13 Valentine Gift Ideas

January 20, 2022

13 Valentine Gift Ideas

Making Valentine’s extra special can be tricky sometimes, especially if we are not particularly crafty and are sporadically busy. While this may be true, the great thing about love is it finds a way. It always finds its way. Isn’t it fascinating how some people can pull off a grande surprise out of letters and papers? While some can cook a really good meal and some just know the exact perfect place to go. While some people, like me at times, can’t make up their minds.

And because of these factors, I’ve learned to focus on what I do best - Gift-giving. Yes, there are people like me who are best at giving gifts. And who knows, you’re just like me. For me, gift-giving is a form of art. It expresses someone in a way that manifests beauty such as love. It is a reservoir of a million thoughts, consideration and most importantly sincerity. So if you’re considering getting some gifts, you’re in the perfect place at a perfect time! Because, we have hand-picked the best gifts from our store that you can give to your lover or loved ones on this special day. 

No.6 Rose

Pamper your loved ones with this comforting and lasting oil. It can be used on your body, face, hair or added to your bath water to add hydration and anti-aging benefits that fight dark spots and ease fine lines. A perfect match for every everlasting love!

The 5 Elements Bamboo Large Kitchen Utensils Set

Got a cooking lover? These wooden spoons will surely heat your kitchen and set such a desired romantic mood this Valentine’s for you! They come with hanging holes, easy to hang. You can also surprise your lovers by decorating some!

The Sage Witch Hair Mask

If your lover or loved ones are into beauty stuff, we can suggest adding some herbal magic to their daily beauty and skincare regimen, starting with The Sage Witch Hair Mask. Let them enjoy a natural remedy for hair in urgent need of care—restoring power and dosage of green love straight from mother nature. Perfect for all hair types especially those with lovely curls!

The Sage Witch Face Wash

4th in our list will surely help in taking care of your loved ones’ delicate skin. Loving comes naturally, and it is better to ensure that our loved ones use safe and natural products. This magical face wash is gentle enough and promotes better skin health even for those with super-sensitive or easily irritated skin.

Rose Quartz - Crystal Massaging Bath Bar

Let your lover and loved ones feel your love by bathing them in love daily! And by bathing, we meant literally this soap is the perfect gift option for every beauty enthusiast. The Rose quartz helps in encouraging and attracting romance. Love is not in the air but the bubbles! 

Witchy Weekly Planner

Got a hardworking lover? We got you. What more could a hardworking person wish aside from being organized? Help them write down and track your weekly plans, special dates, and goals you’d like to accomplish together. Sweet and Stylish!

Fire of Love Body Oil

Add extra magic to your romantic routine! This body oil can be used to feel sexy and to seduce who you desire. Magically infused with love drawing, passion, love, lust, aphrodisiac, and seduction intentions, this oil sounds like the perfect gift for anyone!

Satya Rose Incense

If your lover or loved ones got a meditative mind, this incense would just be the right present for them. The captivating aroma of Rose incense would help start their day. It balances hormones that help set their romantic mood this Valentine’s!

Witches Moon Protection Bell

What more could we ask for other than our loved one’s safety and protection? These bells are ideal gifts for long-distance loved ones so they stay protected, feeling at home at all times even though you are a thousand miles apart. 

Tree of Life Carved Heart in Antique Brass

Next on our list is a Tree of life antique brass. It is great for nurturing love and prosperity in every relationship. It can be decorated in any room or space to bring light and hope this Valentine’s day and every day!

Sweet Love Intention Candle

Fill the air with romance by gifting this Sweet Love Intention Candle. It is an exemplary compliment to a great Valentine’s meal and would bring a perfect ambiance for your romantic evening. 

Winter Witch Body Spray

Looking for a perfect souvenir this Valentine’s? Our brains associate smells with certain emotional memories so perfume products are ideal for reminiscing beautiful romantic memories even after many years away. This body spray has a bewitching blend of patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, and a hint of rose. It would be a great romantic recollection!

Triple Moon Blue Stone Vintage Ring

Last but not the least especially if you are looking to finally tie the knot, is the Triple Moon Blue Stone Vintage Ring. A genuine timeless piece for a timeless, endless love!


Hope this helps! Gifts themselves are soul-stirring but on top of that always remember that behind every gift are immeasurable words of gratefulness, of how much you are valued and thought for. There are times, we question ourselves if we have given enough time, attention and effort to our lovers and loved ones. Yet it’s okay to question, but quit the discomfort. Always keep in mind that love is relief- a feeling of reassurance. That whatever you do, whatever you give, you are loved and likewise. May these gifts draw you closer to your loved ones! Blessings and Wishes from your Spirit nest family this Valentine’s!


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