Tidal Waves - Aquamarine Infused Mist

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The Moon & Tide collection is something I’ve been working on for three years. It started with this very mist but has developed into a full line of products for working with the cycles of the moon. The moon affects us and our mood in the same way it affects the oceans and their waves. It pushes us at times, forcing us to crash full steam ahead into our destiny. At other times, it pulls us back, forcing us to retreat into the depths of our being so that we can heal and gather our strength. Like swimming in the ocean, you struggle when you fight against the tides, but you can slowly make your way back to solid ground when you swim with the current. Flow and freedom come when you follow natural rhythms and cycles. When we allow ourselves to honor where we are without force, we will find that life opens up in the most beautiful ways. We are infused with the strength needed to crash straight into our goals and the necessary renewal to heal us after difficult journeys.

Tidal Waves Crystal Mist is crafted to support the growth and action of the waxing moon. Sometimes we need a little push from cosmic forces, in the same way, waves need the moon to pull them in and push them out. This spray was created to give you that little extra push so that you can crush your goals. Just spray this mist when you need a little motivation, want to see some growth, or just to take a few moments of happiness. A little extra trick: I write my intentions on dissolvable paper which you can get here, then slip it into my mist to charge the bottle with my intention. Just make sure to use only one intention per bottle.

Ingredient Vibrations

Peppermint - Mint is an excellent purifier and healer. It helps one to release memories and thoughts that are emotionally draining and inhibiting to our growth. It increases self-worth by giving us the clarity and awareness needed to overcome problems. Mint has a stimulating yet cooling effect on the body and is wonderful for use on tired and achy muscles or for clearing out mental fog.

Basil - This oil helps one to make decisions and to gain the clarity to find one’s life purpose. Its energy supports courageousness, confidence, and general happiness. Additionally, basil is an excellent oil for growth and success as well as finding new ways to find abundance.

Water Energy Infused - Each bottle is infused with aquamarine chips, (whose name actually means “water of the sea” ) to connect you with the water element and the healing power of the ocean.

How to Use: shake well to activate the magic! Mist onto clothes, linens, hair, yourself & atmosphere to inspire growth, success, and a dose of courage.

Size: 2 oz | 60 mL glass bottle.

Full ingredient list: Purified Water, witch hazel, fragrance blend (may contain plant-based (synthetic-free) fragrances & essential oils of lemon, peppermint, fir needle, basil, heliotrope, rosemary, moss, rosewood) aquamarine chips.

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