White Sage Clearing Mist - 100% White Sage Infusion

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I absolutely love white sage. I’ve used it for years to regularly clear my home and myself of low vibrations and negative energy. But my allergies and white sage are not friends so sadly, I’ve had to drastically limit my white sage use.

I’ve tried for years to create clearing blend alternatives. I love some of them but none seem quite as right as white sage. Then in a happy accident, I discovered the solution to my dilemma. I created this white sage infusion, intending to use it for something else until I smelled it. A 100% liquid version of white sage, with no added fragrance. I’ve used it every since. I even took it on vacation with me and I have never slept so soundly in a hotel room.

Ingredient Vibrations

100% White sage infusion

How to Use: use this mist in the same way you would use a white sage bundle. Spray around your home and yourself to clear negative energy.

Size: 2 oz | 60 mL bottle.

Full ingredient list: 100% white sage infusion (filtered water, vodka, glycerin; sustainably harvested, organic white sage).

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