20 Items Under $20 - A Witchy Holiday Gift Guide

November 13, 2022 1 Comment

20 Items Under $20 - A Witchy Holiday Gift Guide

If you have a friend or family member who has recently shared their interest in the occult or witchcraft with you, you may be wondering what items you should shop for them this holiday season. While they are sure to enjoy the usual beauty kit or bath bomb, you may be looking to get something a little more personal that aligns more with their witchy interest but may not really know where to begin (and that’s okay). 

Shopping for a witchy friend or family member can be tough, and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with where to start. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This year, we’ve made it easy for you and have put together a unique gift guide of our top 20 favorite and witchy items for $20 or under to help you find a unique gift for that special someone. Let’s get started. 

  1. Kitchen Witch Oven Mitt Set ($19.50)

To start, one of our newest items in the nest just in time for the baking season is our Kitchen Witch Oven Mitt Set. Perfect for the baker in your family, this mystical set features two options for your favorite witch, with one design showing an enchanting purple starry night alongside some common household herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and sage, and the other design featuring herbs, mushrooms, a teapot, the elements, and other witchy symbols.  

Both unique and mystical in their own way, this is the perfect gift to give someone who loves to stir up some magic in the kitchen in the long winter months. 

  1. 5 Elements Bamboo Large Kitchen Utensil Set ($18.50)

Next, one of our favorite gift pieces for the holidays is the 5 Element Bamboo Kitchen Utensils. Made of high-quality bamboo, these utensils have been laser-etched with mystical designs to help incorporate some elemental magic into your cooking. Perfect to use when making your favorite seasonal dishes; this set comes with a spatula, rounded fork, solid spoon, pointy spoon, and slotted spatula for a variety of purposes. 

High-quality and all-natural, you can’t go wrong with the bamboo set to add some elemental magic to your space and your cooking.

  1. Triple Moon Wooden Altar Display Stand ($18.5)

Looking for the perfect gift for a tarot lover? Try our Triple Moon Wooden Altar Stand. Designed to hold 1-3 tarot cards upright in a display, this altar stand makes reading your cards easier than ever. With three small carved sections below the cards in the shape of the triple moon, this is the perfect way to keep all of your sacred tools in one place and keep your intention strong every time you pull cards. 

Perfect for reminding you of the power of every phase of your life, this is the perfect gift for an occult lover looking to get more organized with their readings. 

  1. Winter Witch Bath Salts ($9)

Next, our Winter Witch Bath Salts are perfect for creating the ultimate self-care bath. Packed with rejuvenating aromas, including musk, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, and rose, these bath salts are designed to give you a deeply relaxing experience that you can truly sink into. With three different kinds of salts, these bath salts help to hydrate and purify the skin while also soothing and calming the mind and body. 

Perfect for soaking into this chilly season, the winter witch bath salts are an excellent gift for helping you to unwind. 

  1. The Sage Witch Face Wash ($18.50)

Next, another excellent gift for the holiday season is The Sage Witch Face Wash. Designed with all-natural ingredients, including aloe vera, antioxidants, natural oils, and chamomile extract, this face wash is designed to deeply cleanse, hydrate, and renew your skin in an instant, working to soothing skin irritation and minimize inflammation. 

Perfect for someone looking to find more clean beauty products and work more closely with the healing energies of nature, you can’t go wrong with The Sage Witch Face Wash to help you achieve the skin of your dreams. 

  1. Scented Veil: Quoth the Raven ($20)

Perfect for a cold winter's night, the Scented Veil of Quoth the Raven is perfect for inviting a cozy vibe into your home. With a spiced aroma, this scented veil has been carefully layered with the essence of cinnamon, clove, orange, and spice to invite a warm and sultry essence to your aura.

Perfect to use around the home, and on your body, this perfume is a great way to get more in touch with the energy of the season in a mysterious and haunting way.

  1. Moonstone Everyday Body Oil ($20)

Perfect for a lover of the moon, we have the Moonstone Everyday Body Oil to bring an enchanting glow to your body. Inspired by the feminine energy of the moon and moonstones' healing properties, this oil features a unique blend of jasmine, frankincense, and aloe vera to give it a soft, soothing, and nurturing texture to help you feel like the Goddess you are. Infused with mica, this body oil also gives off a unique blue spark, much like rainbow moonstone does, to add a hint of magic to every application.

Excellent for connecting deeper with the divine feminine and the cycles of nature, this oil is a must-have for every lunar witch. 

  1. Labradorite Crystal Candle - 9oz ($17.95) 

Known as the stone of magic, this Labradorite Crystal Candle is the perfect magical companion for a growing witch. Perfect for enhancing your intuition and opening your third eye, this candle contains a unique layering of aromas, including rosemary, thyme, cedar wood, patchouli, and eucalyptus, for a truly magical experience. 

With a hidden crystal buried deep within and a 60-hour burn time, this is the perfect long-lasting gift to give someone in need of a little illumination this holiday season. 

  1. Empath Roll On ($18) 

Trust us; being an empath can be tough, and if you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, the empath roll-on might be a great option for you. Designed with sage, palo santo, and black tourmaline, this earthy roll-on helps keep you grounded and can help to detox the body from overwhelming emotions. 

Perfect for those in need of a little extra protection, this is a great gift to give to that sensitive soul in your life to help them feel safer and more balanced. 

  1. Goddess Facial Toner with Rose Geranium and Rose Quartz ($20) 

If you’re shopping for the perfect gift for a beauty lover, the Goddess Facial Toner is an excellent option. With rose geranium and witch hazel as its key ingredients, this toner helps to gently cleanse the skin while also welcoming a deeper connection to self-love within you. 

This toner has also been infused with the loving energy of rose quartz and helps the user to connect with self-worth,  inner beauty, and universal love within and around us. Perfect for someone in need of a reminder of how beautiful their soul truly is, you can’t go wrong with this enchanting toner. 

  1. Wildflower Natural Perfume ($18)

Next, if you’re looking to gift a fresh and earthy perfume this holiday, the Wildflower Natural Perfume is an excellent choice. Made with natural, ethically harvested wildflowers, including notes of ylang-ylang, rose, grapefruit, and orange, this perfume perfectly captures the dreamy and whimsical aroma of a gentle frolic through wildflowers in the warm summer sun and gives off a romantic, sensual, and mystical aura. 

Perfect for a free spirit and a lover of nature, this perfume is a great way to not only connect deeper with nature and all her beauty but to also uplift your mood and invoke feelings of self-love, making this a perfect gift to give someone in need of a little tenderness. 

  1. Demeter: Massage and Body Lotion Bar ($17) 

Next, a gift idea for someone looking to get more into natural beauty is the Demeter Massage and Body Lotion Bar. Designed to give you a sensual and luxurious massage with each use, this lotion has been crafted with natural ingredients, including orange, vanilla, and cocoa butter, to give your skin an enriching, soothing, and hydrating experience with each use.

Perfect for combating dry skin in the cool winter months, you can’t go wrong with this long-lasting lotion bar for all your hydrating needs. 

  1. Rose Quartz Tree of Life ($17.95)

Great for a crystal lover, our Rose Quartz Tree of Life piece is the perfect accent to a witches home. Aligned with the energies of self-love, forgiveness, and healing, this unique tree sits in a rose quarts base with beautiful intricate branches of crystal, resembling that of a cherry blossom tree. 

Excellent for placing in a home or office, this tree is unique, unlike any other, and is perfect for shifting the vibes in your space to something more soothing.

  1. Van Van - Prosperity, Love Magic, and Success Conjure Oil ($17.95)

Looking to delve deeper into your craft? The Van Van Conjure Oil has got your back. Multi-purpose in use, this conjure oil features a blend of natural essential oils as well as vervain, all designed to attract love, protection, and abundance to the user. Perfect to use as aromatherapy or to anoint candles, this oil is an excellent choice for helping to invite more magic into your everyday life and help connect you deeper with the energy around you.

  1. Portal - Florida Water and Floor Wash ($18.95)

Shopping for someone who loves to keep a clean house? Our Portal Florida Water Floor Wash is an excellent choice. Designed as a curio to be applied to doors, walls, or floors, this floor wash is crafted from all-natural ingredients, including mandrake root, rose, rose of Jericho, bay, and myrtle to cleanse and invite new beginnings into your space.

Perfect to use as we move into the new year; you can’t go wrong with this floor wash to help wash away the old and bring in the new. 

  1. Siren Seas & Salt Spray ($16.50)

Next, a gift perfect for a lover of the ocean is our Siren Seas & Salt Spray. The perfect leave-in hair treatment for creating a beautiful wavy mermaid look, this spray features cardamon and Amyris to help stimulate the scalp and replenish essential vitamins and minerals in the hair while also combating dryness and frizz. However, this spray can also be used simultaneously on the skin to refresh and brighten your complexion. 

Perfect for someone looking to embrace their free spirit, you can’t go wrong with this spray reminiscent of the ocean and all her divine power to help you get there.  

  1. Frequent Flyer Mug ($19.95)

Up next, if you aren’t sure what to get for a loved one but want something quirky, our Frequent Flyer Mug is a great option to consider. Available in an 11oz mug with an all-black design, this mug features the triple moon, a raven, a cat, a witch hat, and two brooms crossed on the front, and is the perfect treat for a fellow witch looking to sport their love and admiration for the craft in a fun witchy way. 

Simple and enchanting, stock up on this affordable mug for all of your witchy friends and make tea dates with your besties all the more fun. 

  1. Obscura Luna Body & Ritual Oil ($20)

For a witch looking to work some lunar magic, the Obscura Luna Body & Ritual Oil is an excellent choice. Designed to invite the energies of power and creativity into your life, this oil features scent notes of bergamot, neroli, and benzoin and is perfect to use when starting something new, doing shadow work, or when looking to manifest new creativity. 

Great for an artistic soul looking for a new beginning, this is the perfect gift to give to someone looking to enter a new phase in their life. 

  1. Solid Perfume: Night Nymph ($16)

Next, if you’re looking for a mystifying perfume to gift a loved one this year, the Night Nymph Solid Perfume is truly one of a kind. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, including coconut oil, grape seed oil, shea butter, and a unique oil blend of clove, patchouli, rosemary, and fir, this solid perfume is perfect for someone looking to create an earthy aroma around them with just a hint of divine mystery. 

Reusable and good to use on the go, this solid perfume is a must-have for forest frolickers. 

  1. Celtic Triquetra Knot Hairpin ($12.95)

Lastly, for a gift that is truly one-of-a-kind, you might consider shopping for our Celtic Triquetra Knot Hairpin. Designed to bring Celtic magic and harmony into your everyday routine, this hairpin is available in gold, bronze, or silver and features a large triquetra on it to symbolize life, protection, and balance in nature. 

Perfect for adding ancient boho charm to your attire, this is the perfect gift to give that old soul in your life. 


Overall, finding the perfect gift for a witchy friend or family member isn’t all that different from shopping for someone else. In the end, it’s all about gifting a thoughtful gift from the heart. Whatever you choose to get this year, we hope this guide has helped inspire you with new gift ideas to will help you find something truly special. 

Happy holidays and blessed be!

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May 08, 2023

I love love ❤️ every single thing I have received so far. Can’t wait to order again!!!!

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