Vegan Lip and Cheek Tint - Magenta

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Sometimes subtlety can be the best weapon. This vegan line of lipcare is made completely of natural butters, oils, and waxes. Tout your pout with this smooth mineral makeup that will leave your lips revitalized. 

Magenta is a matte lip and cheek tint with a bright pink hue. 

Size: Now 11g (0.4oz) size in reusable/recyclable tin. Less plastic means less landfill, more sustainable and environmentally conscious!--

*This product has not been tested by the FDA and is not intended to cure any illness, however a lot of research and testing has been done to ensure you receive a well thought out and top-of the line product. 

INCI: Organic Fair Trade Cocoa butter, Organic Avocado oil, Candelilla Wax, Mica and/or Oxide. 

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