2019 Yearly Horoscope

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2019 Yearly Horoscope

In contrast to 2018, 2019 brings positive vibrations and offers a chance for every sign. Because of Jupiter in Sagittarius, we are awaiting the unraveling of the next year with a lot of optimism.

Last three years were pretty chaotic, and 2019 is going to give us a much needed time off, on both personal and professional level. Other than Sagittarius, the biggest prosperity can also be expected by the rest of the fire signs - Aries and Leo.

Saturn will be in Capricorn in this year and will be the planet that's in charge of our careers in this year. Ruling from its home constellation, it will bring the most benefits to those born under the sign of Capricorn, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces.

The movements of Uranus and Pluto might cause issues in the first three months, as they will start a process of change, both on an individual and collective level. During this year, retrograde mercury will give us three lessons: from 5th to 28th of March to those born under the sign of Pisces, from 8th July to 1st of August to Leo and Cancer, and from 31st of October to 20th of November, Scorpio will be on the menu!



                2019 will be a very exciting year for Ariens! They have fought in many fields over the last few years, and the Yearly horoscope for 2019 shows the possibility that all efforts will finally be paid off this year – making 2019 a strong year for career and income, as well as positive internal motivation. This is the year in which you will have the protection of Jupiter, which means that you probably will have the chance to achieve every goal that has a realistic base.
                Venus will be in your sign in the first half of May. At the same time your ruling planet, Mars, is supporting you from the Gemini constellation, making this an excellent period for you. Use it the best you can!

                Finance: Good prospects for earnings, but be careful about bigger investments, since Uranus is in your house of money. Cooperation with foreigners and one Sagittarian has great prospects for success and achievement of your goals.

                Career: Make sure to provide support for people in strong positions, and the favor will be returned. During the whole June, Mars will be in Cancer, greatly improving your social skills. You will be able to get anything from people who have what you need - but be careful not to overdo it as they can feel used!

                Love: This is an ideal year for the realization of your love plans and desires. Try, however, not to be too intrusive.

                Health: It's pretty good this year, but it will be tested in March and July. A balanced diet and sufficient physical activity will prevent possible depressive episodes that are possible if you were born in the second decade of the sign.

                Stubborn, but patient, Taureans are always ready to survive the storm. Yearly Horoscope for 2019 shows that these traits will help during the more difficult periods of the year! This year’s focus will be on work and money, while possible health issues, especially in the second half of the year, will be the main obstacle.
                The good news is that love and intimacy are at the peak for almost the whole year. Any challenges you encounter this year will help you with personal growth, all leading to positive outcomes. This is the year in which you can expect progress! If you are in a legal process, it may cause you trouble in this year.

                Finances: You will have the most success in this field if you make a plan and stick to it no matter what. Increased financial gain from 15th of May to the 9th of June.  Jobs with Sagittarians and foreigners are highly desirable!

                Career: You need to beware of an enemy at the end of April. It will be hard for you to find out who is "working behind your back", making the former more difficult. The period of prosperity in the field of career is from 1st to 26th of March. If you are unemployed, this is not the year in which you can choose what to do.

                Love: The best period for love is the second half of May and the first decade of June. It is time to "defrost" your emotions towards your partner. Be careful in communication with your partner at the time of retrograde Mercury.

                Health: This year, the biggest enemy to your health is stress. Balanced nutrition and recreation are a winning combination for you.

                This is a great year for you to make partnerships, both business and personal. If you are in love, this is an ideal year for getting married. Be careful at the time of retrograde Mercury.

                Finance: The North Node passes through your field of finance,  which means that businesses in the field of food, catering,  tourism, etc. will go especially well. Venus will enter Aquarius after the 20th of December, and this will be the best period for love and money!

                Career: 2019 gives a good perspective for activities that are related to the public, or anything else connected to the house of partnerships. In the field of work, don’t hesitate to enter a new business because Mercury will be in Sagittarius constellation from November 10th and will be there to help you in business communications.

                Love: Your love field is affected by Saturn transits, and if you have a planet in the second decade of the Libra, there will be difficulties in this field. Be tolerant with your partner and do not let your tongue be faster than your mind. In May, Mars is placed in your sign, and together with Venus in Aries, it makes favorable aspects with your natal Sun. This is a time for love, which is best spent in the arms of your significant other!

                Health: From April to mid-May, you will be under a lot of stress that can be avoided by a balanced diet, recreation and mental balance. Mindfulness exercises can be of great help.


            2019 will be an exciting year for those in the sign of Cancer! Yearly horoscope shows that life may be full of mysteries and intrigue for hypersensitive Cancerians. Although things may be happening a bit too slow for your taste,  2019 will bring you a new interest in learning and creativity, as well as many new opportunities. This is the year of stabilization and prosperity in both work and health. Take care not to be optimistic without covering, and try not getting into pre-ambitious business ventures because you could "burn out" in them. This is an ideal year for progress on a health plan through meditation.

                Finance: Your finance field is under the positive influence of Jupiter, but you still need to pay attention to the prices and try to leave something on the side for “hard times". The best months money-wise are July and August.

                Career: Saturn from Capricorn is making your progress in the field of career harder. However, with increased efforts, you can achieve satisfying results. Mercury sends positive vibes in March that will help you overcome these obstacles. End of 2019 is either a time to reap the benefits of hard work or a time to start working hard so your future self can reap them.

                Love: If you did not have much luck in the past year in this field, do not expect anything spectacular in this year as well. The best month for this field will be July.

                Health: Very stable health is excepted throughout the year, except in the mid-May period, when you could be under severe stress. Also, if you were born in the second decade of the sign, occasional depressive episodes are possible. In the 2nd half of August, Mars will be retrograde in Capricorn. This could bring you some anxiety. Stay away from making hasty decisions - but even if you do something dumb, Jupiter in Scorpio will have your back.


                You will be proud of many things in 2019! Yearly Horoscope for 2019 shows that you will see the accomplishments of your hard work this year. Many opportunities are opened, people will admire you for genius moves, and maybe even suggest new business ventures. It will seem to you that everyone is on your side, except the people who are closest to you.
In order to keep harmony in 2019, you should take time to find a balance in your life. The world does not revolve around you, although you have a lot of qualities. Pay close attention to your love life -try to be more accurate as this is your year when it comes to love, children, hobbies and enjoyment in free time.

                Finances: The money will be in the foreground this year. The highest inflow is expected in August and the smallest in the second half of May and June.

                Career: Your field of career is influenced by Uranus - be genuine and hard working! If you are not employed and you are looking for a job, you can easily find it if you first start to work on reducing the influence of your ego. May will be full of positive attention, promotions and acknowledgments - everything a Leo lives for. Revisiting old friendships is sure to bring you a lot of joy, and can also help you in other fields of life.

                Love: A great year for you - with August on the very top. Enjoy it, as this position repeats itself once every 12 years! But since Venus starts going retrograde from October 6th and brings you problems in your love life -  Intrigues, scams, and even separation from your partner can happen in this period. Be careful as much as possible.

: Saturn rules your house of health, so make sure to take good care of it. Be sure to check your heart, as your most sensitive organ.

                Stability is always good for Virgos. Yearly Horoscope for 2019 shows that you will reach your maximum in many fields. Everything can be easy, simple and exactly the way you want, but the element of adventure will be lacking.
This might not sound especially fun, but excitement is not always a good thing. Enjoy the simplicity that 2019 brings. Concentrate on building a career and consolidating your relationship in the long run, but also appreciate the simple pleasures that life provides for you. This is the year of prosperity on the family plan. You can buy a new or adapt and renovate the existing property. It's a good year, especially if you have a private company - prosperity expects you!

                Finance: A favorable period for your finances is in July and August.  If you invest enough effort, you can be sure that you will have enough money this year. Try to establish cooperation with foreigners or Sagittarians.

                Career: Your career will be in a much better position if you have a private business than if you are working for someone. All periods in which Mercury has a direct walk are worthwhile. Remember, your career is steadily moving in the right direction! If you try to speed it up, you might miss some big opportunities during the year. 2019 is your year either way - just be dedicated and follow the rules!

                Love: Unfortunately, you can not expect more beautiful circumstances in this field than it was in the past year since Saturn is in your field of love.
The last decade of August and the first decade of September is the time when luck will smile for you.

                Health: Health will be solid because you treat it responsibly. 
However, the last decade of August and September will be stressful. Balanced nutrition and recreation are a winning combination for everything that occurs.

                For those born in the sign of Libra, stability and balance are very important. Yearly horoscope for 2019 shows that this will be a great year because it brings many important things, which will inspire Libras to further develop and try out new things. Be prepared for some small problems at the beginning of the year, as there will be challenges in your career. A certain person will try to get your attention. Hold your passion under control and have some fun!
With smile, perseverance and good intentions, there won’t be a thing that you will not be able to achieve in this year!

                Finance: Saturn tells you that no matter how much you earn, you need to save a lot this year. Listen to it. The second half of September and the first decade of October are ideal for a greater inflow of money. Do not miss a chance!

                Career: From May to the end of the year, in your work environment there will be people who will work behind your back. Be careful about who you are trusting when there are problems at the workplace.

                Love: The second half of September and the first decade of October are ideal for love, whether you have a partner or not. If you do not have a partner, look for it in those with the sign of Taurus.

                Health: October and the first half of November can bring increased stress, and if we add Uranus in your house of the psyche - you can freely say that in 2019 your health is exposed to temptations. Balanced nutrition, recreation and meditation are your best solutions.

                Scorpios are determined to make things go as they planned.
If something goes wrong, you will wear a smile on the outside, but boil on the inside, as long as it takes for the problem to be solved.
Scorpio’s horoscope for 2019 shows that the upcoming year will bring a lot of pleasures, as waters will flow in your direction, especially in the domains of love and career.
You can also expect a big advancement in the financial domain – so don’t be afraid to shoot at any chance you get! This is also the year when you will have an opportunity to improve your lifestyle and eating habits.

            Finance: Even if finances won’t be a problem this year, make sure to work on the savings while you have a lot of money because there will be some moments you might need it.

            Career: This is the year of your career. If you are a persistent person by nature, this would be a great moment to start your own business.
Your creativity will peak during May! If you ever had some crazy ideas or urges to do something unconventional, this is the time to do it, as the power of Neptune will be on your side.

                Love: Your field of love is endangered by people who want to harm you, and this will last from May to the end of the year.
It will be hard for you to find out who is against you. But don’t despair, the last two decades of October are ideal for love, especially if you find a new partner!

                Health: A fairly good health is awaiting you this year! The stress problems can be expected from mid-November to the end of the year.


                Yearly Horoscope for 2019 shows that this year is full of joy! Although there will be some ups and downs, the overall positive attitude of Sagittarians will keep things under control. If it does not always go well, do not be afraid to seek help from those who have experience. Turning to someone experienced is the fastest way to learn! When you are faced with difficulties, be prepared to learn from them and make progress. In this way, you will have the opportunity to change and grow as a person.
This is the year of maximum prosperity, the best in a 12-year cycle! Gather power and go, the adventures in which you will be in the main role are ahead and waiting for you!

                Finance: Money will be there as much as you need it! Make sure to remember that it’s a tool, rather than a goal.

                Career: Although you are suspicious when the prosperity in this plan is in question, opportunities for success will simply stick to you! The best period for career development will be in September.

                Love: The beginning of the year is reserved for your emotional moments, whether you are in a relationship or looking for a person you want to give your heart to. Venus enters Leo and makes a trine with Sun in August, making this a favorable period for all the Sagittarians, marked with love, excitement and celebrations!

                Health: Stabilization in the health field that you have anticipated has finally arrived. Be sure to check your health, regardless of how well you feel. The only critical period is half of May to July when you will have problems with stress. November is ideal for you to invest in your health, as well as sleep quality.

                In the Capricorn world, independence is the keyword. You know what you want and you have a little patience to wait for someone else to allow you to get it. This year will allow you a nice break, and you will achieve success as a result of previous hard work.
You may feel social pressure because of the desire to spend quality time with yourself, so be sure to balance these two sides. Enjoy the time you've taken for yourself, but don’t let up in socializing with others, because this will only create a positive atmosphere in your life.
This is the year of your mental recovery, which came at a great moment since you have been under the pressure of Saturn for a year now.

                Finance: This year will be somewhat better than the last one. Try to establish business relationships with Sagittarians or foreigners. February is the most fruitful month.

                Career: There will be a lot of challenges on the professional level, especially if you were born in the second decade of the sign. Your persistence can be of critical assistance in times of crisis.

                Love: The beginning of the year, specifically in February, can bring you the greatest prosperity on this plan. Beware of the retrograde Mercury period during the year. Until 20th of December, Venus, the goddess of love, will be in your sign, so this period will be an ideal time to take advantage of all her blessings!
                Health: Saturn causes depression, especially if you are among members of the second decade of the sign. It’s time to re-evaluate your lifestyle. If you were putting your health on the back seat, you won’t be able to continue doing it through September, as this is the time to fight off the influence of Saturn! 

                Aquarians are known for their affectionate, friendly character. Some of the things that attract people around you are your sincerity and kindness.
Also, people have confidence in you, because you never reveal their secrets.
Part of your popularity lies in your desire for independence, which can make you act mysteriously from time to time. Also, people can feel like they really do not know you. And yet, that's fine. While you find it easy to attract others, it's perfectly pleasant for you to turn to yourself.
Yearly Horoscope for 2019 shows that your interests lie in the unraveling of the mystery of life. You will be most interested in people who can come up with creative ideas. Prepare for a quiet year, in which you will harvest the fruits of your previous effort. This is the year in which you will earn more than the average in the profession you are dealing with.

                Finance: The field of earnings is activated by Jupiter. If you are not employed, this is a great time to find a job that pays well. March is particularly favorable for this!

                Career: In the past year you have reached a level that satisfies you and in this, you are trying to maintain it.
Try to drag Sagittarians and foreigners in your business plans, as it would give you wind in the back!

                Love: In the field of love, it is better to find harmony with an existing partner, rather than looking for a new one! If you are however looking for a new partner, the most favorable month for dating will be March.

                Health: Uranus in Taurus will generate stress for you throughout the year. If you have not found a way to deal with stress, it's time to do it!

                Year 2019 is like a two-sided coin for Pisces! Yearly Horoscope for 2019 shows great success when it comes to all fields except interpersonal relationships. Career, money and the desire to learn and develop your skills will mark the first half of the year. In the second half of 2019 you will need to invest a lot more effort to keep things under control.
But that's fine. Pisces was never afraid of hard labor!
When it comes to interpersonal relations, you will have a little more challenges in 2019. Many questions will require you to take more time to understand the problems and to solve them. The good news is that you will understand that the challenges are actually going to make you stronger and better.
This is the year in which your career will make a visible takeoff. You will have the support of influential people and it will be best to cooperate more with foreigners or Sagittarians, depending on the nature of the career you are dealing with.

                Finance: The field of your finances is still affected by Saturn's square. This means that working in the more creative profession would give you the most money. You can expect the most money in late March and in the first two decades of April.

Career: This is the year in which the existing business can be raised to a higher level. Forward and without fear!

Love: The field of love is threatened by Saturn from the opposition, which means that you should not be hasty here!

   Health: This is the year in which your health will not be affected by planetary effects, which does not mean that you should stop worrying about it. Consistent relationships with those in your environment will be the driver of your good health.

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