15 Gift Ideas for Mother’s day

April 20, 2022

15 Gift Ideas for Mother’s day

Although our moms always make the best times for us, it is still challenging catching up with our busy moms, especially during special occasions. Whether they’re busy from work, doing the chores, laundry, shopping, cooking, etc.. It always seems like they are trying to chase stuff and run to beat some deadlines. Well, it is completely reasonable, otherwise we won’t be having the best lives they are trying to shape for us. Undoubtedly, there are also times it scares us out of our wits seeing our moms with too much on their plates. And it leaves us thinking whether they still have time for themselves and for the things they love to accomplish. Unfortunately, we learned (sometimes the hard way) that there’s nothing much that we can do because our moms love pressure and love to be fulfilled in their own ways. And how unkind of us to stop what makes them happy, anyway?

Anyhow, this article is a helping hand for people like me and you who’d love to catch up with our busy moms this Mother’s day regardless of their tight schedule. And keep in mind that we are focusing on gifts that you can give simply because sometimes it's better to let gift speak for itself! :)

So without further ado, we have collated some relatable items that your mom would surely love that they’d want to go on a fun date with you!  

Witchy Weekly Planner

First on our list is the Witchy Weekly Planner! Perfect for moms who’d love to untangle from the complicated clutters of modern life. This planner can go a long way! It will surely help in keeping their lives in rhythm to avoid missing any special occasions and to have a stylish organized desk. It has 65 tearable sheets per notepad and has a straightforward template that makes it easier to write and track!

Witchy Bamboo Wooden Spoon   

Some moms like to hustle at work, some like to garden and some moms like to cook! If your mom is a kitchen wizard, then you found the perfect present for her! A couple of hundred ladies we know adore these wooden spoons very much! Not only are they extremely durable, but they are every mom’s favorite because they are magical for cooking and the design is fantastic! We have received so many great reviews of how they look outstanding in every kitchen!

Carved Soapstone Mortar & Pestle

Talking about kitchens, next on our list are ideal for traditional moms, aunts and grandmoms! This beautifully crafted Carved Soapstone Mortar & Pestle can add lots of love and life to every food. Such a magnificent gift for them if they adore working with herbs and plants. These will make grinding so effortless!

Witches Brew Body Oil 

As all busy people have in common, our moms overlook their health, especially their skin! Sometimes, they may think that skincare is not sustainable for busy people. But let’s cut that norm by not disregarding this matter. Perhaps the next items in our list could be a great start for your moms to remember how feeling exceptional and looking great feels like! First, pamper your moms and make them feel wonderful with this oil. It has notes of Candied Apples, Cinnamon, Toasted Marshmallows, Amber, and Patchouli. So if your mom is into these notes, this is a must-buy for them! This is great for PMS pains and sore muscles besides its enchanting scent.

The Sage Witch Face Cream

Wrinkles in our face appear naturally when we age, yes, but environmental factors such as tensions give rise to instantaneous change in our skin. So if you notice your moms having some sad skin and are all wrinkly, we suggest gifting this surprising face cream! Basing from our clients, better be prepared because once you present this, your mom’s going to seek for more!

The Sage Witch Hair Mask

Busy moms are used to bad hair days! They may be tired of the hassles in treatment plans in salons and they have little time for it. Great news is, you can tell your mom that it’s 2022 and great hair care is obtainable at home! Not only will she get the best result possible, but it will also ensure that her hair continues to feel healthy and pretty. Have your mom enjoy this natural hair mask remedy in urgent need of care!

Vintage Hair Sticks

Hair accessories are one of women's best friends. That’s why they are always on the list of special occasions’ gifts! These Vintage Hair Sticks would bring your mom so many memories for sure and perfect so she can keep up with style!

Rose Perfume Oil for Self Love

Self Love is something our moms could all use a little more of. Let her use this handcrafted perfume daily. Crafted with rose quartz crystals and organic essential oils, as a beautiful reminder that she is and will always be your Divine Goddess in Human Form, deserving of Infinite Love.

Goddess Facial Toner with Rose Geranium and Rose Quartz

Speaking of the Divine Goddess, next on our list is the Rose Quartz Crystal Infused Facial Toner. It is activated with rose geranium essential oil for a lush, scented ritual spritz of self-love. Pore reducing and gently cleansing, crafted with pure ingredients. Made to connect her to her inner beauty, the rose quartz crystals inside resonate with universal love and the divine feminine!

Satya Yogic Meditation Incense


Our moms deserve some serious pampering. And after all the busy days, what matters most is their relaxation. Thus, this ​​incense scent helps in achieving a deep state of relaxation for their meditation session. Its blend aids in building mental strength, clarity, and vitality!

Rose Quartz - Crystal Massaging Bath Bar

Relaxation comes in many forms and most of us love a perfect bath, as it helps us unwind after a long day. The Rose Quartz Crystal Massaging Bath bar is a perfect choice for bathing daily in love, especially ideal for those needing to heal from heartbreaks, for restoring passionate feelings after arguments, and for moms seeking to find new love!

Winter Witch Bath Salt

As we were expressing, yes, our moms deserve some nice hot baths, and Winter Witch Bath Salts’ enticing scent would surely delight every mom. Winter witch has a bewitching blend of patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, and a hint of rose. Our vegan bath salts are made with three different salts: Mediterranean Sea Salts, Pink Himalayan salts and Epsom salts. These are the perfect 3 ingredients to soothe and relax a body when soaking!

Moon Goddess Meditation Candle

Speaking of a perfect bath, next on our list will compliment a good one! This candle is filled with feminine lunar energy and charged under the full moon. The scent is as delicate and lovely as the moon herself. You can light this candle safely around the bathroom and dim or switch off the lights. It is suitable as well during any meditation or moon phase to bring some lunar energy!

California white sage smudge - Large 

Don’t you know that smudging helps in relaxation as well, especially unburdening people of any negative energies and makes them feel better? It aids in healing physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental imbalances and this works on the body and in the home!

Tarot Deck: Moon Garden 

Finally, if you are seeking to help your mom’s meditation, there’s one more item that we highly suggest! Starting someone’s day with a one tarot card can help in focusing on what surrounds you during the day. The Tarot of a Moon Garden is an imaginative deck that weaves traditional tarot symbolism, myths, elemental magic, and lunar phases into a beautiful tapestry. Includes a full 78 card set and a small instruction booklet just so perfect for every busy mom!


We hope that this list would help you decide what to do or gift your moms this Mother’s day! Always keep in mind that just like there’s no “one-size-fits-all” gift for every mom, this goes the same as well with whatever you are planning to do to spend this special day with her. Our advice is chill because there’s no other person who knows and loves your mom like you do! So making this special day memorable will surely come in naturally, considering all your loving thoughts. We at Spirit Nest are certain that your mom will love whatever you do or give. May you have a blessed and meaningful Mother’s day soon! 




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