The Hermit - Aromatherapy Roller for Meditation and Self-Awareness

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The Hermit - Aromatherapy Roller for meditation and self-awareness is a multi-layered meditative fragrance experience. It is crafted to be soothing, uplifting, and to provide clarity, all in one rich blend. There are times when the soul needs to retreat and check back in with the spiritual compass. The Hermit archetype represents this need to find your way home and to reconnect with one’s purpose. When working with the Hermit energy, you will find that you are your own sacred space and you only need to turn inward to find your truth and sense of direction.

Ingredient Vibrations:
Cypress - Cypress is a powerful oil to use during times of stress, grief, and transformation. It supports and encourages self-awareness work by helping one to find focus, wisdom, and to heal old wounds. Additionally, cypress invokes peace, grounding, and flow of spirit.

Niaouli - A somewhat underutilized oil, niaouli is an excellent choice for clearing the mind of negative thought patterns and self-defeating beliefs. It brings balance back to the mind and spirit while encouraging holistic healing and growth.

Cardamom - This beautiful oil is used traditionally for lust and relationships but has a deeper meaning as well. It also provides clarity when one is seeking purpose. It helps one to connect to what one loves and to develop self-love. Additionally, cardamom encourages closing old chapters and welcoming new beginnings.

How to Use: roll onto pulse points and the bottoms of feet, while saying (either out loud or to yourself) your intentions for clarity, finding purpose, or accessing higher wisdom.

Size: 10 ml glass bottle.

Contains a blend of 100% essential oils, plant essences/extracts, and natural fragrances blended with a base of fractionated coconut, grape seed, and vitamin E oils. Alcohol-Free.

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