15 Items Under $15 - A Witchy Holiday Gift Guide

November 13, 2022

15 Items Under $15 - A Witchy Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the season of giving, and if you’re shopping for a newbie witch, a lover of crystals, or someone interested in the occult, finding a gift they will love may pose a challenge for you. With so many different spiritual gifts that promise all kinds of different benefits, you may feel a little unsure about which one is truly the best. 

It’s the season of giving, and if you’re shopping for a newbie witch, a lover of crystals, or someone interested in the occult, finding a gift they will love may pose a challenge for you. With so many different spiritual gifts that promise all kinds of different benefits, you may feel a little unsure about which one is truly the best. 

But truthfully, shopping for a witchy friend is a lot easier than you think, as they are likely to adore any gift themed around their unique interests. And while your friend would probably enjoy another candle or another crystal, if you want to give a gift that will truly stand out this year, we’ve put together a unique gift guide full of magical items and their healing properties for $15 or less to help you find the perfect gift at a low price. 

With that said, here are our top 15 favorite witchy picks for $15 or under for an eccentric soul. 

  1. Winter Witch Body Spray ($15)

Our first gift recommendation is the Winter Witch Body Spray. Perfect for any nature-lover, this sensual perfume has been delicately layered with a mix of frankincense, myrrh, musk, rose, and vanilla to fully embody the many different smells of the season. Made with all-natural organic material, this refreshing earthy smell is truly bewitching and is the perfect gift to capture all the sweet and savory aromas of the holidays, no matter what time of year it is. 

  1. Witches Moon Protection Bell ($14)

Next, a home is never complete without a little protection, and our Witches Moon Protection Bell is the perfect thing to help a witch out. With five bells, a woven moon, a quartz crystal, and a pentacle, this is the perfect symbol of protection to keep away any and all negative energy for years to come. 

Hang it on a door, place it at an altar, or use it in your garden to keep the bad spirits away and keep your space protected.

  1. Witchy Weekly Planner ($13.13)

Want to keep better track of your schedule? The witchy weekly planner is the perfect item to help. With an original design that features a teapot, a witch hat, a black cat, and more, this planner is the perfect way to keep track of the moon phases, weekly affirmations, or tea dates with your besties and help welcome in a bit more magic into your everyday routine. 

With 65 tearable sheets, this is the perfect gift for busy witches, students, or anyone else looking to create a little more organization in their life. 

  1. Immunity Salve ($12)

Based on the lore of the “Thieves of the Black Plague,” our immunity blend is rich in all-natural ingredients that are perfect for everyday use. With key scents including eucalyptus, orange, cinnamon, and clove, this salve is perfect for those who enjoy the simplicity of natural scents and love gifts based on history. 

  1. Amethyst - Crystal Massaging Bath Bar ($11.50)

For those who love to indulge in bath rituals, our amethyst crystal massaging bar is an excellent gift choice. With key ingredients of lavender, frankincense, and shea butter, this bath bar is excellent for soothing and detoxing the body to help you release stress while also helping to expand your awareness. 

No matter what you use it for, this bath bar is perfect for anyone looking to keep their products green and clean while also inviting a little magic into the mundane activities of life. 

  1. The 4 Seasons of the Witch - Sample Set ($12)

Next, the 4 seasons of the witch sample set is a great gift idea for perfume lovers. Featuring the spring, summer, autumn, and winter witch perfumes, this giftset packs an array of natural, earthy scents, including pumpkin, vanilla, jasmine, and grapefruit, all designed to help you connect deeper with nature and the season. 

Our perfumes are also all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free, and perfect for a witch who loves the many unique smells of the earth year-round.

  1. Black Amber and Lavender Vegan Lotion ($14)

Next, the sultry black amber and lavender lotion is a perfect gift for the holiday season. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, this lotion contains a mixture of myrrh, vanilla, musk, lavender, and amber to create a long-lasting warm and seductive aroma everywhere you go. 

Lightweight, non-greasy, and packed with all-natural ingredients, you can’t go wrong with this gentle lotion for tackling dry skin and soothing your mind and body overall.

  1. Spa: Soothing Facial Toner ($15)

If you’re looking to gift a high-quality beauty product this season, this soothing facial toner is the way to go. With key ingredients of lavender, aloe, and rose water, this gentle spray is designed to give you the refreshing boost of positive energy you need while also helping to calm dry, irritated skin. 

Whether you use this as an aftercare product or a pillow spray, this all-natural vegan spray is the perfect, multi-purpose gift to give a friend or a loved one who may be in need of a detox. 

  1. Crescent Moon with Crystal Quartz Drop Earrings ($14.95)

If you’re looking to give a gift of jewelry this season, our crescent moon crystal quartz drop earrings are a great option! With crescent moons, stars, and three quartz crystals hanging on each, these earrings are perfect to give someone who’s in love with the twinkling light of the night sky and the glow of the moon.

Perfect for adding flare to any look, these eye-catching earrings are great for complimenting any outfit and perfect for flaunting your mystical side to the witchy souls around you. 

  1. Protector Tealight Candle Set ($13.50) 

Next, let’s be real; candles are just one of those things that instantly lift your mood with their soothing and calming aromas whenever you’re around them. And our protector tealight candle set is no different. 

Crafted with a variety of herbs, crystals, and scents, including white sage, lavender, obsidian, amethyst, and quartz, this 5-piece tealight set has been designed to protect, cleanse, and reenergize you and your sacred space to help keep positive vibrations circulating. Made with natural soy wax, this is the perfect gift to give a candle-lover or a loved one looking for a little extra divine protection with the best aroma possible.

  1. Spellbound Mineral Eyeshadow ($13)

Looking for a gift for a beauty lover? Our spellbound loose mineral eyeshadow is a perfect choice! Made of a mesmerizing teal and turquoise color, this mineral eyeshadow is the perfect accent to your eyes to emphasize more of their natural beauty and give you a truly hypnotic glow. Great for adding depth to any look, this eye shadow is made with all-natural ingredients, doesn’t contain any parabens, talc, or unnatural fillers, and is perfect for a clean-beauty lover.

When in doubt, an elegant eyeshadow is a perfect gift to give to a colorful soul in your life. 

  1. Komachi Konjac Facial Sponge ($10)

Looking to complete your skincare and bath routine? The Komachi Konjac Facial Sponge is the perfect tool to get the job done. Made from konjac from Southeast Asia, this sponge gently cleanses the skin with a soft texture to provide a rejuvenating exfoliation to help nourish the skin while also leaving it with a more radiant and youthful glow. 

Not to mention, these sponges are also 100% biodegradable, so you never have to worry about waste. Perfect for anyone looking to create a healthier and more beneficial skincare routine, you can’t go wrong with the Komachi Konjac Facial Sponge to help you get the job done. 

  1. Woodland Salve - Folk Remedy ($13) 

If you’re looking for a salve that can do it all, the Woodland Salve Folk Remedy is an excellent option. Designed to help mend dry skin, scrapes, healing tattoos, bug bites, and more, this salve has been enriched with all-natural ingredients, including evergreens, pine sap, cocoa butter, and essential oils to provide you everything you need to heal and hydrate your skin the natural way.

The perfect alternative to petroleum balms, the Woodland Salve Folk Remedy is a great gift to give to those with an active lifestyle or those who love natural remedies. 

  1. Triple Moon Gold and Silver Altar Cloth - Big ($12.95) 

Next, our triple moon altar cloth is an excellent choice for someone who loves accent pieces. With an elegant triple moon in the center surrounded by intricate gold lining, this cloth is the perfect symbol to add to your home to remind you of your power and keep you divinely protected.

Perfect for hanging on the wall, using on a table, or placing at your altar, this cloth can help invite mystical healing energy to your home and remind you of the beauty of every one of your phases. 

  1. All-Natural Incense: Krampus ($15) 

Lastly, if the options above didn’t catch your attention, consider trying out our all-natural Krampus incense. With a potent array of natural aromas, including fir, frankincense, peppermint, and spices, this incense is the perfect aroma to capture the essence of Krampus and invite the seasonal fragrance of the holidays into your space. 

Great to give as a gift this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with a rich and enchanting incense to enhance the energy and the aroma in energy in your home. 


No matter what you choose, we hope this list has given you an idea of which gifts you want to get for those closest to you. Whether you’re looking for beauty products, bath essentials, or altar décor, don’t forget to check out our other gift guides to help you find and give the perfect gift to all the magical souls in your life. 

Happy holidays and blessed be!

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