Triple Moon Goddess in Gold & Silver Altar Cloth

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The Triple Goddess represents the divine feminine's connection to the cycles of nature. The Maiden is the spring, new beginnings and possibilities, and the waxing crescent moon. The Mother is the bounty of the earth, summer and early harvest, and the full moon. The Crone is the end of the growth cycle when the leaves turn, the sleeping earth in winter, and the waning crescent moon. All three Goddess archetypes are known individually, but when the three aspects come together in the triple form, their power multiplies, reminding us of the beauty of all the parts of life and renewal through the cycles of the earth.

This Altar Cloth can be used as a prayer shawl. It can also be hung from your wall as a banner or backdrop behind your altar. This unique piece is hand-made, so size and/or color may vary.

  • Dimensions: 18x18 inch | 46x46 CM

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