Yule Incense: with Ginger, Vanilla, Orange, & Seasonal Spices

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Limited Edition

Yule™ Seasonal All-Natural Incense is a reverent blend of warm gingerbread and snowy days.

Yule Incense combines ginger, vanilla, orange, and seasonal spices to warmly welcome the winter solstice. Feel a hint of gingerbread and sugar cookies in the air, and let the scent of wintery spices bring cheer to your home. Light your Yule Incense to experience its unique, cozy aroma.


  • Sugar and spice aroma profile with zero synthetic fragrances
  • Approximately 20 incense sticks (30 grams) packaged in a recyclable pillow box.


  • Element - Fire
  • Zodiac - Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces
  • Tarot Card - The Star
  • Rune - Wunjo ᚹ


Essential oil blend (benzoin [Styrax spp], cinnamon [Cinnamomum verum], frankincense [Boswellia serrata], ginger [Zingiber officinale], nutmeg [Myristica fragrans], orange [Citrus sinesis], vanilla [Vanilla planifolia]), charcoal, tree resin, bamboo stick, paint (mineral pigments, natural resins)

Made from plants, not plastics.

This incense blend is comprised of only pure essential oils, never relying on synthetic fragrances derived from petroleum.

This Yule Incense is free of chemical preservatives and synthetic fragrances. We use bamboo-derived activated charcoal, creating an incense that purifies your home air quality. The paint found on our sticks is derived from natural clay, making it 100% plant-based.

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