Witch of The Wood - Ritual Bath GIFT SET

We have put together this beautiful Witch of the Wood Ritual Bath Gift Set filled with earthy witch-crafted items to bring beauty and magick to its owner. Items come in a gorgeous wooden moon box perfect self-pampering or to give as a gift!

In this Witch of the Wood box, you will find the following handmade items:

  • 1oz witches' tea day cream
  • 1oz woodwitch bath salts
  • gorgeous witches' spoon
  • palo Santo crystal intention bundle
  • 1oz woodwitch  soap
  • gorgeous wooden moon box
  • 3 witch prints by Mystic Asylum

The Ritual: Set your intention by lighting the Palo Santo stick, allow it to burn for about 35-45 seconds then blow it out. Run the bath, with your witches' spoon pour in your wood witch bath salts, place your quartz crystal in the tub, and bathe with your wood witch soap. Soak and relax. Close your ritual by putting on your witches' tea cream on your face, neck hands and body. Place your quartz, prints and wildflowers on your alter to remind you of your intention.

Love & light!

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