10 Ways to Harness the Energy of the Full Moon

March 06, 2023

10 Ways to Harness the Energy of the Full Moon

The full moon is a powerful time each month that welcomes many different types of energy into our space. It is a time of enlightenment, new beginnings, power, and overcoming. While most known consider it to be a time of release, it is also a great time to connect more with yourself and find empowerment in your life.  

From self-care to letting go, in this blog, we’re going to talk about full moon energy and how you can use it to your advantage to make the most of its energy in uncommon ways you may not have even considered. 

1. Choose to change your thoughts  

To start, the full moon is a powerful time of change. It is a time of transformation and renewal and can be a beautiful time to undergo a shift in perspective. Because of this, many people often take this as a time to let go of old habits and ways of life. However, it is also a powerful time to let go of old thoughts.

Whatever thoughts are no longer serving your highest good, whether it's insecurities of the past or a grudge, now is the time to delve within, work through them, and try to let them go. While this can take time, the full moon is a great time to take the first step toward achieving this and can help you to align more with the frequency of change. 

Set the intention for letting go and allow the moon to guide you toward the most empowered version of yourself in mind, body, and soul. 

2. Meditate 

Next, since the full moon is a powerful time of connection, intuition, and alignment, this is also a great time to meditate on peace and balance. Set aside some time on the day or night of the full moon, close your eyes, and allow yourself to fall into a peaceful trance. Breathe deeply and focus on what balance looks and feels like to you and how you can take steps in your life in order to achieve it. Focus on healing and welcoming more universal love into your heart. And most of all, focus on happiness

However simple, just allowing your mind to quiet and focus on what you want is a great way to set your intentions, make the most of the energy around you and focus on manifesting something new and beautiful in your heart. Take time this full moon to reconnect with the earth and the voice within yourself to find peace and balance in your heart 

3. Get creative

Next, while many tend to gravitate towards the cleansing aspect of the full moon, this moon phase also brings a plethora of inspiration into our space that can be used to let go of pent-up energy and get more in touch with your inner child. Therefore, another way to harness the full moon's energy is to focus on creativity

As a time of high energy, this is a great time to connect with the energy around you and channel it in fun and unique ways full of joy and laughter. Whether that’s through artistic expression, dancing, or inspired journaling, there is truly no better time than the full moon to get in touch with your soul and express it in the many different colorful ways that rest within you. Allow the energy of the full moon to inspire you to get more in touch with the fire within yourself and let it run free. 

4. Journal on gratitude 

Next, while the full moon is a time of reflection and letting go, don’t forget to focus on all the things you have to be grateful for. And a great way to do that is to journal on gratitude. 

You could do this by focusing on things you are grateful for each day, or you could do this by looking back to the last moon cycle and delving into some reflection of all the things you have to be grateful for from it. If you’re struggling, try to look at any of your challenges of the past month with a new perspective and choose to see lessons in hardships, growth in challenges, and gratitude for the opportunity it brought. 

Shifting your perspective to see difficulties in a positive new light is a powerful way to grow and let go and can help bring a truly grateful feeling to your heart. This moon, allow a new love to blossom within you and focus on all the things you have to be grateful for.  

5. Connect with your spiritual side

Another great way to harness the full moon's energy is to get more in touch with your spiritual side. Sometimes we can lose touch with our practice when life gets busy, which can leave us feeling disconnected and unbalanced. So this moon, consider taking some time to connect more with your spiritual side. Spend time working with crystals, make moon water, or take part in inspired prayer and meditation. 

Taking the time to reconnect with the earth and your divine tools can be a great way to honor the moon’s energy and get more in touch with yourself. So do whatever it is that makes you feel most connected to your soul and the divine energy of the universe, and ignite the magic within you.

6. Declutter your life and your space

Next, the full moon is also an excellent time to work on decluttering your mind, body, soul, and space. This is a time to let go of the old and embrace the new in all definitions of the word. That means bad habits and old thoughts are a thing of the past, but so are cluttered messes around you. 

A lot of times, we can feel overwhelmed mentally when our space is too cluttered. So, during this full moon, consider taking some time to get to work on organizing your mind and your surrounding space. Make it fun, and find new ways to redecorate it to match what feels comfortable and relaxing to you.  

Whatever you do, taking time to clear your physical space is a great way to clear your mental space and make it so your environment energizes you rather than stresses you out. 

7. Cleanse in different ways 

Next, since this is a powerful time to release old energy to make way for something fresh and new, it is a great time to focus on spiritual cleansing. For some, this may mean opening the windows and doing a smoke cleanse of the house. For others, this may mean taking an intentional cleansing bath or shower to wash away old energy in your aura. 

Whatever it is that calls to you, dedicate some inspired time during the full moon to let go of old stagnant energy in its many forms to set the tone for new blessings to emerge in your life. 

8. Check-in on yourself 

Another way to harness the full moon's energy is to check in on yourself. We often focus on cleansing and letting go during the full moon without ever delving into the root of the issues that we may be trying to let go of (which can often make our cleansing efforts temporary). 

So, this full moon, take time to check in with yourself. Close your eyes, breathe, and write down any emotions you are feeling without judgment. Understand the importance of allowing your energy to be felt authentically and that it is okay not to feel 100% all of the time. Ask yourself if there is any stress you are carrying and how you can work through it, if so. Once you establish and acknowledge the emotions within you for what they are, you can begin to work on ways to grow from this point and improve the areas in which you may be struggling. 

Whatever you do, checking in with yourself is crucial to connecting to yourself and channeling growth. So, allow the full moon’s energy to be a guiding light to building a better connection within and becoming more grounded without. 

9. Do something you love 

Next, while the energy is heightened and is directing us towards healing and alignment, take time to focus on something you love. Whether it’s watching your favorite movie, putting energy into a hobby, spoiling yourself with your favorite dessert, or just allowing yourself the freedom to sit peacefully without expectation, take time to get in touch with yourself this moon and focus on taking care of yourself in the way that you need. 

Taking time to yourself without rushing through and just enjoying the moment and doing what you love is a beautiful way to make the most of the full moon and honor the nurturing and connective energy it brings. 

10. Get more in touch with your body and focus on self-love

And lastly, the divine energy of the moon often brings about a need for self-care. As an expression of the divine feminine energy, the moon rules our feminine side that points towards nurturing, self-care, and self-love. With this energy prominent around us now, it is a great time to focus on getting more in touch with your body and focusing more on loving yourself. 

Consider taking time to exercise, practice yoga, or dance to get your body moving, and just give thanks for its ability to do so. Or, give thanks for its ability to take care of you if you are unable to move it. You might also choose to light some of your favorite candles, draw a bath with all of your favorite bath oils and aromas, and just allow your body to fully indulge in rest. You might even consider simply standing in front of a mirror and repeating positive affirmations to yourself, admiring and honoring your body, and listing off things you love about it.

Whatever you choose to do, this is a beautiful time to fall more in love with yourself and your body and just focus on pampering, honoring, and taking care of it. Recognize your beauty and find new ways to fall in love with yourself this full moon and every day after. 


Overall, the full moon is a powerful time for all of us. Whether you choose to get more in touch with your intuitive side, cleanse your space, or focus on self-care, it’s a beautiful time of opportunity for us all. Find what speaks to you most and allow the energy to guide you to a night of empowerment unlike any other.

Happy full moon!

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