be ruled by the mind and rationality, the divine feminine is believed to be ruled by heart and emotion. As such, learning to listen to those little nudges and their meaning is a great way to welcome her into your heart. 

Big or small, listen to the feelings within yourself and work on trusting them more and more. Over time and with continued trust, you’ll begin to see how much of a part she plays in the smallest of ways and how, once you surrender control and listen to the divine energy within, your life will continue to change and grow in the best way possible. 

7. Honor your emotions without judgment 

Lastly, another tip for welcoming the divine feminine into your life is to learn to honor all of the feelings within yourself. Much like honoring all sides of yourself, it’s time to accept all emotions you feel. 

At a young age, many of us were taught that expressing certain emotions was wrong, which caused many of us to repress them as we grew older. But now, it’s time to unlearn that and realize that feeling emotion is an important form of expressing who you are and should never be frowned upon. Try not to look at your emotions with judgment or make yourself feel bad for not feeling 100% all the time. Understand that it’s normal to feel all of your emotions, and you should never feel bad for doing so. 

When we take the time to learn why we experience these emotions and allow them to be felt freely without judging them or pushing them away, it breaks us free from the hold we’ve placed on ourselves and allows us to step out of the belief that we need to repress how we feel in order to conform to other people’s opinions. This realization allows us to grow wiser and more aware of ourselves and our feelings and allows us to truly be authentically ourselves. 

So, if you’re looking to welcome more divine feminine energy into your heart, learn to let your emotions be felt. Let them be expressed in the way they need to be, and be unapologetic about feeling them. Through patience and time, this can help you to open your heart to more divine love and acceptance and help you to learn to let your energy flow as it is meant to without any blockages. 



Overall, the divine feminine is a beautiful force that lives within all of us. She is love, kindness, power, and intuition, and helps us to channel these energies within ourselves. Welcoming her into your heart helps us recognize our divine presence, become more in touch and love with ourselves, and step into our personal power. 

Let her wild spirit run free within you and allow it to guide you toward the most empowered version of yourself. With her guidance, you’re sure to find a deeper understanding and love for life and yourself in no time. 

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