12 Witches Sacred Herbs

January 08, 2021

12 Witches Sacred Herbs

Herbs have been used for medicine, healing, rituals, and magick for centuries. The one thing to remember is herbs are living things. They each have their own unique energy vibration and should be treated with respect. When working with herbs I always recommend thanking the plant spirit for their aid.

There are literally thousands of plants and herbs out there to work with. Don’t get overwhelm! Let’s start with the top 12 herbs that every witch should have in their arsenal of tools.

Knowing the magickal properties will help you decide which herbs to choose from for your magickal purposes.


  1. Mugwort – found regularly amongst many Pagan practices. Can be used as incense, smudging, baths, and teas. Magickal purposes include: Divination, spirit work, astral projection, dreaming, intuition, psychic abilities, healing, and protection. It’s gender is feminine, planetary ruler is Venus and Elemental ruler is earth. Avoid using Mugwort during pregnancy as it can cause miscarriage. Stuff some mugwort into a pouch under your pillow for dream magick.

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  1. Sage – has been long burned to purify and cleanse spaces by many cultures. The Greeks and Romans wrote that the smoke would give wisdom and mental alertness. Magickal purposes include: Cleanings, purification, intuition, wisdom, and psychic gifts. It’s gender is masculine, planetary ruler is Jupiter, and Elemental ruler is air. Avoid using sage essential oil while pregnant or nursing. Keep a few sprigs under your pillow if you’re anxious or having trouble sleeping.
  1. Rosemary – an herb well known for strengthening memory. Roman priests used rosemary as incense during ceremonies. In many cultures it was believed to protect from evil spirits. Magickal purposes include: Remembrance, protection, purification, healing, love, mental acuity, and inspiration. It’s gender is masculine, planetary ruler is the Sun, and Elemental ruler is fire. Avoid using rosemary essential oil while pregnant or nursing. Keeping some near your sacred workspace can aid you in calling ancestral guides.
  1. Lavender –Lavender is an extremely common herb, and the use of lavender has been well documented for thousands of years. It has been used in purifying baths and smudging rituals. Magickal purposes include: Cleanings, purification, calming dreams, peace, relaxation, and love. It’s gender is masculine, planetary ruler is Mercury and Elemental ruler is air. Keeping a fresh vase of lavender in your bedroom brings passion into your life.

  1. Bay Leaf – a must have in a witches cabinet! Very versatile from magick to medicine, to meals, the bay leaf can be used for protection, strength, healing, purification, and exorcisms. Other maigickal purposes include enhancing clairvoyance, wisdom, and prophetic dreaming. Gender is masculine, the planetary ruler is the Sun and Elemental ruler is fire. You can write wishes on bay leaves and burn them to help manifest your intentions.
    green leaves inside a bowl with ball of string beside


  1. Cinnamon – this beautiful, spicy, aromatic, and cheap herb is a must have! Cinnamon has been used for millennia. It’s magickal purposes include, intuition, psychic abilities, love, passion, lust, success, money spells, purification, prosperity, and is commonly found in the home especially around Yule. Gender is masculine, planetary ruler is the Sun, and Elemental ruler is fire. Sprinkle cinnamon in your wallet or purse to draw in good fortune.
  1. Basil – basil has been cultivated for over 5,000 years! Basil is Greek meaning “King” or “Royal”. Basils magickal purposes include money, wealth, love, romance, relationships interest and protection. Other uses are divination, & spirit work. The gender is masculine, planetary ruler is Mars and Elemental ruler is fire. In some countries basil is considered a “womanly” herb that “real men” do not consume because healers in the past have used it to make a tea that provide relief to menses.
  1. Chamomile  Chamomile use has been documented as far back as the ancient Egyptians. It was associated with the Gods of the Sun. It is believed that numerous cultures used chamomile in the same way, including Greeks, ancient Romans, and Vikings. The magickal purposes include cleansing, purification, healing, money, and luck. The gender is masculine, the planetary ruler is the Sun, and elemental ruler is water. Avoid using chamomile essential oils while pregnant.
  1. Thyme - Thyme was called thymos by the Greeks, which meant "fumigate" or "smoke". The oil from thyme is called thymol, and it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Magickal purposes include courage, sleep, dreams, healing, purifying, psychic abilities, and women who wear thyme are irresistible to men. Gender is feminine, planetary ruler is Venus and Elemental ruler is water. In some cultures, thyme has been associated with the Fae.


  1. Tobacco Leaf – From some shamanic systems, one must drink tobacco juice to induce visions as part of their training. Magickal purposes include divination, healing, and purification. Many people still regard this plant as sacred. Burning tobacco as incense in an area purifies the area of all negative energy and spirits (both good and bad). Gender is masculine, planetary ruler is Mars and Elemental ruler is fire.
    brown dried leaves on yellow surface
  1. Catnip – Catnip is a perennial that grows just about everywhere! And of course, if you own a feline friend, you know how much they love it! In China and Europe, catnip was used in ointments to treat skin conditions. It’s magickal purposes include cleansing, purification, love, beauty, and happiness. It’s gender is feminine, planetary ruler is Venus and Elemental ruler is water. Catnip can help you bond to your cat both physically and psychically.
  1. Yarrow – Yarrow can be found in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere and it’s been used for medicinal purposes since medieval times. Magciakal purposes include healing, courage, love, glamor magick, lust, and psychic powers. Gender is feminine, planetary ruler is Venus and Elemental ruler is water. Carry yarrow with you on your person makes you fearless and confident. Yarrow is toxic to dogs and cats.


That of course, is just a tiny glimpse into the world of witchy herbs! Have you used any of these herbs in your magickal workings? Did you learn something new from this list?  Feel free to leave a comment!


Until next time, Live, Love, & Magick!

Laurie Gouley

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