2022 Yearly Horoscope

December 31, 2021

2022 Yearly Horoscope

It’s a new year and a new you Zodiac signs, and with so many cosmic changes happening around us right now, that saying has never rung so true. While 2021 was quite a powerful year for transition and change for all of us for a lot of different reasons, 2022 is predicted to help us start bringing those changes into fruition in a new light with an emphasis on alignment, empowerment, and forward movement. For this reason, many of the signs will likely find that their tolerance levels for an unfulfilling life will burst this year, and many changes are likely to take place in a number of areas of our lives as a result. 

With that said, to start, the year kicks off with a powerful retrograde in Venus carrying over from December 2021 onward until January 29th, 2022, which is bound to shake things up. Since Venus is known symbolically to be the planet of love, when it goes retrograde, energies can be a little uncertain for lovers. As a result, this could stir issues between partners or, potentially, pull partners closer. Either way, you’ll have to navigate the situation carefully, as a lot of emotional change and reflection are bound to be taking place at this time. To follow, Mercury will also be going into retrograde on January 14th, heightening our need to reflect and let go of negative aspects of our lives. With so many emotions to think over at this time, this could potentially stir up impatience and emotional frustration within all signs that must be navigated carefully in order to avoid impulsive decision making. Aside from this, Saturn will be getting cozy in the sign of the Aquarius this year, highlighting the energies of hard work, success, luck, and determination, likely giving the signs a much-needed boost into action on many professional and creative endeavors with the potential to bring a possible career change. This will be happening alongside Jupiter, which will be making way through the Pisces and the Aries this year, highlighting expansion, luck, and new beginnings as one of the key themes for all of the signs this year. To top it all off, we will also be taken through another powerful retrograde by Mars at the end of October, which will likely push the signs to re-examine their life and their choices, especially related to career work, allowing plenty of room for change and transition to take place.

Overall, while these are only a few of the major energetic highlights of the year, all around, this will likely be a powerful year of transformation in many different ways. However, to give you a better idea of what the year of 2022 may hold for your Zodiac sign, here’s is an overview of some of the energies that are likely to be felt by the Zodiac signs this new year and what each sign can do to try to make the most of them. Let’s get started. 

 Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Starting with the Aries, 2022 is expected to bring you a year of transformation. While you’ll likely be starting the year off slow, bigger things are on your horizon this year as you work to shed your skin and grow into a new and improved ram, like never before. However, in order to reach your highest self, a lot of inner work and transformation will have to be done first. As a result, the first few months of the year are likely to highlight your need for slowing down and prioritizing self-care with the help of Mercury and Venus retrograde. As a result, this could also have your outlook, needs, and goals changing. This could ultimately leave you feeling a little reserved at the beginning of the year and could push you to be doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work all year long. However, you should take your time here and trust that in your heart, when the time to act comes, you’ll know and be ready for it. Above all else, personal values and self-care are big themes for you this year and should be taken seriously. Now is the time for preparation, Aries. Don’t ignore it. 

In your career, there are likely to be many fundamental changes in your career this year, as well as some highs and lows in income. With your personal values changing overall, this could have you seeking alternative sources of income or considering a new job that aligns more with the current future you’re creating for yourself. As a result, keeping your eyes fixated on the future will likely serve as your guiding point for moving forward throughout 2022. Aside from this, this year, some months of the year will also likely see major boosts in income, while others may ask you to save and preserve what you have. Truly, you can never be too careful with your money this year, Aries, and are encouraged to go with the flow of what feels right at the moment to make the best decision in regards to your finances. 

In love, 2022 isn’t likely to put the biggest focus on your relationship this year, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still changes to be expected in it. With the overall theme of your year focused on finding yourself again, you can likely expect some transitions if you’re in a relationship as you and your partner work to navigate the change in values and behavior between you two. As a result of these changes, you may also find yourself becoming more independent in love matters. On the other hand, if things haven’t felt right in your relationship recently and you find yourself growing away from your partner with your new sense of self, you could see the end of a relationship this year, but it will ultimately be for the betterment of yourself along your journey of alignment. For single people, you are likely to meet many different potential partners throughout this year as you continue to grow and expand in your ideas and values. Later in the year, due to the planetary changes, confidence will likely be returning to you, as well as a better idea of what you could want from a potential partner. Either way, time should be taken to prioritize you for a bit in the beginning months before considering something new, as this will help to give you a better chance at finding a lasting connection with someone.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20):

For the Taurus, 2022 is likely to highlight your mental and emotional well-being, as well as some new changes in friendships, community, and personal goals. While this year is sure to have many ups and downs in different areas of your life, a huge theme for you will be realigning and expanding yourself in new ways to find better fulfillment for yourself due to the helpful influence of Jupiter. As a result, you may go through a period of your life in the early months of the year where you may find yourself feeling unfulfilled in life. This will likely have you planting new seeds of intention in the early months of the year as you begin to develop a clearer vision of the path you want to be on. Aside from this, friendships and community support are also likely to be big themes for you this year as well, as you navigate new relations with other people and expand through networking to not only develop new friendships but also develop better business connections. More than anything, you’re likely to be doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work this year. As a result, this may be a good time to work to build faith with the Universe as well as confront negative areas of your past self that you’re still carrying in order to make way for a better future.

In your career, 2022 predicts changes and challenges in work. Many shifts throughout the year in your career could test the foundation on which you build your life, which could ultimately awaken you to the weaker points of yourself and your career goals. However, this should only help push you to become stronger in the pursuit of your values, ultimately contributing to the betterment of your wellbeing. As a result, you may find yourself rising to be a leader to many of those around you and are likely to find success when you follow your heart. To follow, you may even find yourself picking up old work projects that you began long ago with a newly inspired vision. As a result, you may even be able to bring them to fruition finally, which will likely boost your confidence even further. 

In love, 2022 is predicted to bring a lot of reflection into your space as you work to express yourself more freely in love. As you continue to grow and expand with your desires, this should help to better attract a partner best fit for you and could potentially stem from a friendship you once had. Not to mention, this is could also have you seeking someone outside of your usual type and one that is open to your new way of thinking. However, with that said, you’ll also likely be seeking quite a bit of independence within yourself that you’ll want to keep in your love life. As a result, this could stir issues if you’re with the wrong partner and take some compromise if you wish to keep the relationship going. If you are single, other people may have a hard time understanding you with all that you’re going through. However, it’s not for you to explain it to them, Taurus. Therefore, make sure you wait for someone to come along that does understand and appreciate you for you. Towards the summer months, there may be a few new opportunities that arise seemingly out of the blue. However, be careful of making rash choices in love this year and make sure you only make a decision after you’ve thoroughly thought it through.


 Gemini (May 21 - June 20):

For the Gemini, the year 2022 is predicted to bring powerful advancement into your space. More than anything, think of last year as your year of change, growth, and alignment for you, as the Universe put you through a series of trials to help you better align with where you are now. However, 2022, on the other hand, is predicted to be the next step in that journey, pushing you to make bigger strides towards success this year as you align with the energies of expansion, specifically in networking, your dreams, and your career, with the help of expansive Jupiter. In fact, you will likely benefit greatly from meeting new people this year and expanding your social circle in regards to friends or business connections. Not to mention, forming new connections could even inspire you to start a new group or organization, which has the potential for success in the right setting. On top of this, while you are typically the happy-go-lucky sign that loves to party, 2022 may also have you putting a deeper emphasis on your personal and professional responsibilities as you seek to create a more stable foundation for yourself than you have in the past. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t make plenty of time for fun as well. I mean, you’re a Gemini, after all. All around, the year 2022 is all themed around, dreaming a little bigger, making bigger strides, and gaining more confidence as you grow and expand in new areas. While there are likely to be some challenges along the way that test your faith, you are advised to listen to your intuition more than ever to help you push through them. Go get ‘em, Gemini. 

In your career, due to the planets moving in your favor throughout 2022 and the influence of Jupiter in your chart, expansion is predicted to occur in all areas of your career this year. This includes expansion in your ambitions, drive, work-related goals, and reputation in the workplace. Finally, the hard work you’ve been putting in for so long is likely starting to come to fruition, Gem. As a result, you could find yourself rising up to a new position in the workplace at some point this year, as you are likely to gain extensive recognition from your superiors if you keep putting in honest work. As a result, you could also meet several new people who are likely to help you keep moving forward that are more in line with the goals you have, and are willing to do what they can to help you get there. However, while you should certainly chase these opportunities while they are here, be careful not to overwork yourself or take on too much responsibility at work if you are not ready for it, as this could lead you down a path of failure. Striving to keep a balance of all work and play in your life will be essential for you this year. 

In love, with Venus in retrograde at the start of the year, you’re likely to start the year off doing a lot of reflection in love as you navigate it more slowly. This may put things on a bit of a hold in your love life for a while but isn’t likely to last long, as other planetary influences in your love life are likely to stir up passions again. With so much reflection you’re doing in your life right now, you may find yourself stirring complications in love. This could also stem from the intense growth both you and your partner are likely experiencing in your personal lives, which could cause you to grow further apart. For that reason, you and your partner will have to work together to decide if changes or problems in your relationship throughout the year will make or break your connection. For those who are single, new love opportunities should arise throughout the year for you, specifically in professional or business connections, as you’re likely to be networking and meeting new people. As a result of many highs and lows, this year, love at times can be a little unpredictable, with strong periods of lust and confidence and others full of stillness and dullness. People from your past may also rise to the occasion once more this year, and you will need to navigate any situations involving them very carefully.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22):

For Cancer, 2022 is likely to bring some new refreshing changes into your life. Over the course of the year, a lot of your beliefs, goals, and dreams have begun to change, and you’re likely to keep that theme going into the new year with a plethora of new ideas and aspirations. In fact, you’re likely going to continue to shed your skin into someone new this year, with the ‘out with the old and in with the new’ mentality. As a result, you’re likely to move into the year with stars in your eyes as you dream a little bigger and go seeking new adventures with beautiful and inspiring confidence. Rewards are likely to come to you near the summer months of the year as a result of hard work and planning put in during the early months. This should have you finding better balance in your life now, pushing your ambition to improve many different areas of your life to better align with the energy you’re feeling now. However, this year, you are encouraged to work to focus on keeping yourself level. We both know that sometimes you can let anxiety get the best of you, and it can lead you down an endless spiral of stress. Therefore, this year you are encouraged to try to be more flexible in your life and not let the small things get the best of you. Instead, try to approach your life with a more carefree attitude when it comes to small inconveniences and worries. Overall, trusting your intuition should take you far this year and is likely to be your best friend in stressful situations. 

In your career, your work this year is predicted to grow and expand, just as your thoughts and your efforts do. In fact, this is believed to be a particularly good year for those looking to improve their social standing at work. As a result, you’re likely to have key moments of recognition throughout the year for your continuous hard work that may rise to bring you better rewards in the near future. Connections with superiors or coworkers may also develop further this year as well, strengthening your connection with others and improving your overall experience at work. However, you could potentially experience some minor issues with finances this year, earning less during some months of the year than others, but it’s nothing that should leave a lasting impression on your savings. Also, take heed that you could fall into a few repetitive patterns this year, taking on more than you can handle, which could negatively affect your career and your personal life. Pace yourself this year, water sign, and make it a priority to make time for success in money as well as success in self-care. 

In love, those in a relationship could experience a variety of different thoughts and feeling this year. More than anything, this year is likely to offer you a deeper understanding of who you are in love, who you want to be, and what you want and need from a partner. Illusions will likely be shed between partners now, and lovers will begin to see things about each other and their relationship a little more clearly. As a result, this could push a need for adjustment between partners, as they work to explore new areas of each other in a bold new light. Compromises will need to be met in all areas of relationships this year, from finances to responsibilities, in order to keep each other happy. For single Cancers, casual relationships are likely this year, as you become a little less worried about needing to control situations in love and aim to better go with the flow. As a result, you’ll likely be feeling a little more spontaneous and free in love this year, which could take you on a variety of new adventures. Your independence is also growing this year, so you should better be able to judge who a good partner is for you without any emotional impulses. Many chances for new beginnings are likely in love this year, and Cancer’s are encouraged to trust their intuition to lead the way. 

Leo (July 23 - August 22):

For the Leo, there’s been a big change shifting in you for a while now, mighty lion. You likely felt it periodically throughout 2021, and it’s still here lingering within you now in 2022, urging you for change. But for what exactly? Well, in fact, 2022 is likely here to help you illuminate that change further and push further progress on it. As a result, 2022 is likely to be a year of empowered transformation for you. You may start to wonder what else there is out there for you, Leo, which could spark inspiration for you to grow, expand, and adventure more this year. All around, while your perspective on the world and who you are may be changing, this isn’t likely to be a negative aspect of your life, and in fact, could prove to be incredibly empowering for you. This year, seeking new knowledge is likely to be of interest to you periodically throughout the year and could inspire you with new ideas for your own personal endeavors. On top of that, this year, you’re also likely to take more time to connect with your emotional senses, working through emotional attachments that have been negatively affecting you, helping to free yourself once more, and allowing yourself to better connect with your soul desires. Aside from this, family and friend connections are likely to be big for you this year as well and will likely allow you to experience new parts of yourself and find new interests. Seeking balance this year will also be one of the biggest themes for you, so make sure you make plenty of time for it as well.

In your career, things are expected to be continuously changing for you in your career this year, but it is also likely to offer many new and exciting changes for you. With your thoughts changing, success may start to look a little different for you now, Leo, and that’s not a bad thing. As a result, some new independence and innovation or a change of direction in the work you do may be on your horizon this year, and you may benefit from working more with trusted individuals, especially if you are a business owner. However, your career life this year could certainly experience some highs and lows and even be a little unpredictable at times. Regardless, you are advised to try to make the most of the situation if and when it arises with your new and optimistic outlook. A balance between your personal and professional life will be essential for you this year.

In love, your relationships this year will likely offer you many new opportunities to gain more confidence in yourself and allow yourself to become more emotionally vulnerable to others. As a result, relationships could either experience highs that involve deep intimate connection and ample communication, or they could experience lows that could emerge selfishness, anger, and judgment between lovers. Self-discovery will be the biggest theme, and you should do what you can to seek comfort in true love and not in material pleasures. For Leo’s that are single, you may put the expectation on yourself to find someone new in order to fit in better with your social crew. However, you shouldn’t allow this to control your choices in love, Leo, and are advised to push any expectation for yourself aside to find something more meaningful on your own time and terms. If singles delve into a relationship this year, you can expect it to be likely rocky at times. You will need to ask yourself if this new person you are with truly has your best interest in mind or if this is just a pressured fling that is actually quite toxic. 

Virgo (August 23 - September 22):

For the Virgo, 2022 is likely to bring a rich invitation for you to delve into deeper connections with yourself and the people around you. In fact, with the current vibration you’re on, connecting with more people this year may help to benefit your mental health in several different ways as well as inspire you with new exciting ideas where you may find yourself exploring some new territory in your life. With the planetary leaders, such as Uranus, guiding the way towards spring, you may find that ideas flow to you a little more smoothly, and you could find yourself embarking on new adventures as a result. Aside from this, a lot of experimenting in different areas of your life may be common for you this year as you work to navigate your life with a more goal-oriented approach designed to serve you. Aside from this, Mercury retrograde could cause some setbacks in your life this year which could leave you taking steps backward on your journey but may also help to offer you a new perspective. This could cause things to be a bit unpredictable, but it is bound to shed light on many different lessons for you when looking back. 

In your career, you could experience a lot of trial and error in your work this year. At times, it may feel like the world is against you when it comes to advancing, and problems could easily arise with the people around you as a result. However, the most important thing this year will be finding a balance in the workplace and allowing yourself to take baby steps to meet all the tasks at hand without overworking yourself. Aside from this, themes related to job changes could plague you this year, and you may find yourself trying your hand at something a little more serious and more fulfilling. You’re not the same Virgo you were last year, and it may be time to find something that feels more like you that also delivers the respect and support you deserve from your colleagues. While this could require a lot of learning and adjustment from you that could ultimately have you doubting yourself, you should remember to trust your intuition to guide you, as it will never leave you astray. Above all else, trust that to be guiding light this year when times are uncertain.

In love, change is a big theme in romantic relations this year due to the influence of Jupiter in your sector. As a result, this could either bring new opportunities for lovers to grow together or potentially illuminate problems in relationships, which could put couples in a frustrating space. Break-ups are likely in damaged relationships this year and may prove to be for the best upon looking back. However, healthy relationships and long-term connections will likely thrive, for the most part, working together as a team to build a more mutually beneficial connection. Changes could occur with independence and communication but can likely be handled easily as long as there is honesty and acceptance between you two. For single Virgo’s, luck in love is likely to be a big theme for you overall as you continue to connect more with individuals around you. However, while meeting people can certainly be good, you will need to be very careful about who you give your heart to this year, as there are predicted to be a lot of issues with meeting inauthentic people. Therefore, make sure you are careful about delving into anything serious with someone new until you’ve gotten to know them for a bit. This doesn’t mean all relationships will be bad, however. With time and proper setting, Virgo’s could meet someone potentially long-term for them this year that could complement them in all the ways they’ve been seeking. As mentioned above, patience will be key to delivering this connection and certainly won’t be without a little adjustment.

Libra (September 23 - October 22):

For Libra, growth, self-improvement, and adjustment are likely to be big themes for you this year. More than anything, your attitude towards different areas of your life is likely to change a lot this year. After some much-needed detoxing, reflection, and planning at the beginning of the year, you may have a better idea of what you truly want for yourself at this current spot in your journey and are likely to soon start making strides to reach it. However, this journey isn’t, in any way, going to be easy, Libra, and is likely to bring you through many ups and downs along the way. Keeping your faith towards what you feel is right will be your guiding light here. Just because something is comfortable doesn’t mean it’s right, Libra, and you’re starting to realize this. If you want to achieve new results in your life, you have to be willing to go to places you never thought you would. Detachment from many things of the past is likely to occur this year, and while it may be difficult at times, it is such a necessary step to take for your journey of personal growth. Aside from this, your creative endeavors, thanks to the influence of planets like Saturn, will also likely take the spotlight this year, and you could find yourself striving to create income from a creative passion or hobby. 

In your career, confidence and ambition are likely to be a driving force for you in work for much of the year, which could have you saying yes to every new opportunity that comes up. Plenty of new inspirations and ideas will likely come to you for your job this year, which could inspire you to work to take them a step further. This will likely have you feeling quite empowered and proud with all that you’re getting done, but it should be handled carefully, as you may end up overloading yourself. Aside from this, new jobs are possible this year if you feel like your current place of work is no longer enjoyable or fulfilling for you. As a result, you should prioritize your health and well-being in all aspects of your life this year, as this will be one of the keys to finding fulfillment. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons and make the decision based on what feels right for you individually at the time, Libra. 

In love, more than ever, you may find yourself seeking fulfillment in your life as a huge priority this year. This is most likely due to your need to strive for better things for yourself in your personal life in general. After some reflection, due to the influence of Venus retrograde at the beginning of the year, you likely have a better idea of what you want and deserve now, which will likely see you implementing that more into the year moving forward. Those in a relationship may have to work through pre-existing problems, but if they are willing to compromise and communicate, they should be able to work through it and come out stronger. For single Libra’s, casual love should come easily this year if you put yourself out there, and you may approach it with a fun attitude. You may have luck, in particular, towards the spring and summer months of the year, as the planets maybe inspire some confidence and luck within you. Casual relationships could be a hit or a miss this year in terms of long-term connections but are certainly worth trying if and when it feels right. 

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):

For the Scorpio, 2022 is predicted to bring new areas of change into your life. With so many energies of the past occurring this year with the influence of Mercury retrograde and the year’s overall theme in general, you’re likely to finally put your foot down towards the things no longer serving you and work to release them once and for all. For this reason, this can be an incredibly empowering year for you as you begin to prioritize the things important to you more than ever and learn to have a little more fun. As a result, you’re likely to move through the year with a more optimistic, fun-seeking attitude that is pushing you to expand yourself and embrace your creative side more than ever. Because of this, you may find that expressing yourself in fun ways could inspire you to seek recognition or income for your talents, which could ultimately result in a new journey elsewhere. Aside from this, self-care will also be a big theme for you this year, as working too much on all these ambitions could prove to be tiresome. Therefore, make sure you take time away as needed to keep your ambition roaring. 

In your career, new opportunities are predicted to be all around you this year, and you should have no trouble finding a job if you’re actively looking. Opportunities for new employment are also likely to rise this year, and you should have no trouble accepting them if you’re ready. On top of that, new ideas are likely coming to you in regards to work this year, and your focus is truly unbeatable. As a result, you should be feeling good all-around with your career situation. The main problem this year is predicted to be in regards to overworking yourself and ensuring proper balance in your life to avoid it.

In love, 2022 is predicted to be a year of ups and downs in your love life as you begin to navigate the energies of new beginnings all around you. The year starts in Venus retrograde, setting the tone for inner reflection in love and a reassessment of relationships. As a result, you may feel a little out of it in love for a few weeks following this change, and it could set the tone for much of the year for working through problems in love as well as reassessing your choices in it. However, the entire year won’t be like this, and this is only likely to be a for a few months. Much of the year will also likely be spent putting a focus on your needs in love, which could stir up some deeper connections with a partner than before. Aside from this, partners may find someone of their past may return to them this year and are advised to navigate the situation carefully. For those who are single, 2022 could be rich in new opportunities for love for you as you begin to expand and explore your horizons more than ever. Someone from your past could also return to you this year, or you may just find yourself reflecting on the past that you once had with them. Either way, you’ll need to be very careful in these kinds of situations and remember that your past is in the past for a reason. Be careful not to act rashly. 

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21):

For the Sagittarius, your personal life is predicted to be a big focus for you this year. From your home life to your personal goals and dreams with your family, all things involving the people closest to you are likely to be a big priority for you as you continue to grow and change into a more mature figure with a new attitude. Possibilities of moving or even buying a home could potentially be on the horizon for some, as your mind may just be a little more focused on the future due to the influence of planets such as Venus or Jupiter. However, while change may be on the horizon for you, you have to be careful about overspending or overworking yourself this year on your mission to see these dreams come to fruition. Pacing will be key. Aside from this, you’re likely to be aiming to move through your life with a more carefree and optimistic approach, allowing you to make the most of every moment to come. As a result, you’ll likely have frequent bursts of creative energy as well as more passion for all your personal projects that arise. However, it doesn’t mean everything will be emphasized this year. In fact, you also have a chance of struggling in personal growth, patience, and communication with those around you this year. Ultimately, this will likely prove to be a big learning process for you and may take time to work through, but it can surely be imagined with ample effort. 

In your career this year, with so many changes in your attitude towards the values in your life and what you want from the future, you’re likely to undergo a change in feeling towards your job and finances this year. Dreaming big for the future, you may find yourself seeking a more appropriate job to support you and your ambitions, or you may just be a little more careful in saving your money. Not to mention, you’re also likely aiming to find a job that truly represents who you are instead of what is comfortable and convenient, and that will require a lot of patience and persistence to do so. For those looking to work for themselves this year, there may be significant effort required, as well as patience before you feel totally comfortable on your feet with transitioning into this. But, with enough attention, a job change such as this could potentially be realized later on. 

In love, with a significant influence from Saturn this year, a large focus is likely to be put on your communication sector. This could have you and your partner working through problems, `growing closer, as well as working to find a better compromise in your relationship. Acceptance and independence will likely be big themes for lovers this year, as you learn to improve your relationship further as a team, as well as learn to love each other a little better without limitations. A lot of reflection is likely in love periodically throughout the year, especially in the fall/winter months as you work to navigate a more fulfilling path for the both of you. If you are single, the warmer months of the year are more likely to bring new love interests into your space. Many of which are likely to bring lessons to you in love. Good or bad, they are sure to be enlightening to you and help you to better learn what you want, need, and are willing to tolerate in love. 

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19):

For Capricorn, your personal life is likely to be one of the biggest highlights of 2022. With some self-improvement activities to spending more time with better communication with partners and friends, this year is going to be bringing forth better connections towards those around you, which will likely be very empowering for you. Aside from this, another big theme for you in 2022 is likely to be about finding better security and stability in your life. This is likely to be a recurring theme for you this year, as at times you may find yourself fixated on all things balance, and at other times you may become detached and uncertain, focusing more on leisure time and enjoying yourself in good company. The key will be working to find a balance between these two this year, and while it may take time, it will certainly help in your own personal journey to self-improvement. All around, change and transformation in many different areas of your life this year are likely as you become more aligned with your inner self and work to express yourself more in love, work, communication, and creativity like never before. 

In your career, you may find yourself feeling like you are not living up to your potential this year or making the money you would like to be. However, this isn’t likely to stop you as you’re likely to push harder than you have in work or a potential new job to reach your goals. On top of that, this year could also bring forth some stress in finances, and you may be more inclined to hold your money closer throughout the year as a result. As a result, you may have some lessons to learn in overspending this year, as you learn to find more of a balance between spoiling yourself and saving. Truly, saving money isn’t ever a bad thing, Cap, and this year is likely to highlight your need for better budgeting to help you understand that. 

In love, Venus retrograde at the start of the year could set the tone for a reflection or uncertainty in love. You could be seeking more in a partner than you’re getting right now, and this could cause you some confusion about where to go in a relationship. However, the months following should help to illuminate the right path to be on and are likely to serve as a guide towards the right choice for making or breaking it. If problems of the current time and the past are handled between lovers and the participants are both willing to put more effort in, it will likely help pave the way to a more sentimental connection towards the middle of the year. If you are single, 2022 could bring some casual dating that could be a little unpredictable this year. While the start of the year is likely urging you to stay still awhile and not act boldly, new relationships are certainly possible, especially towards the spring and summer months of the year. As a result, this could either bring forth some great potential long-term opportunities or may leave you feeling out of your comfort zone with someone a little chaotic and unpredictable. Either way, you’ll have to trust your intuition to lead you to any new potential love interests this year to better find one fit for what you want and need.  

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18):

For the Aquarius, 2022 is likely to offer you a rich period of personal growth, innovation, and moving forward with a more inspired step. To say that you’ve already been going through quite the transformation in recent months is an understatement, Aquarius, and it’s likely to continue this year, but with an emphasis more on movement ahead beyond it. This will likely have you looking at life and yourself in a new light, which could have you moving forward with a new attitude. As a result, this year will likely start with you feeling a need to cut ties to the past to help yourself move forward more freely. As many of the signs, the way you think and the things you value are also likely beginning to change, and this is allowing you to move forward now with a new sense of who you are and what kind of life you want to create. At times, you may find yourself to be a little hesitant in the pursuit of your goals, while other times may be full of ambition. This is likely to be a general tone for you this year as you work to navigate your feelings, wants, and needs in all areas of your life to better serve the future you’re trying to create. 

In your career, opportunities for expansion in your work this year are likely to be a theme for the Aquarius sign. With such a different perspective on life, in general, this year, this could have you seeking a new line of work or changes in your attitude towards a current job. Either way, change is likely to be lingering in your career sector in one way or another, and you are advised to use your intuition to lead you the right way. Later on in the year, you’re likely to start making bigger moves and bigger decisions with your career and financial sector and should navigate it carefully. Aside from this, you could find at times, you are a bit careless with your spending this year and will need to learn to gain better control over impulses in order to avoid monetary issues. 

In love, reflections and cord-cutting in relationships are likely to be done in the first part of the year due to the influence of Venus’s retrograde. This could bring forth some changes in love regarding compromise, past relationships, as well as your needs in your current relationship. Communication and action on these problems areas should likely help to bring more of a positive change to relationships if connections are healthy and if things are handled maturely and respectively. This is not a time for rash decisions or pressure, as this could quickly dwindle even the toughest love connections. For those who are single, you may find yourself with a new attitude for pursuing new love this year, which could have you moving quickly from one relationship to another. Good things could potentially come from this, while it can also be a little unpredictable with the current planetary influences this year, which could have you feeling a bit reclusive at times. Mature relationships are more likely to come if you take things slow, so navigate this carefully. 

Pisces (February 19 - March 10):

And lastly, for Pisces, the theme for 2022 is likely to be based around all things you. In fact, this year is likely to put a large emphasis on personal development, as well as your personal goals, dreams, and aspirations. Due to a returning karmic cycle, the first few months of the year are likely to bring about rewards for hard work you’ve been putting in––if you’ve been putting it in. If not, this could be a period of transition for you, where you could find realignment with your goals and priorities once more, becoming more focused on what you want from this lifetime. For many, this year is also likely to bring a lot of new opportunities in your life to grow, expand, and try something new. More than ever, you may be seeking more freedom and self-expression than you have in a while, and this year, as well as major influences from planets such as Jupiter, are certainly pushing it. Aside from this, deeper connections with your social circle are also likely this year, as you may begin to see the joy of new beginnings with the people you love. 

In your career, with so many changes taking place in your personal life this year, you’re likely to begin feeling different in the workplace as well. More than ever, you seem to have no problem taking on more work and have a better understanding of what you can and cannot handle in the workplace. More than anything, you will need to be wary of going overboard in work, as this could leave a lasting negative impact on your life, self-worth, and finances. If there is hard work, proper pacing, and ambition, however, this can be a beautiful time that is rich in opportunity for the Pisces, with opportunities later in the month that may be able to help you expand businesses or plan ahead for more long-term finances. Take your time here. There’s truly no need to rush to the finish line.

In love, Venus retrograde will be setting a backward tone in love at the beginning of the year that could have you delving into thoughts of the past. This could have you reflecting on past lovers, comparing it with love now, or even wishing for something different. However, if you can work through such backward emotions, Pisces, this could also be a time of deeper understanding between partners that has a chance of flourishing even more towards the spring months. Not to mention, since you will also likely be feeling more like yourself throughout the year due to influences in your personal life, this could make any love connections you do have more authentic on your end, ultimately contributing to a more fulfilling relationship For those who are single, this is predicted to be a lucky year for new love interests and could come in the form of people from the past, people online, or even someone new entirely. Indecisiveness could occur at times of new love and should be thought through carefully to avoid making any bold choices. All around, this is predicted to be a good year for making new connections romantically and platonically and may just lead you to someone special if you’re patient. 


In conclusion, 2022 is rich in a plethora of new energies that are likely to take the signs for a whirl. Whether it puts an emphasis on your connections with your partner or your need for space at a job, the overall theme for many of the signs seems to be based on continued transformation, karmic energies returning, and moving forward with new introspection. Above all else, we hope this article has helped to give you a better idea of the changes that may be on the horizon for you this year, as well as an idea of how you may be able to navigate them more successfully. 

Happy 2022! 

Written by: The Spirit Chic

*It’s important to note that these are all general predictions based on the positioning of the planets and vary per sign and individual and do not guarantee any specific outcome, energy, or situation*

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